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# Posted: 24 Sep 2010 21:08

Hi All, am thinking about trying to get some group action/steps to take to fight this madness.

If you have written, telephoned/emailed, made a complaint about mast signals/Health to any of the following, please can you say which and add your name. I will compile list as would like to see numbers involved and hopefully draw up an action plan of actions we can take, no matter how small. We have to start somewhere, and I will log any actions/info and suggestions anyone has of what we can and should do.

Any of the mobile companies (and which one), Local Parish council, Your Local MP, OFCOM. Requested Ofcom Audit, Health Protection Agency (HPA), Local Health Authority, Your GP, Council.

WE MUST Do Something! :-) WE Need Numbers!

# Posted: 24 Sep 2010 22:09

I'll email you all the places, people and bodies we've told our problem to - it's quite a few!


# Posted: 24 Feb 2011 22:11

Hi Daliarw, want to join our mast protest in London on Saturday May 7th?
We're hoping to contact as many groups as we can to get everyone meeting up en masse at Hyde Park Corner, then march to a rally with speakers (to be announced) in to Trafalgar Square.

My email is sange@singledout.co.uk if you want to e-mail me, then I can mail you the details, or look at the thread about it on here.



# Posted: 25 Feb 2011 00:56

She never came back, sadly.


# Posted: 25 Feb 2011 10:24

Cheers EG, I'd happily use those contacts if it includes other protests!! :)

# Posted: 25 Feb 2011 20:14

^Yes, it was all very hopeful but nothing ever came of it. Not really sure why.


# Posted: 28 Feb 2011 09:47

Pretty soon, we're starting a petition in Flanders (Brussels/Belgium/Europe)
against emf (lower emissions, against 4G,...),

We will go on the streets for signatures combined with an on-line petition-site (linked with the Flemish anti emf organisation beperkdestraling.org),

The site will be built by Gert Droessaert, who already made a petition-site
against high decibels and raising the awareness on long term effects,

Actually long term effects from too high decibels seem partially similar to
these of emf, in both cases central nervous system is affected,

Thank you Gert for setting up our petition site as well, I think the least we
can do is sign your petition?

To everybody who reads this, please sign on Gert's petition site against
outrageously high decibels, you can vote on:

You only have to fill in your name and your e-mail and that's it!

And please forward this to YOUR friends/family as well,

Thanks a lot,

# Posted: 28 Feb 2011 12:19

I am sorry, but such actions do not result in effects.
Beperkdestraling.org does not have its priorities in the right order, and they do not fully understand our problemacy.

The main point everybody should realise is, *why do we want to lower the EMF levels?*
For lowering these levels, the cooperation of our politicians is needed. Only they can change the regulations. The providers are not to blame, they work within the guide lines.

Again: *why do we want to lower the EMF levels?*
It is because we fear health complications.
But the authorities see this as only fear and underbelly feelings.
It is not substantiated.

In the Netherlands we do have those 5 *idiots*, who can be seen on television, and who claim that they are electrosensitive, but cannot prove that.
That is the main point. Even a thousand people who may be electrosenstive, are a negligible factor, as seen by the authorities.
A central complaints desk does not seem possible, because every action group has its own policy.
So, there are no official figures of electrosensitives.
(With others we calculated in the Netherlands and came to the conclusion that a figure of five thousand persons would be the total amount of concerned people.)

Such a figure is negligible for the politicians.
A petition gives only a figure of discomfort with certain civilians, but no cause for concern.

Again: *why do we want to lower the EMF levels?*
Our health is at risk. But for that we do need proof. Hard proof, and that is something we do not have.
Electrosensitivity is an illness.
And only physicians are competent to give statements about health.
Not engineers, not physicists, not biologists, not salesmen, not philosophers, but only physicians.
So we have to concentrate on the physicians and docters, and let them speak for us.

We must nourish and cherish those physicians who are willing to stick out their neck in public.
In Belgium, beperkdestraling.org had launched a petition, which was among others also supported by two well-known belgian professors.
In a newspaper article originated by beperkdestraling.org, another article appeared where those two professors were slandered, ridiculed, affronted and insulted. Many feel, that it was the obligation of Beperkdestraling.org into undertaking legal action against this infamous slander, but they did not.
So these two professors wil be lost for any movement, and they will think twice for supporting any action again.

As I see in other countries, protest demonstrations and petitions against authorities do not result in any change.

And Belgium takes a different position in Europe.
Where most countries apply the ICNIRP guidelines, as in then Netherlands, the dutch Health Council advises much higher guide lines than those of the ICNIRP, because they *feel that they can better read* than other scientists.
In Belgium, there the Health Council has advised for many years for GSM 900 (ICNIRP 41 V/m) a 3 V/m, which the belgian government has adopted 20,6 V/m for many years. The county of Brussels has adopted this 3 V/m.
The Flanders county has adopted now also 3 V/m per antenna for GSM900, 4,12 V/m for GSM1800 and 4,34 V/m for 3G.
In a sneaky way, the flemish ministry has added a cumulative guidline for GSM900 20,6 V/m, for GSM1800 29,1 V/m and for 3G 30,7 V/m.
Nobody realised in Belgium what this implicates.
People in the street would think; 20,6 devided by 3 V/m will give a maximum of 7 GSM 900 antennas at 3 V/m.
Such a calculation is false. 20,6 V/m means 47 GSM900 antennas at 3 V/m each, and 50 antennas of GSM1800 or 3G.

Now, some groups want 0,6 V/m.
In my opinion, that will not happen, till the belgian Health Councel also advises 0,6 V/m.

So, the recommendations of the Health Councils seem to be the most important parts in our struggle.

In the Netherlands a legal action is runnign against the health Council, because members do have *conflicts of interest*.
One member has an acvisary company to the telecom industry, and another is member of the ICNIRP.

So, wake up your physicians, enlighten them, and let them give their conclusions.
Only when persons in a white coat, supplied with the necessary titles claim that one may get sick from EMF, the politicians will listen.

# Posted: 28 Feb 2011 13:29

This is assuming that the medical profession are completely independent and not able to be influenced/silenced/bought off by governments.

With certain illnesses, including M.E., proof emerged last year that the medical profession were told 20 yrs ago by the UK government to actively ignore the condition, and to not diagnose the condition even if the symptoms indicated it was the problem. That is exactly what happened.

So I am afraid I do not agree that the doctors and healthcare professionals are immune to influence from governments and, of course, businesses (including the pharmaceutical industry).


# Posted: 3 Oct 2012 19:39

I'm thinking of buying a Styhl saw...

# Posted: 9 Oct 2012 10:33

I am a healthcare professional with a doctor father and I am having a heck of a time getting him (or the local Utilities Commission) to understand that EMR is a health hazard. There are many Public Health MD's coming out against at this point, but industry is silencing them of course.

The Pharmaceutical companies practically invented "fake" studies negating the hazards of their products so that they can make the big bucks.

Personally....yes I'm going to say it, I think someone(s) who are very, very rich got a hold of this information about EMR being hazardous to human tissue, and decided to implement the worldwide "smart grid" right then and there. It seems apparent to me when agencies that are in place to protect the health of the public completely stonewall such active protest and obvious data showing the potential harm caused by smart meter devices. Depopulation? Perhaps. Or maybe just in bed with Big Pharma who will profit once we all start getting sick and need their meds and treatments.

eric generic
# Posted: 9 Oct 2012 13:01

"3" are owned by the same company that owns one of the biggest pharma companies in the world. So yes, they're in a win-win situation.


# Posted: 9 Oct 2012 14:23

The filthy-rich Chinese bloke that owns "3" bought the Superdrug chain in the UK and launched 3G phones via those shops.
Brilliant business plan: sell microwave-phones and painkillers from the same outlet.

As far as I remember they the same thing in the Netherlands.

eric generic
# Posted: 9 Oct 2012 22:41

That's the one... 3 and Superdrug owned by the same people. And yes, they have the nerve to brazenly sell their phones at the front entrance!


# Posted: 10 Oct 2012 17:39

Hi, All Hum sufferers,

I agee with Daliarw, action must be started, and I urge everyone to sign the petition I started on http://www.causes.com/actions/1684382.
We need numbers and names, to show the huge severity of this problem which needs proper investigation and official recognition. Individual letters do not help, they only humiliate the sufferer more, as the authorities would not give a penny to listen to those complaints.
I will highly appreciate your help, please sign the petition and spread it.

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