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# Posted: 5 Sep 2011 19:19


eric generic
# Posted: 12 Sep 2011 18:58

"Luddite Dinosuars", eh?

Nice work again from the Daily Mail's anti-ES brigade that does most of its bidding via their online articles. This is at leats the third such hostile, one-sided piece in the last 6 months. Each and every time the ability to leave comments has been immediately removed.

It also, interestingly, follows a leading piece in the business section of their proper physical paper last weekend by Simon Duke, "UK is falling behind in the high-tech age". This wasn't a call for more masts! more masts! more masts!, but a scathing comment on this government's failure to invest and develop a national fibre-optic broadband network.

"What's at stake is infinitely more important than being able to download a movie in the blink of an eye, or stream HD to multiple TV sets around your home.....the government's broadband roadmap looks like pretty anaemic stuff when set against the amibitions of Britain's economic competitors....Britain's network is only a third as fast as South Korea.....President Sarkozy has promised fibre-optic access to every home by 2025 at a cost of £26bn, a bold pledge of a different order to the Coalition's £830m programme [to do the same by 2015]."

So, the rest of the world is investing heavily in faster, safer broadband networks, while this country spends its time trying to put up cancerous EMR antennae on church spires in the hope of improving business.

Who are the real luddites now?


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