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Skole forbyder mobiltelefoner
Denmark Created: 27 Aug 2015
En nyåbnet privatskole samler tablets og mobiler ind, når børnene møder om morgenen - De får dem igen, når skoledagen er slut.

14-årige, der leger dåseskjul, og børn, der klatrer i træer, fylder fri-kvartererne på privatskolen Per Gyrum i Nivå.

Hverken i skolegården eller i klasselokalet har eleverne længere mulighed for at "like" facebook-opdateringer eller se videoer på YouTube, skriver Frederiksborg Amts Avis, torsdag.

På den nyåbnede privatskole skal eleverne lægge deres mobiltelefoner og tablets i en kasse, når de møder om morgenen, og de får dem først igen, når skoledagen er omme.

- Børnene leger sammen på en helt anden måde i frikvarteret. Det sjove er, at børnene faktisk er rigtig glade for ordningen. Nogle af dem har i skjul været henne ved mig for at bede om, at ordningen bliver ved, som den er, fortæller Charlotte Bie, der er skoleleder på Per Gyrum Skolen.

Også i undervisningen forsøger ledelsen at begrænse brugen af det elektroniske legetøj.

- Jeg kan ikke se, hvorfor jeg skal bruge en smartphone til at undervise om det moderne gennembrud, siger Charlotte Bie, der dog ikke udelukker brugen af tablets og computere, når det giver mening i forhold til dagens undervisning.

Børne- og familieforsker Per Schultz Jørgensen er positivt stemt overfor ordningen, da han mener, det teknologiske udstyr kan gå ud over læringen og det sociale samvær.

- Respekten for den teknologiske udvikling er så stor, at den går forud for alt nærvær. At gå i skole handler også om at indgå i et fællesskab, og når man har sin telefon i hånden, bliver man hele tiden afledt. Ofte er der ikke tilstrækkelig opmærksomhed vendt mod den undervisning, der foregår, siger Per Schultz Jørgensen, der i sit virke som børne- og familieforsker har oplevet mange situationer, hvor mobiltelefoner forstyrrer indlæring.

For Per Schultz Jørgensen er det afgørende, at skolerne styrer børnenes teknologiske udstyr, så effekten er positiv - ikke negativ.

- Mobiltelefonerne er kommet for at blive, så derfor er det så meget desto vigtigere, at vi får nogle normer, der ikke krænker vores fællesskaber. Det skal være os, der styrer, hvornår teknologien tager over.
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Source: Avisen.dk / Ritzau Fokus, 27 Aug 2015

NBN tower madness in Tasmania
Australia Created: 27 Aug 2015
Just this morning I heard that NBNco is planning on erecting a 60 metre high transmission tower just 20 meters from the Appin Hall Children’s Foundation, a respite facility for children with serious illnesses in Erriba Tasmania. Please visit the change.org web site and sign the petition about this insane act of arrogance by NBNco. The trolls at NBNco should realise that taking on a children’s foundation caring for very ill children will result in very bad publicity.

Quoting from the change.org website:

Proposed Telecommunications Tower Installation near Appin Hall Children’s Foundation Respite Centre – Tasmania

NBNCo Ltd are proposing to erect a 60 metre wifi tower at Erriba in Tasmania – directly next door to our children’s Respite Centre.

Please read the rest at link:

Please support the Petition by signing and sharing:
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Source: Don Maish/Agnes Ingvarsdotir

Family sues Fay School in Southboro, claims Wi-Fi made son ill
USA Created: 25 Aug 2015
The family of a student at the Fay School in Southboro has filed a lawsuit claiming the school’s strong Wi-Fi signal caused the boy to become ill.

The unidentified plaintiffs, referred to as “Mother” and “Father” in the complaint, said their 12-year-old son, “G,” suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, a condition that is aggravated by electromagnetic radiation. The boy was diagnosed after he frequently experienced headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, and other symptoms while sitting in class after the school installed a new, more powerful wireless Internet system in 2013, the suit says.

The school has said in response that its Wi-Fi signals were found in a recent investigation to be well below the levels required by federal safety standards.

The family is asking for an injunction from U.S. District Court that would require the Fay School to either switch to Ethernet cable Internet, turn down the Wi-Fi signal in G’s classroom, or make some other accommodation, which they say the school has refused to do to date. The suit also seeks $250,000 in damages, court records show.

G’s family’s lawyer, John J.E. Markham, II, of Boston law firm Markham & Read, on Monday said their top priority is to have the boy, a day student at the school, be able to attend Fay once classes resume Sept. 9. The judge overseeing the case, District Judge Timothy S. Hillman, last Friday scheduled a hearing for Sept. 4 in Worcester for their motion for a preliminary injunction and request for an expedited hearing.

“We’re trying to work with the school,” said Mr. Markham, who declined to reveal any personal details about his clients for privacy reasons. “We’re still hoping to reach a resolution that will allow him to safely be in those classrooms.”

The family says in the lawsuit they would have to withdraw G if the school does not provide their requested accommodations, however – something they don’t want to do, given that G is in the middle of a nine-year plan at Fay that would be interrupted as a result.

Mr. Markham said he wasn't sure if G would suffer long-term damage if he continued to sit in the school's Wi-Fi-equipped classrooms, but said the effects of his EHS are already a painful distraction that "has affected his ability to do well in class."

Along with the complaint, the plaintiffs submitted to the court several letters from doctors confirming the adverse health effects the school’s Wi-Fi, which the family says “emits substantially greater radiofrequency/microwave emissions than … more low-grade systems used in most homes,” could be causing illness in a sufferer of EHS.

But whether EHS is a real condition is debatable in the wider medical community; the World Health Organization, for instance, acknowledges the existence of EHS, but clarifies it “is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.”

In a statement released Monday, the Fay School said after hearing the family’s concerns about its Wi-Fi, it hired a company called Isotrope, LLC, which specializes in measurement and analysis of radio communication signals and evaluation of emissions safety compliance, to perform an analysis in January.

“Isotrope found that the combined levels of access point emissions, broadcast radio and television signals, and other RFE emissions on campus ‘were substantially less than one ten-thousandth (1/10,000th) of the applicable (FCC) safety limits,’” the statement says.

The school declined to comment directly on the family’s subsequent lawsuit, citing its policy “to not offer public comment on pending litigation.”

Dr. Jeanne Hubbuch, the Watertown physician who diagnosed G with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, wrote in a letter to the Fay School last August that there was no other medical explanation for his symptoms.

“It is know(n) that exposure to WIFI can have cellular effects. The complete extent of these effects on people is still unknown,” Dr. Hubbuch wrote. “But it is clear that children and pregnant women are at the highest risk. This is due to the brain tissue being more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is small.”

She went on to say that “due to biochemical individuality some people are more susceptible to these effects than others,” and advised precautions be taken in the case of G.

But G’s family says in their complaint the Fay School and its head of school, Robert Gustavson, refused their offer to meet and devise a plan to accommodate the boy’s condition. They also say officials at the school threatened to no longer enroll G, who has attended Fay since 2009, if his parents talked about the issue to anyone else at the school.

The family was also unhappy after officials at Fay asked them to have G see another physician, who after speaking to G for 10 minutes and not conducting any tests “pronounced that in his view there was not enough study yet done to link Wi-Fi emissions to symptoms such as those G is experiencing at Fay School,” they say in the complaint.

“This doctor stated in essence that he does not believe in EHS,” the lawsuit says. “Yet he made no alternate diagnosis.”

The family argues the school is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as its own handbook, which they say promises reasonable accommodations for students’ disabilities.

The Fay School is being represented in the case by lawyers Jaimie A. McKean and Sara G. Schwartz from the law firm of Schwartz Hannum PC in Andover. The oldest junior boarding school in the country, it enrolls 475 residential and day students at its 48 Main St. campus, according to the school's website.
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Source: Telegram & Gazette, Scott O'Connell, 24 Aug 2015

Mobilize, a film by Kevin Kunse, rent/ buy the film, or watch the trailer.
Afghanistan Created: 25 Aug 2015
Sorry All, but the "Free view" time limit has passed.
But you can still see the trailer, rent or buy the video.

Kevin Kunze’s acclaimed film MOBILIZE which explores the health risks and possible solutions to cell phone radiation – - See more at: http://www.electricsense.com/9905/mobilize-emf-documentary-free/#sthash.h2wUCsOI.dpuf

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Source: Lloyd Burell. Electric Sence/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

When Science Is No Longer the Truth…
USA Created: 25 Aug 2015
From the Dr Mercola web site:
Following is an excerpt from the end of the excellent article: When Science Is No Longer the Truth…

Our society is largely built on the idea that science can help us make good, solid decisions. But now we’re facing a world so rife with problems caused by the very sciences that were supposed to keep us healthy, safe, and productive, it’s quite clear that we’re heading toward more than one proverbial brick wall. In a sense, the fundamental role of science itself has been hijacked for selfish gain. Looking back, you can now see that the preferred business model of an industry was created first, followed by “scientific evidence” that supports the established business model.

When the science doesn’t support the company’s economic gains, it’s swept under the rug, even if people are dying and the planet is becoming irreparably poisoned as a result. Today we live in a world where chemical companies and biotech giants can easily buy and pay for their own research studies, as well as the lobbying to support whatever legislation they need passed in their favor. Conflicts of interest have become the norm within virtually all fields of science, which creates a completely unworkable – and dangerous – situation in the long run.
And after you read the above article Google “Hillary Clinton and Monsanto”. For example:
Read the post here.
Sent to Mastvictims.org by Don at EMfacts.com
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Source: Don Maishe/Agnes Ingvarsdotir

Ex-WHO General Director Warns: "Wireless Technology has Health Effects There is no Doubt "
Sweden Created: 24 Aug 2015
On friday the 14th of august 2015, retired WHO General-Director and Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten(1)
One of the issues raised in the interview was her current thoughts on wireless radiation on Citizens´ Radiation .
Her statement was crystal clear.

We have published the original article from the Norwegian "Aftenposten" before, or on the 15th of August 2015, but here is the interview from Youtube!

Please watch the clip here at link, Language is Norwegian, subtitles are in English.
Sent to mast-victims.org, courtesy of Robert Riedlinger.
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Source: Robert Riedlinger/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Govt sends a message
India Created: 23 Aug 2015
Mobile tower operators may end up footing the bill for the medical treatment of cancer patients as the Delhi Government is planning on introducing a hazard exposure insurance fund.

The government is planning on setting up State and district level committees to handle public grievances, which is as per a guideline issued by the Union Ministry of Communication and IT in November 2014.

In addition, the committees will grant licences for towers and run a compensation cell for seriously ill patients in the vicinity of towers. The granting of licenses may lead to a tussle with the municipal corporations, which have been issuing licences to operators so far.

Bijwasan MLA Col. (retd.) Devinder Sehrawat, who drafted the policy, said the document would be implemented as a government order or introduced in the Assembly as a Bill.

“We want cell phones to work efficiently and are not against operators. But there are doubts about the level of radiation and the possible harmful effects. Tobacco companies claimed till 1994 that there was no link between smoking cigarettes and cancer,” said Col. Sehrawat.

The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Cancer Research had found exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including from wireless communication devices, “possibly carcinogenic” in 2011.

Though there have been cases of cancer in the vicinity of towers, there is no scientific consensus on whether the radiation was to blame. Dwarka MLA Adarsh Shastri, who has also worked on the issue, said the government was not questioning existing guidelines by the WHO and the Supreme Court.

“But, we have a doubt that mobile tower operators are not following the rules when it comes to radiation levels, and air and noise pollution caused by the generators,” said Mr. Shastri.

As per the draft, the State Technical Committee will establish policies and ensure compliance with safety norms. The committee will also carry out an audit of electromagnetic radiation across Delhi.

“This will enable us to locate blank spots that need more towers and find areas that have too much radiation where the number of towers is too much,” said Col. Sehrawat.

The committee will also issue guidelines on space and premises permitted for installing towers in each district based on the radiation audit.

The District Technical Committees will work as nodal centres for giving permission for mobile towers, and interact with RWAs to select and shortlist sites. This will give operators a single window for clearance,” said Col. Sehrawat.

Residents of a district can approach the committee if they have a grievance related to illness attributable to the tower in their area. The committee will coordinate a compensation cell for seriously ill patients.
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Source: The Hindu, Damini Nath, 23 Aug 2015

Orchard Park woman: 'I'll fight church phone masts tooth and nail'
United Kingdom Created: 23 Aug 2015
A GRANDMOTHER-OF-SIX says she will fight tooth and nail to stop mobile phone masts being put up at St Michael's and All Angel's Church.

Under plans, two masts currently fixed on the roof of the Gorthorpe tower block will be moved to the church, paving the way for the high-rise to be demolished.

It is understood the Diocese of York will receive a sum, as yet undisclosed, for allowing Vodafone to erect the masts in the church, which is opposite Orchard Park's new shopping centre and close to homes.

Janet Nevet, 70, who lives in Orchard Park Road, has launched a petition against the plans.

She said: "I don't want to be living near mobile phone masts and people I have spoken to feel the same. We're going to be receiving waves from the masts 24/7."

Mrs Nevet, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, refuses to accept reassurances by Vodafone masts are designed to be compliant with guidelines set by the International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection.

"No one can be 100 per cent sure these masts are safe," she said.

Mrs Nevet says she fought similar plans to install a mast in the church a decade ago.

St Michael's Reverend Canon David Walker wrote to her informing her of the latest proposal.

"He told me, 'I know you're against it, Janet'. I'm now going door to door collecting signatures for the petition."

A public meeting will be held at 6pm on Thursday, September 24, at The Orchard Centre. Orchard Park ward councillors have been invited to attend.

In a previous statement, Jane Frapwell, Vodafone's corporate communications manager, said: "We are progressing the replacement site for the antennas at the Gorthorpe flats.

"This will be located at the parish church of St Michael's and All Angels.

"We are still in the process of finalising details with our site provider, so I cannot give a date for removal at the moment.

"We understand some people have concerns about masts in the community, but we make sure all our masts are designed to be compliant with guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

"Mobile phone masts operate at very low power levels and have to be located where people use their mobile phones – where they live, work and travel."
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Source: Hull Daily Mail, 23 Aug 2015

London brace yourselves: Virgin Media is planning an Invasion!
United Kingdom Created: 22 Aug 2015
'Free access for all': Virgin Media announces plans for London-wide WiFi broadband network
Network set to challenge BT's Openzone
Virgin could wholesale access to mobile networks.

London could soon be covered with a free public WiFi network as Virgin Media moves to challenge BT's Openzone network.
Virgin Media's network would be freely available to anyone at 0.5Mbps, and to subscribers to its home broadband at speeds up to a blistering 10Mbps.
The proposals would see WiFi routers installed in each of the company's street-side cabinets, which distribute its cable network to homes and businesses.

Neil Berkett, the company's chief executive, has announced they are are in advanced negotiations with London councils to gain permission for the necessary works.

'The proposition would be that we would provide free WiFi access for all,' he told investors.

By Damien Gayle for mail Online
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

Want to know which neighbourhoods to avoid?
United Kingdom Created: 22 Aug 2015
Well, there is an interactive map, at the articles map, where you just type in your location, and hey Presto,
Looking to upgrade your phone? Interactive map reveals mobile coverage across the UK - and tells you which network is best in YOUR area.

The heatmap shows a true reflection of 2G, 3G and 4G signal available to users throughout the UK
It features average speeds for cities, towns and individual postcodes for Three, EE, Vodafone and O2
All data is crowd-sourced to give a genuine reflection of connectivity being accessed across the country
For example, EE appears to have the strongest coverage across London, but Three is the best in Wales, on average
It reveals that the average 4G speed is currently 14.7Mbps, with the strongest signal in cities including London
Rural areas of Northern England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, however, receive weaker signals with slower speeds

By Sarah Griffiths for MailOnline
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Source: Andrew Michrowski/Agnes Ingvarsdottie

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