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# Posted: 1 Jan 2018 00:42


Hi Phil

I'm not sure if you are checking your replies but I'm in Pacifica in the Linda Mar area and I too am plagued by this. Can you please email me: bomack@me.com


# Posted: 2 Jan 2018 15:12

I cannot see any difference between this and tinnitus which 10% of the population now suffer from. It is caused by radio frequencies/ air electrical charges that one biology has mistakenly identified or confused with the electrical signal from our own bodies during the maturational process of renewal. I live in France now where AM broadcasts are banned because their health effects are so bad. MS is 1/12 of the UK level here. My tinnitus is unbearable in the UK but hardly noticeable in France unless there is bad weather when the Spanish and UK and Italians turn up their AM transmissions and they bounce of the ionosphere and get here. I particularly suffer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and weekend evenings. This is strongly associated with the health condition Electro Magnetic Sensitivity or ES.
Plasma TVs will have the same sort of effect. In fact exposure to source of "dirty electricity" in your vicinity will do the same.

The link to cancer is the same as to all the "Diseases of Modern Civilisation".
Doctors will not recognise them or their causes as they are bound to preserve share prices above human health. Electro magnetic pollution can never be seen to be the cause of illness. Its the law ( imposed to beat the Commies). No matter how stupid and corrupt.

# Posted: 2 Jan 2018 16:21

I built a Faraday cage out of a lorry box. One in Cornwall and one in France. I live in the one in Cornwall. It does not stop much. (I have only 12vDC from a battery to live and read by.) The one in France does and when I am sick of the noise in my ears I go in there to read. It is 100% conductive and covered IE no light. Although it does not attenuate all the signals it does do it enough to make the noise stop after about 20 minutes. I also have a cave and that does it too.
Does any one know how to stop TETRA? Its very penetrating. 20 feet of rock. ELF are more difficult to stop. God help us if they use a low frequency for 5G. How does it propagate please?

I believe the only cure for this is sleeping ( it is at night that our bodies choose to renew them selves because historically there was no radiation) in a Faraday cage long enough for our renewed bodies not to have mis tuned to external signals during the maturational phase of renewal development. If it is possible at all. This night time exposure makes us hyper-sensitive to the same frequencies in the day.

# Posted: 20 Jan 2018 23:56 - Edited by: ABC123

I would consider monitoring what you eat and when this happens. And I don't say this to suggest it isn't from RF's, it surely is. It's just that I've noticed after eating certain things it can be excruciating. For example, anything with heavy MSG such as Chinese food will set my EMF tinnitus off for almost three days straight.

Alcohol also seems to make it worse. Fast food? Forget it, I will never eat at McDonalds again. At least not while living in my current house with the smart meter and cell tower saturating my environment with RF's.

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