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# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 06:49

Wow, thanks for the replies, anon. It will take some time to study all you've said. I will definitely follow up on this. I spend many hours a day on my lap top. It would be hard to give up. Is there some way to reduce the effects in addition to a hardwired router? What about personal shielding? I can't seem to find much simple starter info so far but it is early days.

# Posted: 3 Jan 2011 16:25

Ivy, you can also switch to ADSL broadband through the phone line, and put a filter on that to reduce the dirty electricity feedback. Likewise, places like The Healthy House sell devices you can put onto your laptop to neutralise a lot of the emissions from it - in fact, there's a company who now manufacture a USB stick which plugs in and does the same thing.


# Posted: 10 Aug 2011 19:50

Btw... I notice the humming and pulsing are bad whilst doing various searches on this website. So out of curiosity, I just bent down to listen to the computer hard drive tower and noticed the humming sound wasn't to be heard. Weird! Maybe I should sleep with it on my head?!

# Posted: 10 Aug 2011 19:58

Whoops, I posted last reply under wrong topic - should have been under "THE HUM: Microwave Hearing Evidence..." No surprise, it's 2am in the morning, so not thinking straight!

# Posted: 29 Nov 2012 13:24

Same trouble, laptop, keep away from you and i took side off old desktop and because it steel like put under laptop, reduces it on trifield meter... Using some tin foil and plug in grounded thing..... Seems to be helping, feel better unles just coincidence..... I have router, and tried shielding it a bit too... When humidity low at work, trousers i wear are polyster i think, can hear static when take off at night, anyway, opening things to put stock out and taking of selophane and touch a cage, bang, the pain.... So yes i believe i am one of those sensitive, conspiracy population reduction aside, like most things, swine flu vaccine con, it is sadly about the money, same with global warming con... We need to be vigilant on all these things.... Making sure we are not being fooled by main stream media and governments.... So yes steel reduces and helps magnetic and foil the rf sort..... Also google or watch you tube videos on all this, smart meters and wi-fi and also anything, toothbrush, shavers, key is reducing and limiting time exposed to these things i think....:)

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