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# Posted: 5 Dec 2006 01:43

This is an article from 2004, my son fell over and gave to me, but the topic is even more true to day than it was when it was written.
Please read it and see how true it is.
Mobile phone masts are undemocratic
Go out in to the street and look at your fellow human beings. Any street. See how they walk, and how different it is from the way we used to walk around even 10 years ago.
No one takes advantage of a crisp autumn day to look at the changing leaves or the unexpected curiosities of the urban landscape. No one nods, or flirts, or even looks at anyone else. Everyone has the same drugged, internal, abstracted look: and why?
Because we are all on the mobile. We are either making a call - a call that could almost certainly wait until we get to a landline - and have the tool glued to our sweating ear. Or else we have it in our hands.
See how we heft it and coddle it. Watch how we stroke its smooth skin and wonder what use to make of it next. Shall we dial a number and disconnect, just to leave our electronic spoor? Shall we send a text, an emoticon, a pictogram?
Everyone has one now, in his breast pocket or her handbag, a chocolate-bar-sized dispenser of personal gratification. We can all have that buzz now, whenever we want: the comfort of a voice, the quick fix of external affirmation that we need to get us through the day.
Yes, the British people - make that the human race - have a new addiction that needs feeding. There are now 40,000 mobile phone masts in the United Kingdom, and a further 8,000 are likely to be constructed in the next three years.
Many of these masts, or "base stations", are sited well away from human habitation - who cares about that mutant plastic tree by the side of the motorway? But as the national compulsion grows, the masts are sprouting in villages, in cities, and not least in a certain world-famous riparian town that annually hosts an important aquatic sporting event; and when the local people find that a socking great 15-metre phone mast is about to be plonked near their house, their school, their hospital, they mind, believe me, they mind.
And they are right to mind; but not, perhaps, for the reasons normally given. The other day I was chatting to some councillors in this world-famous riparian town, and someone said: Here, what about these mobile phone masts, then? What do you think about the dangers?
And I am afraid that the honest answer came bubbling out, which is that frankly I don't think a mobile phone mast is any more threatening to human health than a tin of baked beans.
Something in my make-up makes me leery of public health scares. I thought the BSE panic was wildly overdone (do you see the CJD hospices on every street corner, as one of the nuttier doctors predicted?). And yet the panic alone, ably stoked by the Labour Party, cost the country about £5 billion and destroyed the livelihoods of many farmers.
If I understand things correctly, the radiation from a mobile phone mast is no greater than the radiation from an individual mobile phone. The emissions are hundreds, if not millions, of times lower than the levels insisted upon by international standards.
But with all due respect to my scientific training (biology O-level), I am not sure that I am the man to read on this subject. I have a hunch that the masts are safe; I have a hunch that there may be other statistical explanations for the clusters of tragic diseases that seem to be associated with these masts.
But the reality is that I do not have advanced knowledge of electromagnetic waves. As long as there is reasonable doubt - and the Government itself has said that the precautionary principle should be applied - then I cannot in all conscience insist that people's fears are groundless. The calculation should really be a matter for them: to have either a mobile phone mast, an eyesore with an unknowable (probably infinitesimal) potential for harm, or the bother of not getting a signal on your mobile.
That is why it is infamous that, under the present rules, local residents have hardly any say in where these masts are sited. Under current planning law the telecommunications companies - the ones that paid £22.5 billion to Gordon Brown to use the spectrum - can shove the masts virtually wherever they like. Normal planning procedures do not apply, and the result is mayhem.
That is why I owe a big apology to my colleague Richard Spring, hero, Tory MP and unrecognised prophet. About six months ago, he tried to flog an article to The Spectator, in which he described the controversy. He did not assert that the masts themselves were causing illness; he merely pointed to some troubling illnesses among those who lived near them, and to the widespread alarm that the erection of these masts was causing. He made the good point that the controversy alone was damaging, since it blighted property values, and could make houses impossible to sell.
Like a fool, I took my usual stuff-and-nonsense anti-hysteria line, and told Richard that a spot of radiation never did anyone any harm, good for acne, etc. I did not publish the article. I now see that I missed the point: the issue is not my untutored views on safety; it's about democracy. If it is the collective will of the people of a certain area that they shall have no mast in that area, then the decision should at least be taken by those who are elected by and accountable to those people.
The decision should be taken by people who can be shouted at in village halls, and if necessary booted out of office. Far too many decisions are now being taken away from such people, and put in the hands of the regional quangocrats. If people want the complete absence of risk, and no mobile signal, they should be able to express that preference democratically. Thanks to Richard Spring, that is the new Tory policy: all new masts to be subject to full planning procedures.
• Boris Johnson is MP for Henley and editor of The Spectator
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 30/09/2004
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2004/09/30/ do3002.xml

William O
# Posted: 19 Dec 2006 04:25 - Edited by: William O

Hey Agnes,

I do !!!

…takes advantage of a crisp autumn day to look at the changing leaves or the unexpected curiosities of the urban landscape. I nod, flirt, and even look at everyone else. I watch the beauty of life in all it’s splendor. I admire the wondrous, beautiful and charming nature of all creations, and guess what ?

I Don’t own a Mobile Phone and Never will !!!

So there you have it my dearest Agnes.

The good news is, there are more of us out there.
Yours truly

~ Romantico William

Ps. If you too have a mere modicum of sanity and don’t own a mobliy phononous telicomunicos equipimentos, please chime in.


# Posted: 19 Dec 2006 11:01

Hi William O,

I've thrown out my cellphone.
It gave me heavy headaches, even with a headset.

Now I know too much about the health problems with mobile phones so I'll never put one to my head again - headaches or not.

- Henrik

William O
# Posted: 20 Dec 2006 00:20

Hi Henrik,

That’s music to my ears.
Another well informed and sensible choice.

Mobile phones also give me trouble in the headache department.
I have always been highly sensitive to their effects. Especially the 3G ones, they induce pain even from three feet away. And that’s when they are on standby.

There is No way I am going to put Any Mobile phone next to my head. That is just crazy.
I certainly don’t want Brain cancer, loss of memory, or damaged neurons, and I can do without the Pulse modulated ELF’s that distort my perception, and sense of reality.

A few things I can also do without:

I can do without the Loss of personal contact with real humans, and the Loving contact that arise from real life communications.

I can do without some Government employee listening in on my private conversions with friends and family.

I can do without the satellite tracking service curtsey of the NSA, and any other alphabet agencies, that are more corrupt than their employers. They can keep their perverted habits to themselves. I am not a criminal and never will be.

What happened to the Law, “..Innocent until proven guilty.”

To sum it up, we can all do without our mobile phones, if we so desire.
And in the process we can help other living beings live a healthier, happier, and more enjoyable life.

What’s your excuse ?

The Military call the process of remote microwave stimulation of the auditory cortex – “Synthetic Telepathy.” Where by they induce sounds and recognized speech via electronic means to be heard by the recipient. ( Willing or not )

Why not learn real Telepathy, animals use this form of communication. High level Military agencies are constantly recruiting people for this purpose. And have been for over 50 years. Psychic spies are nothing new.

Have you ever thought about someone before they rang ?

Have you had the sense that someone is watching you ?

We are already Psychic without any training.

Do you think that the largest and most successful species on the planet “Ants” use Mobile Phones to communicate ?

If they did, they would all be dead by now !

You do know why mobile phone companies give free minutes to their customers, don’t you ?
And you know who is buying up all the land for consecration ( burial ground ) don’t you ?

Thrown yours out yet ?

Best regards

~ William

( Non mobile/cell phone user )

# Posted: 20 Dec 2006 04:22

Hi William.

I do not own a mobile phone either. Have not since 2003.
The Microwave has also gone on the heap.

And you are right about the law, it now reads: "Guilty untill proven innicent"!

But, arent´ we upsetting the har work of Mr. Blair and Browns "information society", by rejecting the Mod-Con gadgets?

How are they to Know Where We Are, and especially, What We are Up To?
When thay cannot track us.
And if we dont use "Sat-Nav" and dont frequent their CCTV areas either, are we are back to Orwells fiction 1984 with alternative societies.

But, then it is a nice thought, its like being a free person, outside the surveillance area, isnt it. And of course knowing they are busting their butts to try to get us in, to no avail.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

William O
# Posted: 20 Dec 2006 23:17

Hi Agnes,

That’s great news !

Ditching the microwave oven is a must. They are fantastic if you want to completely destroy your food, shorten your life span, and upset your neighbour’s brain waves, but the convenience is a high price to pay for an early funeral.

I believe they have been banned in Russia since 1972, for public safety reasons.

It would be just as sensible to heat your food up in a tank full of Uranium 238, and sprinkle barium dust on it for the Fun !
Well we get the barium part for free, thanks to those high flying jets.

It is about time they were outlawed along with the Death Tower Masts and personal tracking devices. …oops, I mean cell phones and communication towers.

You said, ..“How are they to Know Where We Are, and especially, What We are Up To?
When they cannot track us.”

Precisely, Exactly, Spot on ! That’s where vaccines come in to the question, complete with Micro-chips, your medical and financial records embedded ( Veri-chip ) and for good measure, a dose of Thimerosal ( mercury ), Aluminum, propylene glycol, and a splash of contaminated foreign DNA to the spur the immune system in to submission.

So Yes, we are upsetting the hard working “Nice” people in “alleged” control of our country, but that’s too bad, as I don’t plan on accommodating their plans for any 1984 scenarios.

I like Peace and Freedom more than a false sense of security, from an artificially created enemy, that only serves to sustain a hidden agenda.

Thanks all the same, but they can keep their ridiculous agenda for total population control via Pulse modulated microwave/ radio waves, and their GM foods, poisonous vaccines, sold out media and all their other nefarious activities.

It’s too bad their backup plan has failed.

War on Cancer - Con
War on Terror - Con
War on Poverty - Con

Democracy in the UK ???

War on Humanity - ON

On a lighter note,
Seasons Greetings to you All at www.mast-victims.org

Best regards

~ William

…“And of course knowing they are busting their butts to try to get us in, to no avail.” - Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

…Yes, that’s funny and true !

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