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# Posted: 13 Nov 2006 02:28

Emirates have installed base stations on their planes
http://www.mast-victims.org/index.php?content=news&action=view&type=ne wsitem&id=1225

To: The Daily mail
Re: ”Hello, I´m on the Plane” page 5. Daily mail 091107

Dear sirs.

I read with interest Ray Massey’s piece on Mobile Telephony on/from scheduled airline flight.
The “Emirates” airline will install equipment that facilitates mobile phone calls from the cabin to earth via a antenna/base station installed in the cabin.
Airmobile (a provider of above equipment) calls this a historic step forward for the aviation industry.
It has been some time coming, and I think that instead of a step forward, it is “a can of worms” the airline is opening.
I will explain: Radiation sickness and electromagnetic sensitivity in humans is a fact for numerous people, roughly estimated at 2 % + of any Western civilization.
No matter how the telecommunications industry and our Government refuse to acknowledge this, it is still a fact and it affects a growing number of people every day.
So, some people are sensitive to radiation emitted from base stations, antennae and mobile phones.
Do the airline (s) expect these people to pay for the privilege of being placed centimeters (not meters) away from an antenna running the length of the plane?
Do they expect them to accept being centimeters away from an active mobile phone, and quite possibly being in the path of the signal emitting from phone to antenna?
An airliner is a crammed place.
We all know how near we are to fellow travelers, shoulder to shoulder.
Of course radiation sensitive people will not accept this!
And the airline cannot accept that people get seriously sick on any flight, short or long.
To solve the problem the airlines will have to provide a radiation free class for transporting sensitive people and others who do not wish to be radiated!
This opens the possibility of 2 business classes and 2 tourist classes.
The plane journey will have to carry a clearly visible health warning f.inst informing before ticket purchase that the plane cabin has an antenna and radiation will occur.
Failing this and a traveler falls sick due to radiation during the journey the airline is open for suing through the courts.
Clearly the consumer Ombudsman should be alerted to this situation at once, and demand a clear marketing of internal radiation in cabins.
It is also a job for the “Health and Safety” agency, making sure that passengers are not exposed to danger from surroundings and environment, equipment and furniture.
I doubt that the airline (s) have thought about this.
They think that making mobile telecommunication available during flight will boost business.
I am not so sure.
They will be violating the rights of a group of people, and they might even make traveling by air impossible for some.
They might lose more business than they ever imagined.
The Myth that every business person needs to talk and compute wireless at all times is just that, a Myth.
A lot of business people, whereof I am one, cannot use wireless radio based technology due to radiation sickness.
I honestly do not know what to do when the airline that I use to reach my overseas market, install the equipment described in your article.
My sensitivity (induced by a base station erected a few meters from my home and place of work, 28 m to be exact, a few years ago) is such that I will have to select airlines without the equipment, to transport me to my customers.
And I cannot imagine that I am the only one!
The problem is Not ring tones and chatter!
The problem is much more sinister.
Yours truly. Eirikur M. Petursson.
Glen Lea. Upper Colwall.Nr. Malvern. WR13 6DH Herefordshire.
e-mail: erik@acesdustcontrol.com
This letter will be posted on the www.mast-victims.org website in its entirety because I feel we need debate about the state of affairs of uncontrolled exposure to radiation through mobile phones and antennas, WI-FI hot spots, electronic merchandise marketing and tracking.
An Industry completely running rampant and polluting entire populations.
E.M. Petursson

# Posted: 11 Aug 2007 03:28

i thought i was the only one that have been noticing this problem.
im going to total bann all airline companies that are going to use this.
another problem is of course that the radiation is coming to everyone except class (its the same in all moving vehicles u faster =more radiation)and trains are very bad because the signals is jumping around in the train when it doesnt have anywhere to go its jumping through the people.
it takes me 2 hours to go to work because im going of the fucking train and waiting for next one because someone is calling pretty near even if im mostly in the front (the radiation goes mostly from beginning to back) hah im not paying their fucking month card anyway

# Posted: 11 Aug 2007 03:29

ops forgot to say that in planes there is radar that is not healthy at all but yeah

# Posted: 20 Aug 2007 17:41

I would rather not see these masts on aeroplanes. But I'd rather not read any swear words on this site and people should try to express their feelings without swear words.
You are obviously affected and part of that makes you very angry and swearing releases that anger. But please, people will dismiss such comments and we need all the influence we can get to get the message across.

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