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Radiofrequency radiation at Stockholm Central Railway Station and some medical aspects on public exposure to RF fields
Sweden Created: 15 Nov 2016
Almost all of the total measured levels were above the precautionary target level of 3-6 µW/m2 as proposed by the BioInitiative Working Group in 2012 - That target level was one-tenth of the scientific benchmark providing a safety margin either for children, or chronic exposure conditions.

The Stockholm Central Railway Station in Sweden was investigated for public radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure.

The exposimeter EME Spy 200 was used to collect the RF exposure data across the railway station. The exposimeter covers 20 different radiofrequency bands from 88 to 5,850 MHz. In total 1,669 data points were recorded.

The median value for total exposure was 921 µW/m2 (or 0.092 µW/cm2; 1 µW/m2=0.0001 µW/cm2) with some outliers over 95,544 µW/m2 (6 V/m, upper detection limit).

The mean total RF radiation level varied between 2,817 to 4,891 µW/m2 for each walking round. High mean measurements were obtained for GSM + UMTS 900 downlink varying between 1,165 and 2,075 µW/m2. High levels were also obtained for UMTS 2100 downlink; 442 to 1,632 µW/m2.

Also LTE 800 downlink, GSM 1800 downlink, and LTE 2600 downlink were in the higher range of measurements. Hot spots were identified, for example close to a wall mounted base station yielding over 95,544 µW/m2 and thus exceeding the exposimeter's detection limit.

Almost all of the total measured levels were above the precautionary target level of 3-6 µW/m2 as proposed by the BioInitiative Working Group in 2012. That target level was one-tenth of the scientific benchmark providing a safety margin either for children, or chronic exposure conditions.

We compare the levels of RF radiation exposures identified in the present study to published scientific results reporting adverse biological effects and health harm at levels equivalent to, or below those measured in this Stockholm Central Railway Station project. It should be noted that these RF radiation levels give transient exposure, since people are generally passing through the areas tested, except for subsets of people who are there for hours each day of work.
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Source: International Journal of Oncology, Lennart Hardell / Tarmo Koppel / Michael Carlberg / Mikko Ahonen/ Lena Hedendahl, 01 Oct 2016

Generation smartphone: De har ikke lært at aflæse andre menneskers basale følelser
Denmark Created: 14 Nov 2016
»De fylder allesammen meget« Skoleleder Mette Løvbjerg smiler, men ser samtidig lidt træt ud.

»Vi har bestemt, at vi ikke vil sidde her og græde over, at børn i dag er anderledes end før i tiden, så nu har vi gjort noget ved det.«

Eleverne på alle Faxes folkeskoler har i år fået et nyt fag i 2. og 6. klasse. Faget hedder socialfag, og i det ny fag skal eleverne lære alle de sociale kompetencer, som de tidligere forventedes at være i besiddelse af på det tidspunkt, de starter i skole.

Give de andre plads. Vente på sin tur. Se og aflæse andre menneskers kropssprog og ansigtsmimik. Kunne reagere følelesmæssigt uden at det går ud over resten af klassen. Tabe og lide nederlag uden at lade det ødelægge resten af dagen for en selv og alle de andre.


Det er en ny forældregenerations børn, der starter i skole i dag. I Faxe kalder de dem børn af smartphone-generationen.

»De har ikke lært at aflæse andre menneskers basale følelser på samme måde, som man gjorde før i tiden. I dag sidder vi alle med øjnene på vores telefon eller iPad, lige fra den tidligste tid når vi sidder og ammer. Vores børn mister den tidlige kontakt og den nærhed, de før fik, når de helt fra helt små lærte at aflæse og afkode andre menneskers følelser. Vi ser smartphone-generationens børn starte i skole i dag,« forklarer Jane Sterup.

Det er børn, der ikke længere sidder rundt om brætspillet og venter på, at det skal blive deres tur, for derhjemme sidder de med hver sin iPad. Børn, der pacificeres med digitale spil. Børn, der ikke oplever »smerten« ved at blive slået hjem i LUDO.

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Source: Berlingske, Bodil Jessen & Carolina Kamil, 14 Nov 2016

Olle Johanssons presentation at 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium
Sweden Created: 12 Nov 2016
Listen to the 8 minute presentation here: https://youtu.be/n4YMkIw-BGk
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Source: ESS, Lucinda Curran / Olle Johansson, 02 Oct 2016

New results from Interphone confirm glioma risk associated with use of mobile phones
Sweden Created: 9 Nov 2016
The Interphone study included 13 countries during the study period 2000 – 2004; The major results were published after a delay of 6 years in 2010; In a new publication 12 years after the study period, the intracranial distribution of glioma in relation to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from mobile phones was analyzed. Tumour localization for 792 regular mobile phone users was analyzed in relation to distance from preferred ear for mobile phone use.

In Table 2 five categories for the distance were used with > 115.01 mm as the reference category (α = 1.0). An association with distance from preferred side of mobile phone use to center of tumour was found; the closer the distance the higher the risk. The highest risk was found in the group with the closest distance (0-55 mm) yielding α = 2.37, 95 % Confidence Interval (CI) = 1.56-4.56.

The same association was seen if distance was based on point with highest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) instead of preferred ear and if using a model assuming that the preferred side of phone use was not exclusively used (“mixing proportion”). The latter model generated higher risk estimates than the other two but with wider confidence intervals.

In Table 3 tumour size, duration of phone use, cumulative phone use, cumulative number of calls were analyzed. Although not statistically significant, higher risks with decreasing distance were found in the upper levels of these dichotomized covariates.

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Source: Prof. Lennart Hardell, 08 Nov 2016

Electromagnetic field reduction restores health of electro-sensitive people
Holland Created: 7 Nov 2016
Abstract: Electromagnetically sensitized people may develop symptoms and health problems, when exposed to certain types of electromagnetic fields (EMF), known as electrical hypersensitivity (EHS). Over time, the effects may become stronger if such exposure continues. The Dutch EHS Foundation is committed to finding ways to understand these phenomena and to doing something about it. This study reports the results of a research questionnaire distributed among EHS people before and after that they had taken measures to reduce their exposure to EMF.

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Source: Hugo Schooneveld / Joop van Bijnen / Patrick van Zuilen, 07 Nov 2016

The secret world of microwave networks
USA Created: 3 Nov 2016
Stretching between London and Frankfurt, there is a private, mysterious network that is twice as fast as the normal Internet - The connection, provided by a series of microwave dishes on masts, was once completely secret: only one very rich company was allowed to use it, and no one else knew about it.

A couple of years later though, a competitor completed its own microwave link between the two cities—and thus the first company, not wanting to lose out on potential business, revealed that it too had a link between the cities. If a competitor had never emerged, that first link would probably still be shrouded in secrecy today.

Similar stories can be found all over the world, but because these networks are privately owned, and because they're often used by financial groups trying to find an edge on the stock market and eke out a few extra billions, you have to dig deep to find them.

For example, back in 2013, just as the algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) bubble was starting to pop, researchers in California looked at a large corpus of market trades and found that, starting in March 2011, there had been a sudden latency drop of 2.5 milliseconds between Chicago and New York. Prior to that, the previous fastest trading latency was about 7.5 milliseconds, so a reduction to 5ms was significant. The researchers then used the FCC and other records to deduce that, at the time of their 2013 study, there were 15 (!) networks licensed to operate microwave links between the two cities. The latency drop was probably caused by a new low-latency microwave network coming online.

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Source: ARS Technica, Sebastian Anthony, 03 Nov 2016

Finnish Professor of Physics Talks Nonsense on Biological Effects of Cell Phone Radiation
Finland Created: 3 Nov 2016
I consider myself expert in biological effects of cell phone radiation - I have two doctorates and docentship in biochemistry - I worked at STUK for nearly 22 years, including as Head of Radiation Biology Laboratory and most recently, for 13 years, as Research Professor. I do research on cell phone radiation and health since 1996. My expertise in this area was recognized by my peers when e.g. I was invited to testify before a committee of the US Senate, Finland’s Eduskunta, Canadian Parliament or Health Minister of India. I was member of the group of 30 scientists who, at invitation of IARC, classified in 2011 cell phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen (group 2B in IARC scale). For those interested my full experience is available from this link.

I read carefully recent interview with Professor Tapio Ala-Nissilä published in ‘Voi hyvin‘ journal and in ‘Turun sanomat’ newspaper and I got very confused. Professor of physics at the Aalto University in Helsinki is serving very strong, partly false and misleading, one-sided opinions on biological effects of cell phone radiation.

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Source: BRHP Blog, Dariusz Leszczynski, 03 Nov 2016

Off with their heads! Return to Dark Ages as Maryanne Demasi & Catalyst crew axed for offending King Wireless!
Australia Created: 3 Nov 2016
It's the end of an era at the ABC, after the national broadcaster axed the Catalyst program today.

It was part of a tradition that went back into the last century and the program Towards 2000.

All the familiar faces on the Catalyst, along with their producers, were told today that they were redundant.

Management says it'll replace the weekly half hour science magazine with seventeen one-hour documentaries a year to be presented by leading scientists.

There's already anger about the move.

However, two programs in recent years - one about statins and one about wifi - have come under heavy fire, including from the ABC's own media watch, as alarmist, unprofessional and unbalanced.

Simon Chapman is Emeritus Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney.

He spoke to PM about those two programs. (listen to interview via source link).

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Feb 2016, Australia: CATALYST journalist responds to criticism of WI-FI investigation
Feb 2016, Australia: ICNIRP's downunder-delegate goes bonkers over CATALYST TV investigation into WI-FI
Feb 2016, Australia: Wi-Fried? Prime-time TV show examines Wi-Fi health risks
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Source: ABC, Mark Colvin, 03 Nov 2016

More on the 5G rollout in America from Tom Wheeler-industry lobbyist and FCC Director
USA Created: 2 Nov 2016
I am sorry it seems like one crisis after another but they are moving so fast on this 5G project; Tom Wheeler is trying to get it done before he leaves office in January. He and the FCC are using the process they used to deploy 4G to deploy 5G even faster. Soon you will have a small cell transmitter near your house as will others but then it will be too late.

There will be no opportunity for push back, no public notice, and no one on state or local level you can go to because they will be preempted. It will be deployed on public property but they are also working on getting rights to deploy on private property like they did with smart meters. So I need help to wake up the smart meter groups and mobilize them before they deploy because once they do it will be too late.

If you think smart meters were a health threat and violation of our privacy to quote Tom Wheeler “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Read Tom Wheelers recent comments he made at a wireless conference to hear what they are doing and see his critical comments excerpted below. I could use people like you hear talking to legislators and the FCC: knowledgeable, articulate and gutsy. These legislators have no clue about wireless radiation health effects.

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Source: EMFacts, Kevin Mottus / Don Maisch, 02 Nov 2016

Lorry driver who killed family on motorway while distracted by phone is jailed for 10 years
United Kingdom Created: 1 Nov 2016
Tracy Houghton, 45, her sons Ethan, 13, and Josh, 11, and stepdaughter Aimee Goldsmith, also 11, died in the crash on the A34, near Newbury in Berkshire, on 10 August - Lorry driver Tomasz Kroker ploughed into the family's stationary car at 50mph while scrolling through music on his mobile phone.

Their car was shunted underneath the back of a heavy goods vehicle and crushed to a third of its size.

The family, from Bedfordshire, who were making their way home from a camping holiday in Devon, were killed instantly.

Kroker, from Andover in Hampshire, broke down at the scene, crying and saying to himself: "I've killed them."

But he also tried to claim his brakes had failed, telling officers the traffic in front of him "just stopped - I hit my brakes but just couldn't stop".

The court heard the 30-year-old was so distracted by his phone he barely looked at the road for almost a kilometre.

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Source: Sky News, 31 Oct 2016

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