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# Posted: 28 Jul 2011 01:32

Dear All, this has been sent to me by my friend Margaret.
And it will haved serious consequenses for all of us, so we need to move fast.

"Action urged on mobile notspots"!
Remember, This is Us and our wellbeing were talking here!

Can you suggest how we go about doing just that, an Action?
This is such a threat to all us EHS, that we will be Out-Lawed from Anywhere, even our own homes, as if it was not bad enough as it is now.

So, we need some brainstorming here, suggestions to how we go about opposing Loudly!
Claiming "Human Rights" if we need to!

I have only put in a short text from the piece, the rest is on MV news, link below.

But here goes:
"The upcoming 4G mobile auction should be used as an opportunity to upgrade the UK's mobile infrastructure, says an advisory group.
The Communications Consumer Panel said regulator Ofcom should oblige operators to extend services to rural areas.
It also suggested the money made by selling off the airwaves could be used to upgrade rural coverage.
It estimates that three million people live in mobile "Not-Spots".

The panel said it did not believe that new 4G services would extend beyond existing coverage.

4G is the next-generation for mobile services, offering faster speeds, crucial as more people use smartphones to surf the web.

The panel is suggesting that Ofcom run a "reverse auction" after the initial sell-off, in which operators can bid for money to extend their services in rural areas.

Link: http://www.mast-victims.org/index.php?content=news&action=view&type=newsitem&id=5325

Please lets get some (loads please) suggestions on the table to enable us (MV) to start a campaign.
Best regards.

# Posted: 28 Jul 2011 12:44

It definitely is a case of "right to choose". That's a basic human right.

To be forced to live in conditions that are harmful, with no areas free of mast radiation, is simply inhuman.


# Posted: 28 Jul 2011 18:15

It's also blatant discrimination.

Imagine if the government insisted that everyone had to be heterosexual, that there was no choice and everyone had to live by the same rules. Imagine if they said everyone had to stop smoking completely - not even allowed in your own home or in the countryside. Not even while you drive in the car.

To take it an even more extreme, but logical, conclusion - imagine if they said every child had to be of a particular gender - if a baby was the wrong gender, the mother would have to abort it.

None of these "rules" would last 5 seconds. Because they infringe every basic human right, and eradicate freewill and choice.

Forcing mobile phones and masts on every single part of the country is no different. It discriminates against anyone - and we're talking AT LEAST THREE MILLION PEOPLE - who suffers even mild ES/EHS, and leaves them unable to live any kind of life. Let alone the major public health issues surrounding Wi-Fi, 3G, Tetra and the rest.


# Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:13

Come on Eric, surely you can do better than this!

What I am asking is not Blooming Rocket Sience, I´m just asking You Lot, who use Forum on a regular basis, to put your braincells to work, and to put your money where your mouth is, So, Please Deliver as requested!
And I do Not mean this kind of Mouthwash or Hot Air nagging!

On a daily basis you all have loads to say about what ills befall us because of the Radiation from the Mast´s, Mobile Phones, Dect´s and Wi-Fi´s, Smart-Meters of our neighbours that we now have No Escape from and No control over what-so-ever.

So Please, Get Real, This is an Emergency, we have not got time for this, So, Stop the Nagging, and PRODUCE something Constructive we can USE for a Campaign.

Think about it, we (Mast-victims) have never asked you to contibute something of Value before, but we do now, because it is of immence importance for all of us!!

Forget "Human Rights", they do not count for us, as long as our Government "Just Loves" the "Technology" and promises to provide it to Every Business and Household in the Kingdom (so convenient for surveilance of most of the population, (or lack of "Tecnology" if you ask me), as it is just "Mean Microwave Radiation"

But, It will not be you having to find out who, where and when to contact and entice into getting involved to make it a feature, Will It? No it will be me, Margaret and Henrik!

So all I´m asking for really is a "Constructive Wishlist" from you.

We all know what happens to us Now with GSM 1 + 2 and 3G, and 4G hasn´t even started yet, so what is going to happen when All Around us get 4G?
It´s quite terrifying, considering the awful Health Effects the Old Systems already cause us.

So, Will there be Loads of un-explained deaths?
I recon No, but our "Quality of Life" sure will suffer even more, and we will have no-one to speak for us if we do not pull it together and get constructive here!
So pick your choise, come up with constructive ideas, or keep nagging and we can forget all about it and just suffer when it becomes a reality of our daily lives.
Think about it.
Best regards.

# Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:31 - Edited by: ericgeneric

Discrimination is a valid avenue to pursue. It's what everyone is falling over themselves to avoid. Putting the inhumanity they expect ES/EHS sufferers to endure, plus the major public health time-bomb they are accelerating (and I do think there will "unexplained" deaths..lots of them...but they will remain "unexplained" because that's what they want), into proper context is important. It is not whingeing or whatever else you are saying.

So far, the response on here is deafening in its silence. I'm taking the time and the effort to contribute to this. Maybe you need to be clearer as to what you are expecting or aiming for, from us?

I've written a ton of things here and on my blog; I've had my computer targeted, I've had grief from MPs, Telecom companies and disinterest from my GP.

We get no real support or action from the likes of ES-UK, who use this forum's contents to fill their newsletter but won't even go through with a march on Downing Street when the crunch comes. We are sufferers, and we are being discriminated when the truth about wi-fi, mobiles, 3G etc is already out there now in the public domain. Nobody can claim ignorance of the facts, or the numbers of people already ES, or the millions at imminent risk.

So I am saying yes, it is utter discrimination. And, if my contributions are rubbished like this again, sorry but I will be out of here. I don't see any ideas from anyone else.


# Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:48

Oh, I know what we could do...have a seminar somewhere none of us can get to, have tea and biscuits, and discuss between all 12 of us what we might do next summer. Because that's all we get from people with the energy, money and profile to actually DO something to help us all.

Perhaps they'd like to try and sleep in a car under a foil blanket with two anti EMR-smog hoods on, 4 times a day. And still not be free of the crippling symptoms.

So let's not talk about people who offer nothing of substance to this cause.


# Posted: 31 Jul 2011 11:11

The first step is to get the condition officially recognised. Without that you do not even have a voice. I am having the same problem with the hum. As long as these issues remain in the realms of 'personal experience' nothing will be done. Cold hard facts are the only defense. As we know any scientific evidence that comes to the fore is quickly suppressed or discredited, so we can not rely on this. You need to gather a critical number of people to make a difference. Look at the way 38degrees do it.

I think a petition would be of more use:

I, the undersigned, am sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and oppose the unrestricted expansion of wireless communication.

That's my two-penn'th.

# Posted: 1 Aug 2011 03:38

There was a petition just like that about 2 years ago, on the official No.10 website. It got about 150 signatures. Hard to know what to say to a response like that.

ES is a recognised condition/disability in some EU countries. The UK is part of the EU. It signed up to the UN Disability Rights charter, which should still be available online (I have hard copies). Therefore, this government is bound by what it agreed to in that charter. Acting as they have been, and continue to do, is in breach of that.


# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 00:26

1. Take back the correct name 'Microwave Sickness', not the confusing 'electrosensitivity'.

2. Global day of action on International Human Rights Day 10th December every year = blitz of emails to leading politicians to demand

A. An apology for giving us Microwave Sickness as a result of government policy.
B. Immediate medical and practical support.
C. Compensation.

Once they know we're demanding money they'll know the game's up and won't be long about lowering emissions.

eric generic
# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 18:13

As I said elsewhere, I think fear of mass compensation is what drives them on with their madness, because if the juggernaut were to be halted now, the entire thing would collapse in a heap and every telecom company would be put out of business.

It's based on poor science, inhuman ideals, sociological impacts too horrific to consider and make-believe money that doesn't really exist. They're trying to build some hi-tech network of superfast internet connections that simply cannot sustain itself. This is not magic. This is something which needs millions upon millions of ugly, microwave-pulsing towers which do battle with the elements, nature itself and the demands on our power grid to even attempt to fulfull people's expectations and addictions (thanks to saturation media adverts and free giveaways).

To admit ANYTHING would create a downward spiral for their business. Hence we just get more and more of their junk dumped on us.


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