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# Posted: 11 Nov 2008 10:51 - Edited by: topazg

Indeed, all those I know who experienced it like nothing more than to tell people how tough it was in their day

Hahaha, thanks Bryan, that brought a smile :)

I do think our modern overly politically corrected society is a complete and utter shambles. Just like the police needing to employ x women, y black people etc... Surely that's exactly the sort of discrimination we are trying to avoid? Surely people should be employed on their merits as a potential police officer regardless of gender / colour?

I think a sensible compromise can be met though. Having never been caned I'm not going to comment on whether it is or is not suitably effective, but teachers do need some form of strong consequence for dealing with bad behaviour. At the moment they are pretty powerless. I agree with Henrik, and it goes along with my parenting method too -- My eldest (7) knows if she plays up she is told that if she carries on deliberately doing things she knows she isn't supposed to, she loses her favourite bedtime teddy. She hates it, but it is effective and she learns that there are consequences for bad behaviour.

Sounds awful saying it like this, but all children have their weak points, and these should be exploited as punishments for bad behaviour, instead of using violent means where possible. I also don't believe in punishment without prior warning of a) there being consequences to action 'x', and b) what the consequences are likely to consist of. Anyway, back to topic ...

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. There was a real furore after the last "brain tumours caused by phones" story, in which there seemed to be a lot of commentary that brain tumours are steadily on the rise and that this must be the reason. I did a quick hunt around the Office of National Statistics, and found that brain tumour incidence was very definitely not increasing, in the UK at least.

We have little evidence that the increase in suicide and neurological issues are even remotely attached to the preponderence of mobile phone use, and I really dislike parallels drawn just for the sake of it. I have no problem with taking a paper showing mobile phone use increasing neurological symptoms, extrapolated to an attributable fraction and then assessed in the light of total risk and what proportion is likely to be due to increase in phone usage, but not just throw figures around. Lifestyles have changed massively over the last 20 years - even over the last 8 years, from technology, to jobs, to all sorts. Who knows, maybe suicides are increasing because of an epigenetic effect caused by the massive depression when Thatcher closed the mines, affecting the children of the workers at the time?

There are thousands of possible reasons one could draw, but that doesn't make them true.

# Posted: 12 Nov 2008 10:58

Hey Henrik, we do have something in common then. I was (and sometimes still am) a great fan of Lego. I look very enviously at my son's collection of the more technical bits available today that would have made my cranes, planes and space stations so much better.

We are in danger of drifting away from the focus of Henrik's and Agnes' hard work here, but I wouldn't like to see children whipped until they bleed, and in fact the approach I take with my son is the same as you both describe here. However, I would like to see a lot more toughness. These days the difference in academic excellence or even facilities between British Public Schools and State Schools is not so great. One of the reasons that many parents would give for finding vast sums of money to put their children through the British Public Scholl system is that they expect a much harsher disciplinary system, so I think I'm not alone in that belief. We are very luck where we live in that my son can attend a Grammar School, which is in effect a free Public School.

Graham, I can't add anything to your last post, it all seemed very sensible to me.

# Posted: 16 Nov 2008 23:56

Hi Henrik,

We are just about to start on the road of protection, and are very confused on the products on the market. We are looking at buying the electropaint from the wireless – protection wed site but it incredibly expensive!!! Looking for the alternatives we came across the y-shield paints. Also finding them on the EMR wed site they are haft the price then on the y-shield site????? Dose this paint really work??? And if so which are best products??


# Posted: 17 Nov 2008 03:41

Yes, Henriks mom does protest.
It tought him a lot, but he still tried it on, but then, he was a very independent and intellegent child. So give him some compassion,
If it had happened To Day he probably would have been able to call social services, (Haringey?) and get a socialworker on his case, get removed from his horrid mother and family, But, no such luck for Henrik, he was stuck with what he got born into, and still is.

But from your tirade, tired, irretable or whatever you are, (which will not be accepted on this website as you represent our tormentors, whether you like it or not, so if you are grumpy, Go Elsewhere, Pester someone Else, Not only do we have to suffer the contamination emmiting from your employers equiment next to our homes, and suffer in silence at that, when it makes us sick, we Do Not Have To, neither do we want to, Put up with your grumpiness.

I can figure out that you are about the same age as Henrik.
The corporal punishment of badly behaved children was still the norm when I was young.
And, no, it did not make us phsycotic, it did not even make us blame our mentors, it made us actually understand a very important thing: Namely, that there is loads of people out there, and Every One of them has to behave in a way that does not harm the others, and we all have to give room for all the others to be there as well!!!!

That is where you and your industry come in short: You do NOT FULFILL that rule.
You Harm US, like it or not. You only have one object, your own good!
You are the Asbestos and Thalidomid of our times!

You do not waste a second thought for US when you apply for planning for a mast next to a school or in a residential area.
It does not disturb Your Good Night Sleep, that as soon as you install your equipment WE Cannot Sleep!

No, PROFIT is Alfa and Omega and the only thing that counts!
Oh, but yes, I almost forgot, the industry uses loads of cash to establish a "Fact-Finding "Independent" Research" into the effect of EMR-EMF.
Yeah, right: the latest: http://www.essex.ac.uk/psychology/EHS/
So, you are still wasting money to try to prove the "It´s all in your mind"
Well, I am sure Elaine Fox won´t mind, she´ll have her Rolls and WAGS mansion within a very short time, at your (or is it taxpayers?) cost.
Which, I guess is what she wants, and your employers very badly want.
No, she already blew that in her last "study"
She calls this new "survey" a "serious" one, oh yes, is there a second joke we could have this time, or have the industry only got the old one?

You can tell Anne that you do not believe her untill you are blue in the face,
but I have tried it on my body, and it really hurt!
And all these years later it still hurts and it rules What I Can Do, Where I Can Go and even Where I can do my Nececcary Weekly Food Shopping.
In short, the contact with your Industry´s Microwave Radiation Contamination Rules My Life now, since 2003!
"Quality of Life" the name of a towm in Siberia! It does not apply to my life!

I would not wish this on my most hated enemy, but I am truly tempted to whish that you could have a taste of it, but then again, I am not that nasty, not even considering eye for an eye, toot for a tooth, that I reserve for Li ka-singh and Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. (since very shortly after our courtcase, known as "3" only.
Yeah, if it was me done that, I guess I would also have changed names.

Can you give me

# Posted: 17 Nov 2008 11:42 - Edited by: SarahPaine

We are just about to start on the road of protection, and are very confused on the products on the market. We are looking at buying the electropaint from the wireless – protection wed site but it incredibly expensive!!! Looking for the alternatives we came across the y-shield paints. Also finding them on the EMR wed site they are haft the price then on the y-shield site????? Dose this paint really work??? And if so which are best products??

I'm the "part time admin assistant" (well, I'm the manager really, but I am only part time) that Graham referred to earlier in his posts. My name is Sarah, just to clarify :)

From our tests, the Yshield paint is about the most effective paint for the cost on the market. 2 coats of the paint screen well over 99% of the power of the signal, and 96-99% of the signal strength, depending on the frequency.

I'm not sure which "EMF" site you're talking about being half the price of the Yshield site, but there are a number of sites that sell similar "looking" paint that may or may not be as effective.

We've tested quite a few varieties of paint, including the ECOS nickel-based screening paint, YShield, and some others - without checking my records, the names don't spring to mind. Without doubt, the YShield was the one that screened the best for the price.

The electropaint that you refer to has also been tested, and we've had some mixed feedback from people that bought it. Suffice it to say there are reasons why we stock Yshield rather than others!

Going back to Mike's original post, earthing the YShield shouldn't make any difference to the screening quality. Earthing the paint simply stops it re-radiating any electric fields it picks up from the house wiring. As the paint is carbon based, it is conductive, and if close to the source of an electric field, it can pick it up. Earthing the paint will make sure that the field is well.. earthed. Whether the painted surface is earthed or not makes no difference to its capability to screen out microwaves.

I would first of all consider other sources - are the windows screened? How about the floor or walls? If these have also been screened, was the paint stirred thoroughly and applied fairly thickly as per the instructions? The main reason for my questions is that in my experience, people do forget to screen the floor (mainly) and therefore signals can come up into the screened room. As the paint's screening quality is partially reflective (all screening paints are) then any signals coming into the room can "bounce" around a bit before dissipating.

Re-reading Mike's post (again) - I can see what the issue is likely to be. The signal is coming from above, so he's screened only the ceiling. I suspect that the signal is not ONLY coming from the ceiling, although I'd still have expected a higher result than only 5-10% screening. I'd also like to know how this was measured - if using a phone or laptop and judging this based on the signal reduction, it's not a good way of doing it (see http://www.emfields.org/screening/phone.asp for reasons why using a mobile phone signal really doesn't work).

If there's anything else you'd like to know about EMFields, please ask. I'll do my best to answer.

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