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# Posted: 2 Jun 2011 14:11

And just in case anyone hasn't made the connection between the mobile in your hand and or on your ear....they need giant MASTS!

Talk about the elephant in the room. This is a whole zoo-full of them. What do people think phones run on, how do they think they work? Magic?

This is of course aimed at the media and the floods of reports and studies coming out, regarding the dangers of mobile phones. There it is again. Phones. Not even the new Smartphones (oxymoron alert!) which are NOTHING like the old style mobile phones people would make calls on or text. These are mini-cell towers by themselves. Yet still NOBODY is allowing the public to make this connection or be aware of the difference.

There IS a difference between mobile phones and smartphones. Just as there is a difference between certain cell towers/MASTS.

Nearly everyone on this planet now uses a phone. Most are now using smartphones. This is no longer about making or not making calls, or holding it 10mm, or 25mm, or 5 miles from your head. This stuff, the invisible magic stuff that makes the smartphones work like mini computers, downloading, browsing, doing all that sexy interactive things like you see on the TV, is everywhere. It is stronger than 6 months ago. Much, much stronger than 12 months ago. The game has changed.

And yet the media coverage and the reports carry on discussing the issue as if we are still in 2007, using little mobile phones and texting our friends. Not carrying a portable phone mast around with us, close to our bodies and always turned on. The entire debate is out of date before they've even started to address the problem.


# Posted: 3 Jun 2011 05:06

I've got so much I need to get off my chest about the past week's developments, but this is a start:



Expanded reflections on what we've been discussing here lately. More to come (including a summary of the current status quo of which bodies now say/believe/recommend/have discovered what), energy and headspace permitting!


# Posted: 4 Jun 2011 13:17

OFCOM is concerned that 3% may suffer problems with their TV reception as a result of 4G Masts - but OFCOM does not give a toss about the 3-5% + who already DO experience health problems as as result of the present phone masts/wifi/DECT phones/mobile phones!!


2 June 2011 Last updated at 17:19
Mobile signals to interfere with digital TV
Interference from future mobile signals might make digital TV unwatchable for some Britons, Ofcom has said.

The telecoms watchdog is starting a research program to find out how to help people affected when future mobile technology is switched on.

About 3% of TV-watching Britons could suffer interference from fourth-generation (4G) mobile, said Ofcom.

Filters will solve the problem for some, said Ofcom, but others may have to use other ways to get TV signals.

The problem of mobile and digital TV signals interfering with each other will arise because the chunk of spectrum reserved for 4G sits next to that used for broadcasting terrestrial digital TV signals.

The auction for the 800Mhz band is due to take place in 2012 and 4G services are expected to follow soon after. The rollout of 4G mobile will mean faster download and browsing speeds for handsets.

However, signals from base stations handling 4G services might cause interference in set-top boxes and digital televisions in homes nearby, said Ofcom in a briefing document.

Up to 3% of viewers of digital terrestrial television, about 760,000 people, might see interference if no action is taken, it warned.

In a bid to limit how many people suffer from poor picture quality, Ofcom has proposed running an education campaign to alert viewers about the possibility of interference.

Companies who buy a licence for part of the 800MHz spectrum will be expected to contribute to the costs of the education program.

For the vast majority of affected viewers, filters will strip out the interfering signals.

However, said Ofcom, in 0.1% of cases, filters will not help and it is considering how best to handle those instances. Some viewers may have to find alternative ways to watch digital TV.

A consultation exercise which will consider ways to tackle the interference issue is being started at Ofcom and will run until 11 August.

# Posted: 5 Jun 2011 19:30

Very interesting. This coincides with the formal complaint I made to Ofcom recently, about mobile signals causing major interference to household appliances. It's so true that they will ignore very serious health effects, but rush to find an answer when it's a TV affected. There's the problem with today's society in a nutshell.


# Posted: 6 Jun 2011 12:52

The straw that breaks the camel's back must surely come soon.

4G in Cornwall



# Posted: 29 Jun 2011 02:55

Is this why Cameron is flogging all the Smart Meters to the Chinese?

Major backlash continues against them in the US and across North America. Share prices of the Mobile firms are falling after the full Interphone report data was made public. CNN analysts suggest that "Mobile Phones will ruin the economy".

Interesting times.


# Posted: 26 Jul 2011 23:19


26 July 2011 Last updated at 12:02
Action urged on mobile notspots

The upcoming 4G mobile auction should be used as an opportunity to upgrade
the UK's mobile infrastructure, says an advisory group.

The Communications Consumer Panel said regulator Ofcom should oblige
operators to extend services to rural areas.

It also suggested the money made by selling off the airwaves could be used
to upgrade rural coverage.

It estimates that three million people live in mobile "not-spots".

The panel said it did not believe that new 4G services would extend beyond
existing coverage.

4G is the next-generation for mobile services, offering faster speeds,
crucial as more people use smartphones to surf the web.

The panel is suggesting that Ofcom run a "reverse auction" after the initial
sell-off, in which operators can bid for money to extend their services in
rural areas.

Valuable spectrum

The 4G auctions begin next year with services likely to start rolling out
from 2013.

There is a great deal of interest in the spectrum - which has been freed
because of the switch to digital TV - as it operates in the low frequency
800MHz band.

This spectrum will be particularly good at penetrating buildings and will
allow operators to offer better in-building coverage which is becoming an
increasing problem as people use their smartphones at home.

The money freed up by the 4G auctions must be ploughed back into notspots,
said the panel.

It estimates that the UK needs an extra 1,400 base stations to improve rural

"This is a critical moment, and we have a unique opportunity to resolve the
persistent problem of inadequate mobile coverage," said panel chair Bob

"Most places that were mobile coverage notspots 10 years ago are still
notspots today, and the spectrum auction represents perhaps the only chance
we have in the next decade to improve coverage in the nations and for rural
communities," he added.

The BBC is conducting its own survey into notspots using an app developed by
network analysis firm Epitiro.

Ofcom has said that mobile coverage is one of its priorities and is
conducting its own research into the problem.

One of the biggest blackspots for mobile coverage is on rail networks.

Research conducted for Ofcom last year found that on the East Coast mainline the probability of maintaining a 15 minute phone call was as low as 10% for two operators.

# Posted: 27 Jul 2011 03:22

Yes, the need to have a guaranteed 15 min phone call on your mobile is more important than the train itself not developing a fault, crashing or causing a train in the other direction to crash. How silly of us.

There's a reason notspots need to exist. It's called choice. Remember that, kids? Living in the countryside used to mean you didn't get the facilities of the city. The clue is in the name.

These lunatics want to turn the whole sodding country into Metropolis, running 24/7, pumping out junk day and night, intruding on our lives, our privacy and most crucially of all, our bodies. Our blood-brain barriers. Our metabolisms.

Really, who the HELL do they think they are, and what on EARTH gives them the right to make these choices for us all?


# Posted: 27 Jul 2011 08:56


"Really, who the HELL do they think they are, and what on EARTH gives them the right to make these choices for us all?"

actually, we all do, by not standing up to tell them where to stick it all... society has been fragmented down to a bunch of individuals that have lost the ability to ...well, stand up and tell them where to stick it all...

# Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:58


Anyone who does speak out gets silenced. Otherwise, where the hell are all the people who know the truth about this scandalous situation? What are Powerwatch, ES-UK etc actually DOING about this? Watered-down articles in papers that are in the pockets of the phone companies hardly count.

Something, or someone, must be keeping them all so quiet. I write blog posts and every time something happens to either my computer or the mast in our street. This is how the silence is maintained.

It should not be down to the ES community to fight this on their own. Where are the people who could support us, take on the telecom companies and goverments with the facts and knowledge and experience that they possess? How are ordinary people struck down with this crippling condition supposed to do better than them?


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