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Australia's toxic nuclear past: Maralinga By Frank Walker (and the untold tragedy of Brian Dunlop)
Australia Created: 9 Sep 2014
Investigative journalist Frank Walker’s Maralinga is a must-read true story of the abuse of our servicemen, scientists treating the Australian population as lab rats and politicians sacrificing their own people in the pursuit of power. During the Menzies era, with the blessing of the Prime Minister, the British government exploded twelve atomic bombs on Australian soil. RAAF pilots were ordered to fly into nuclear mushroom clouds, soldiers told to walk into radioactive ground zero, sailors retrieved highly contaminated debris – none of them aware of the dangers they faced. But the betrayal didn’t end with these servicemen. Secret monitoring stations were set up around the country to measure radiation levels and a clandestine decades-long project stole bones from dead babies to see how much fallout had contaminated their bodies – their grieving parents were never told. This chilling expose’ drawn from extensive research and interviews with surviving veterans reveals the betrayal of our troops and our country.
EMFacts Consultancy.
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Source: Don Maish/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

An eye opener about cell phones and WiFi
USA Created: 7 Sep 2014
An eye opener about cell phones and WiFi.The information on this web site could save your life!! Should be read by ALL!


World Health Organization finds positive association between Wireless and Brain Cancer. European Union recommends a BAN of all wireless from school classrooms. Belgium bans cell phones from children due to health effects. Instead United States maximizes our children’s exposure to CARCINOGENIC, NEUROTOXIC, GENOTOXIC wireless microwaves.

Vice President BIDEN’S 44 YEAR OLD SON BEAU BIDEN LATEST VICTIM BRAIN TUMOR from wireless use. How many more innocent people have to develop tumors – Already Lebron James, Steve Jobs, Johnnie Cochran, Mark Ruffalo, Sheryl Crow, Jim Kelly?
We need to minimize our population’s exposure to wireless Radio Frequency Radiation by promoting Wired vs Wireless alternatives to access the internet and phoning

We need to educate people how to minimize their exposure given their current use of wireless

We need to develop less bioactive microwave frequencies to carry data used by wireless

We need to mandate wired headsets be used with all cell phones sold to prevent brain tumors

We need to mandate wireless carries develop products which minimize users exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation exposure

We need to stop promoting wireless technology use by children and multiple device use and multiple environment and almost continuous use of wireless by many people to allow cells to recover and repair from Radio Frequency Radiation exposure.

s stated clearly in House of Representatives Bill HR 6358 The Cell Phone Right to Know Bill Introduced by Dennis Kucinich:

We need to warn our population clearly of possible health effects due to Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by wireless

We need to establish actual safety standards for wireless technology which take into account non-thermal effects and which are biologically based.

We need to fund much more independent research not funded by the wireless industry themselves examining the health effects due to Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by wireless given the extensive use of wireless by our population​.



Listen to the information,it is very vital.
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Source: Robert Riedlinger/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

SCENIHR Scandal: EU Commission investigates itself and finds ...nothing!
Luxembourg Created: 5 Sep 2014
Response from John Ryan, acting director of Health and Consumers Directorate-General to Iris Atzmon.

Read the letter (PDF) via the source link below...
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Source: Health and Consumers Directorate-General, John F. Ryan, 05 Sep 2014

REPORT: DIA – Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (1976)
Canada Created: 5 Sep 2014
In March 1976, the US Defense Intelligence Agency published an astounding report titled “Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves)
– Eurasian Communist Countries.” The 34-page report analyzes numerous Soviet and Eastern bloc research studies that demonstrate a wide-range of adverse biological
effects caused by exposure to radio frequency radiation and microwaves. In its Summary on page vii, the report states:
“If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military functions.”

The above statement and the entire report quite clearly reveal what the government knew and when it knew it.
This also reveals WHY Western governments have subsequently been unwilling to acknowledge the bio-toxic effects of wireless systems or the legitimacy of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and why “safe limits” of exposure have been raised in subsequent years when, in fact,
they need to be lowered.

Read the full 34-page report here: DIA Report-1976.:

-Kim Goldberg
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Source: Kim Goldberg/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Hypothesis on mechanism for the ELF-EMF-induced biological effects
Finland Created: 3 Sep 2014
As the Chief Editor of the Frontiers in Radiation and Health (a specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health) it is my pleasure to announce that the FiR&H journal has just published its second article. The final version of the hypothesis article by Mats-Olof Mattsson and Myrtil Simko: “Grouping of experimental conditions as an approach to evaluate effects of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on oxidative response in in vitro studies” is now freely available in open access system to all readers.

In the abstract of the article, the authors state:

“…A large body of literature deals with biological effects of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields (ELF MFs) studied in vitro. Despite the multitude of studies, no coherent picture has evolved regarding the plausibility of effects at low-flux densities or regarding the interaction mechanisms. Here, we propose that ELF MF exposure in vitro causes changes in oxidative status as an early response. We tested this hypothesis by scrutinizing the literature and applying a grouping approach for analyzing relevant biological properties and exposure conditions. A total of 41 scientific original publications were analyzed for this purpose. The conclusion from the work is that ELF MF (modulated or unmodulated) consistently can influence the oxidative status, at or above 1 mT, in a broad range of cell types and independent of exposure duration. A response at lower flux densities is seen in certain studies, although not consistently. Further studies with stringent protocols for sham exposure, blinding, and statistical analysis as well as appropriate positive controls are needed to establish if true dose-relationships for effects on oxidative status exist…”

The article was received in the editorial office on 01 August 2014; pending acceptance version was published on-line on 14 August 2014; Paper was formally accepted on 19 August 2014; the final version was published on-line on 02 September 2014.

The article was edited by:

Dariusz Leszczynski, University of Helsinki, Finland

The article was reviewed by:

Rony Seger, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Marko Markov, Research International, USA
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Source: Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD/Agnes

250,000 Workers Unknowingly Exposed to Harmful RF Radiation Every Year
USA Created: 3 Sep 2014
The vidio talks for itself, please take the timer to watch, it is only short
Sent to us by E-mail.
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

The human skin is a brain in itself
Sweden Created: 3 Sep 2014
Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations, previously believed that only the brain could perform. This is according to a study from Umeå University in Sweden published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

A fundamental characteristic of neurons that extend into the skin and record touch, so-called first-order neurons in the tactile system, is that they branch in the skin so that each neuron reports touch from many highly-sensitive zones on the skin.

According to researchers at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology, IMB, Umeå University, this branching allows first-order tactile neurons not only to send signals to the brain that something has touched the skin, but also process geometric data about the object touching the skin.

- Our work has shown that two types of first-order tactile neurons that supply the sensitive skin at our fingertips not only signal information about when and how intensely an object is touched, but also information about the touched object's shape, says Andrew Pruszynski, who is one of the researchers behind the study.

The study also shows that the sensitivity of individual neurons to the shape of an object depends on the layout of the neuron’s highly-sensitive zones in the skin.

- Perhaps the most surprising result of our study is that these peripheral neurons, which are engaged when a fingertip examines an object, perform the same type of calculations done by neurons in the cerebral cortex. Somewhat simplified, it means that our touch experiences are already processed by neurons in the skin before they reach the brain for further processing, says Andrew Pruszynski.
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Source: Umeå University, Andrew Pruszynski, 01 Sep 2014

Dr Oz: Keep your cell phone out of your bra to prevent deadly breast cancer
USA Created: 2 Sep 2014
Dr Mehmet Oz warned that women who keep their cell phones in their bras are putting themselves at risk for breast cancer on the Aug 26 episode of the Dr Oz Show.

Dr. Oz believes there's a definite link between cell phones and cancer. "When it comes to cell phones, the bra has become the new purse," said Dr. Oz, who said millions of women are unknowingly endangering themselves for the sake of convenience.

Dr. Oz's guest was Tiffany Frantz, a Pennsylvania woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Frantz and her mom Traci were shocked because Tiffany was healthy, just 21 years old at the time, and had no family history of cancer. But Tiffany revealed she had carried her cell phone in her bra all day, every day, for four years.

Frantz developed cancerous tumors in the exact same area of her breast, on the same side, where her cell phone rested hour after hour for four years. Frantz's doctors were puzzled by her cancer, so she underwent genetic testing, which came back negative (meaning she was not predisposed to cancer).

Cancer Spread Despite Surgery, Radiation and No Family History

In March 2012, Tiffany got surgery to get her left breast removed, and underwent radiation treatment, KTVU reported. Unfortunately, her ordeal wasn't over. In February 2013, doctors told Frantz her breast cancer had spread to her hip, and cancerous lesions had developed on her spine, pelvic bone, ribs and skull. She underwent radiation treatment again, and now takes cancer drugs and gets intravenous bone-building treatments.

Tiffany's oncologist has never publicly stated that Frantz developed breast cancer because she stored her cell phone in her bra, but a small group of other young women have reported similar breast cancer patterns. And Tiffany and her mom are 100 percent convinced that her cell phone did, in fact, cause her cancer.

Dr. Andrew Weil warned against the dangers of cell phones and WiFi systems on a previous episode of the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Weil said there's no clear-cut evidence (yet) linking the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi systems to cancer, but they are a bigger threat to our health than we realize.

As a precaution, Weil recommended keeping cell phones away from your head, using an ear piece for cell phones, and keeping Wi-Fi routers outside the bedroom.

Dr. Oz has previously stated that the heat emitted by cell phones can spur cell damage, and that can fuel cancer, so all women should stop storing their cell phones in their bras as a precaution. And everyone should refrain from placing cell phones anywhere on their bodies for extended periods of time.
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Source: Examiner, Samantha Chang, 26 Aug 2014

Cell biology and EMF safety standards
USA Created: 2 Sep 2014
Abstract: Living cells react defensively and start to synthesize stress proteins when exposed to potentially harmful stimuli.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are among the many different environmental stimuli that initiate stress protein synthesis. Although there is greater energy transfer and heating due to EMF at higher frequencies, there is no greater stress response. The cellular stress response is far more sensitive to EMF than to an increase in temperature. It should be obvious that an EMF safety standard should be based on the more sensitive, natural biological response.
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Source: PubMed, Dr. Martin Blank, 25 Aug 2014

EMR Australia's latest newsletter
Australia Created: 1 Sep 2014
The latest news and science report – EMR and Health – is now available free online.

The June issue contains the important news and science about electromagnetic radiation, including:

- updates on three Australian standards
- evidence linking mobile phones with brain tumours and fertility problems
- precautions being applied in Europe and Israel
- stories, news and studies about electromagnetic hypersensitivity
- and much more.

Download it free from: http://emraustralia.com.au/EMR_and_health.html

Many thanks and warm regards
Lyn McLean, Editor
EMR Australia PL
02 9576 1772
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Source: EMR Australia, Lyn McLean, 02 Sep 2014

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