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# Posted: 5 Feb 2007 17:39

The railways system is GSM-R, almost the same as GSM but at 921-925 MHz just below the extended GSM bands. As it's designed to cover the tracks only, it should be beaming away from his property with high gain antennas, although there will be inevitable overspill and side lobes.

Maybe 'Jasper' could arrange for an earthed screen between the mast and his garden and house? Perhaps if he asked nicely, such a thing could be actually installed on the tower itself?

# Posted: 8 Feb 2007 02:22

Maybe if Jasper "Asked Nicely"
The Railways would not install it At All!

But then, I believe in the Toothfairy and Father Christmas.

And you or me could not get away with trying to install a radiating device/mast on Someones property by deceit and lying, without it being against the law.
But the Railway Networks, Mobile Industry and utilities seem to be a law upon them selves, and the TRUE RULERS of this "Democratic" Country.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2007 16:11

Youre all mad

# Posted: 12 Jun 2007 16:23

Dear "Anonymous",

Well, we might be all mad, but you will thank us one day, or your genetically-modified-by-mobile-phone-radiation offspring will...

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