This is a website dedicated to a international community of people suffering adverse health effects from microwave transmitting telecommunications masts & cell-towers in the vicinity of their homes.

If you are a victim of such microwave radiation or just strongly concerned about the issue, please write your story and share your thoughts on this website! Please click on "Tell your story" in the left hand menu and create an online case history file. You don't need to register with this website to participate and no personal information will be recorded. You only give out as much information as you wish to.
You can also send your story to us and we will put it online.

The purpose of this website is to bring together people from all over the world that have become victims of insensitive mast and antenna siting. Telecommunications companies are drowning us in radiation and they are in a state of complete denial on whether these masts and antennas have any negative health impact on the population. Credible scientific research shows that especially mobile phone mast radiation is harmful and people are suffering. Some people have even been forced to abandon their homes after becoming ill from radiation.

This has got to change. So far only few people have come forward against the telecommunication industry and those who have deserve to be known and heard. is built as a community where people living under the threat of masts and antennas can record their case histories and share their thoughts online.

Lastest case history updates
4 Mar Insane high pitch Ringing
WiFi Turned off..
15 Oct My experience with Wi-Fi
Again, I am deeply concerned for our children, for their well-being and welfare.
17 Aug Salt Water Cure
Salt Water Cure
20 May The Royal Whammy!
My Symptoms Didn't Start In Earnest Until 1980.
7 Dec you tube, The Hum Movies, Darrell Dammen
The Hum tours, updates will be loaded to you tube weekly
28 Oct Pronetip - New Ross,Co.Wexford - Internet Provider causing serious illness amongst residents in the area
21 Oct I was an installer for Wildblue Satellite Internet.
After 60 installations I came down with Graves Deseace.
1 Oct My EMF'd Life - New York, New York
Fast Forward
15 Apr New home, ringing/pressure in ears, heart flutters, fatigue Olympia, WA
3 Mar Waiting for the bomb to drop
Waiting for the bomb to drop
28 Feb Sally Roberts: runaway mother will 'allow radiotherapy if son's cancer is back'
Neon Roberts: mother stands by legal bid to stop son receiving radiotherapy for brain tumo
28 Feb Why do we accept that So Many Small Children suffer Brain Tumours?
We know she is dying, but we still believe in miracles:
25 Feb Wireless Smart Meters ElectroSensitivity, Michigan, USA
My Story
9 Jan "Electrosensitive" symptoms and now organs being affected
Moving next month because of progressively worsening symptoms
3 Oct Joining The Dots
Joining The Dots
What an amazing day! Wendy has made the news again!
26 Sep A way to help us
The experience
28 Jun Mobile phone base station of two telecom companies infront our house
The doctor that conducted total thyroidectomy simply certified that one of the causes of thyroid tumour is radiation
26 Jun the Devils organ
the Devils organ
24 Jun Betrayed by my government
'Microwave Sickness' describes what we have.

World Health Organization in Trouble
Recent letters to the WHO's EMF project have exposed how the WHO has ignored crucial scientific evidence on Mobile-Phone masts when formulating their fact sheets for the public.
Read more here.

Support the Copenhagen Resolution
The resolution was passed at the conference "The shadow-side of the Wireless Society".
Support the resolution here.

Latest news updates:
27 Apr Australia Allergic to TV and mobile phones: Is 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity' real?
"Every single aspect of my life has been destroyed - Every single aspect".
26 Apr United Kingdom The blessings of the "Smartphones"? And other chilling stories! Read all at links.
25 Apr Australia Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? (The Feed)
Are we the canaries?
Gosh folks, just look at the video!
24 Apr USA The NEW NORMAL: Children with CANCER!
"Just like the adverts for cancer which say "1 in 3 of us will get cancer".
24 Apr USA The New Normal: Over 23 million Americans under 45 experience Bladder leakage. WHY? What Has Changed?
Over 23 million Americans under 45 experience Bladder leakage

See for your self:
21 Apr United Kingdom Will an app to track your sleep guarantee restful nights - or turn you into an exhausted, neurotic wreck?
Diary of an INSOMNI-APP: Will an app to track your sleep guarantee restful nights - or turn you into an exhausted, neurotic wreck?
How much sleep do you get? Eight hours a night? Five? Never enough? According to UK charity The Sleep Council, almost a third of the population get by on between five and six hours, and the majority of us survive on under seven hours.
19 Apr Finland Former CDC chief calls for Precautionary Principle on wireless radiation
Excerpted from Dariusz Leszczynski's latest blog: Dr Portier was the Director of the US National Center for Environmental Health and the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
16 Apr Canada Canada Post Removes Wi-Fi to provide barrier free access to their buildings to those suffering from EHS.
Canada Post Removes Wi-Fi to provide barrier free access to their buildings to those suffering from EHS.
13 Apr Canada Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) Investigation into Safety Code 6, 2015
Highlights From HESA Hearings Day 1:
Health Canada admits studies show harm at levels below Safety Code 6.
13 Apr United Kingdom Farmers face threat from campaign to slash mobile mast rents. Comment below!
Farmers face threat from campaign to slash mobile mast rents
Mobile operators mount campaign to be treated like utilities, paying 240 rather than 7,500 per year
Farmers face a threat to hundreds of millions of pounds in extra income rom their land, as mobile operators mount a campaign to slash the rent they pay for mast sites.