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# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 15:10

One thing to bear in mind, when a mast appears overnight and then people think they notice a difference straight away : the antenna work may have been contracted out to another firm, and it can be quite some time before the new antennas are actually in operation - days, sometimes weeks (I know of two cases locally where it was over a year!).

Even if the work is carried out in-house, it can still take significant time for one department to sign it off and for another to connect it all up at the exchange and update the network settings. A new mast site is often not the highest priority amongst a full to-do list. Sometimes a new site falls into the category "it would be nice.. but it's not needed yet" - it was put in place while they had the chance (and some budget available that year) but it's left unused until it's really needed.

Or possibly it's a deliberate tactic to leave a new mast idle, so that if any complaints are received, they can say "but we're not even using it yet!".

So be careful not to jump to any conclusions about new masts!

# Posted: 6 Dec 2006 18:14

Dear Anonymous.

I am actually quite grateful for the info you are sharing with us.

However, We, never jumped to conclusions, but we know it was ON when it was switched it off for repairs, and a couple of hours later switched it on again.

Remember, We pinpointed the time off, the time on again!

This was done twice in September 2004, and there was NO mistaken that our ilness could be switched ON/OFF, at WILL, and most people will admit, THAT IS THE CREEPIEST THING I HAVE EVER IN MY LIFE EXPERIENCED!

But it is sure nice to know that at least one of our visitors now, Is or Has been in the industry, sharing their experience with us.

Maybe you can also share with us how to AVOID getting a mast Next-door or on the roof of your block of flats.
That would be BLISS!

Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

# Posted: 8 Dec 2006 12:05

The only way that works is... get enough local residents to kick up enough of a fuss, in the media, and to the politicians... especially if there's an election coming up :o)

Other than that.. no.. it's very difficult. Money talks, but thankfully it really doesn't like bad publicity.

Thanks for the.... keeping the forums tidy ;o)

# Posted: 8 Dec 2006 14:52

You bet money talks, and if you ask me, it is THE ONLY THING THAT TALKS!

We tried all that you suggest, And I mean there REALLY was a fuss, specially in the media.

We tried All we could to get the "Poodles" who were our local politicians to help us, but they were not at all helpful. Neither was the MP

And the council planning office even designed the pole for the industry, so that it would be "Acceptable" eye-candy in the conservation area, next to the listed houses.

But then as you point out, Election! well this was in the middle between elections.
Our local councillor even tried to hide his face when he walked past our house, so that he would not be reconnised, as he did not help us at all.

300 protest signatures and letters from a very small area of Detached houses was not enought either.

But maybe you can help me with a couple of things.
The Radiation from 3G is supposed to be Non-Thermal.
Why then did the temperature in our house go Up by more than 2 °C?

And the plants on our patio facing the mast kept on flowering all year round, and then started withering and dying.

I also got electric shocks from our cast-iron fence and gate.

This has really puzzled me.
Best regards

# Posted: 8 Dec 2006 16:25

Sounds scary! Any radio radiation can be thermal, otherwise microwave ovens wouldn't work and there wouldn't be safety exclusion zones at all. Did you ever get a professional to check the V/m levels in your property to see if they were within legal limits? (not that it would have helped if the limits are too high like I suspect)

Sometimes when it seems the whole Univerese is against you, it's just easier to get out of its way and move on. It's a shame you're so out of pocket though, but I guess you have to be philosophical about it and think of all the worse things that could have happened. At least you're still alive with all your limbs intact :o)

Sorry there's not much I can say really, I do sympathise though. There really ought to be some way of getting compensation (maybe the USA has the right idea with some of its No Win No Fee legal system). So now you've lost tens of thousands and you're sensitised to EM radiation? Someone should pay!! I really hope they do somehow.

Best wishes

# Posted: 8 Dec 2006 20:20

Thank you for your answer.

To your first paragraph:
You bet it was scary, but Yes, we tried, we tried to get a company in to measure, but, they were All either doing or hoping to do jobs for the Industry or the Government, so would not take Us on as customers.

So much for announcing: Independence, it’s almost as independent as the prominent scientist who proclaims to be independent, and then, with a bit of digging, you find out he has been on the Industry payroll for donkey’s years.

But, I can easily see it from their point, they are private companies, they have to exist, if they did a job for us, that could be used in a court case they would have been able to bill us for ca. £. 5000.-,
but All their Industry and Government dreams would have turned into pipe-dreams there and then, and I do realize there are huge winnings on that front, but not in doing one-offs for private people.
But I still wonder where ordinary “Ethics” have disappeared to these days.

Your second paragraph: Aren’t you jumping to conclusions?
Stop a bit here!
This is not about the universe, neither mine, nor others, it is about all peoples Ordinary Human Rights.

There is absolutely “No Excuse” whatsoever for a Governing institution who allow money rich corporations to roll over people’s lives as they see fit, without any control, and for cash winnings, be it my life or anyone else’s.

There is “No Excuse” either for the Industries who do such deplorable things, and show only contempt for their victims, especially not for their employees, who I suppose "have to be" counted as "Humans".

Third paragraph:
Please safe your sympathy, I neither need it nor want it.

Compensation is not and never will be a cure for that kind of behavior.
Remember: Money is “Only” money.
You can make money, you can use money, you can lose money, so, you just work hard to make some more.

I did get out of the way, I did move on, but I Do Not Forgive.
I want this changed, and I am afraid I’ll do all I can to make that happen.
And use any means I imagine it takes.
And that Will happen sooner or later.

Best regards.

Where I come from the old Viking rule "Eye for an Eye, Toot for a tooth"
is still very much valid, and is build into the makeup of the natives, of which I am one.

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