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# Posted: 19 Apr 2011 20:48

Journalists are always looking for a good headline, but this kind of thing doesn't help anyone. Whoever wrote this original news article isn't doing any favours to anybody.

Kudos to the young girl for (a) being aware that masts do harm, (b) realising her siblings are most in danger, and (c) having the nous to write a letter to the people concerned. That is extremely commendable and heartening.

But, she didn't defeat any telecoms company, either on her own or with anyone else. The mast was rejected due to the usual spurious "eyesore" reasons, and there were 180 other objections. There will doubtless be an appeal, and more attempts to erect a mast. It was not one little girl saying "you'll make my brother ill" and the telecom company said "oh! gosh...you're right, we won't put it up now". Many of us have made the same comments to O2/Vodafone/whoever, and no notice is taken.

Very, very misleading.


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