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# Posted: 4 Mar 2014 10:50

Anonymous and EG - any man or woman who relates wise and uplifting sentiments or even very useful information that helps another person to grow into a knowledgeable, seeker ofJustice, Peace, Compassion and Love for the World can be forgiven for past sins.

And if you accept Icke's alongside many other fantastic historians that another life force (alien species) has been ruling the world-which I do through experience- then you get an understanding as to what we are dealing with.

What I did not know until recently was this species method of control.
It seems because they are inter dimensional they can absorb the human frequency (they delight in low vibrations (ie, sadness, stress, depression etc) and flow into that body taking control of every aspect of functions especially the mind thoughts thus negative and evil actions.
Could this be why there is a saying in the 'written word' -"forgive them as they know not what they do" !

How many times do we read about insane actions (especially in the Justice sector) and deeds by people not only in the ordinary domain but by those in Government.
The most used comment we use is, " have they lost their mind". Well yes they have -to these beings !

Technology by way of emmiting radiation to our brains to cause mental and physical pain alongside illness is what they want. The lower our mental state the lower our vibrations rendering us as easy pickings.

So the best way to survive is to try to keep cheerful by drawing in good vibrations even when you feel ill. It's not easy as I'm still learning but to know it's the only protection while we gain back control helps.

# Posted: 4 Mar 2014 16:07


You are way off topic.
This forum is for discussions on health effects of microwaves, the science etc.

# Posted: 4 Mar 2014 16:43

Can I remind you, contributors, that this is a thread concerning shielding material and personal shielding from microwave radiation.

Also that the Forum is open to everyone that wants to take part in the discussion topics.

Many of the topics are suggested by your good-selves and they are not censored or altered.

Some are instigated by your host, Agnes, from the "news column" and Henrik makes sure that your language stays clean and sober.

Me, you do not hear from unless I think that the discussion moves too far off topic or the amount of contributions signed "anonymous" get too numerous.
Please sign your pieces.

The Mast-victims website and this free Forum is the sole work of Agnes and Henrik.
The cost of running it comes out of the pockets of Agnes, Erik and Henrik.

The sole reason for its existence is the microwave radiation pollution engulfing us and the sickness it has brought upon us.
Mast-Victims.org does not belong to any organization or group.

Please keep your contributions coming, try to stay on topic.
Yours truly.
Erik Petursson

# Posted: 4 Mar 2014 20:49

Oops-sorry !
I get lost in the intricacies of technological science's and although the information on shielding is helpful its way too expensive for me to buy.
The area I live in has now upgraded to super fast broadband alongside the super fast erections of new mobile phone masts.

No amount of shielding is going to protect from this amount of emissions hence my need to understand why this is being allowed.

Will keep checking forum for good info and ideas but need to find another way to express

my opinions on certain issues. It is easy to fall way off track when someone mentions an interesting subject in between conversations.

Apologies to Agnes, Henrik and Erik.

# Posted: 5 Mar 2014 03:12

You misunderstand here.
You are welcome to use this Forum, the only thing we ask is that you keep to topics, or, alternative raise some of your own. and that is very easy.
And as this site´s "ONLY TOPIC" is the microwave radiation we are being polluted by and the sicknesses and deceases is causes us.
I understand you research a lot, so if you want to do "Serious research" go for UK government advisers Prof. Simon Wesseley, and Dr. Rubin, (Both Shrinks) his pupil: http://www.iop.kcl.ac.uk/staff/profile/?go=10206
Wesseley and Rubin advise the UK Govt, and the HPA.

Wesseleys wife Clare Gerada, advises the UK GP´s, so I am sure you get the picture, and why we are being irradiated left, right and centre, with the
total blessing of SHRINKS!

Here is also a website which states Wesseley is in the pocket of the Medical Insurance Industry, which sounds believable, as people like that rarely do Anything for free. (just look at Dr. Repacholi and his career since he was a non-descript Anti-microwave scientist in Australia, and then suddenly turned coats for the industry, denied his former research, got a job with the WHO and started the ICNIRP which now rules the land and puts down the rules for us, although they are about something totally different.
But, here comes Sophie:
Dr. Rubin, https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/gideon.rubin.html
both of Kings College London
So be advised that these are the powerful clique we are up against.
Like Repacholi they seem to be in the pay-pocket of any industry really who will secure them a well paid old age.
So, I suggest that instead of trawling through stuff everyone here in Forum has done research on for 10-20 years, go for the culprits of our plight.
If you mail me at:agnes@mast-victims.org I will give you the mail address of the Most Powerful Web researcher ever in the UK.
She can find Anything if it is on the web.
Best regards.

# Posted: 6 Mar 2014 00:57

Hi Agnes

This is exactly the type of information I like to work with.
It seems great minds think alike , for I had wanted to know who advises the Uk GP's.
This Clare Gerada must have to submit a main report to the Scottish Health Directorate
for review firstly before being passed to G P's. I will call them tomorrow and ask.

I found out the other day that a meeting of councillors is being held alongside the attendance of an MEP, IAN HUDGHTON. Not sure if I will be allowed to attend but was hoping to bring up the subject of the ICNIRP and their guidelines.

I'm sure my City Council have not followed the International Certificate guidelines on page 545 regarding health surveys (door to door ) before erecting mobile masts. Myself or neighbours were never checked before or after. They have some explaining to do!

Will get back in touch with any updates.

Best wishes

# Posted: 6 Mar 2014 01:53

If you manage to get let into the council meeting here are some info you might be able to raise/use.

IARC Classifies RF EMF as Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans

A Working Group of 31 scientists from 14 countries including researchers of IT'IS, met at IARC in Lyon, France from May 24-31, 2011 to assess the potential carcinogenic hazards from RF EMF exposure.
Hundreds of epidemiological and animal cancer studies were reviewed as well as mechanistic and other relevant data.

The evaluation resulted in a classification of RF EMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer,
associated with wireless phone use. IARC issued an official press release, and a summary of the evaluation will be published on July 1, 2010 in The Lancet Oncology.
The full report might become available before the end of the year.
http://www.itis.ethz.ch/news-events/news/press/iarc-classifies-rf-emf-as-possibly-car cinogenic-to-humans/

And the WHO had go go along with it, even if they did not want to.

PRESS RELEASE N° 208 31 May 2011

And Here is the classifications list from IARC:
Agents Classified by the IARC Monographs, Volumes 1–109
At the bottom of Page 27: Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields 1 2B 102 2013
But I suggest that I make a New Chapter in Forum for this conversation, as this chapter is about the Yshield paint and shielding, and a lot of people have asked questions and received advice form others who have used it

# Posted: 6 Mar 2014 13:05

Hi Tilly, Agnes,

There's a new sub-forum called "Campaigning". Please continue there.
Best wishes,

# Posted: 8 Mar 2014 01:51

Hi Tilly and all.
go to: http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vtopic&forum=15
That is the new campaign and help/info about campaign site in Forum.
Please dont frown, this has the potentiality to go HUGE,
What with all us, old LAB rats, we can tell you exactly what to look out for, what to shun, what to complain about.
So, get here, all you old EHS´s andtell the young folks what works and what doesnt.
Best regards.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 15:32

Hello Forum,
i am an electrosensitive victim too so i appreciate what you are all going through. I have used ECOSOGANIC EMF/ELF'RF Paint and BLOCPAINT and am considering Y-SHIELD.
I have found that since the second coat to my bedroom wall there is less of a reading on my meter ( Cornet) but am still getting higher readings elsewhere in my ground floor flat and near the bedroom window.
I have found that i always get considerable relief from putting an emergency survival blanket over my head for about half an hour in the night when i have to get up .but its better if you are totally surrounded by the blanket foil than not.
The greatest problem is my wife who swears that i have an anxiety problem but i still maintain that if i have then its the RF That Causes it.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 15:37

It is only my bedroom that is covered with paint like this, and the rest of my flat is only 50 yards from a '3' RF Radio MAST.
There are 2 SMART METERS in our Communal Hallway less than 2 yards away from my bedroom headboard and there's one in my Bathroom, 4 Yards away with another on the floor above the communal Hallway.
I have shielded the one in my bathroom with lead.

# Posted: 29 Sep 2014 14:51

Dear Readers,
Electro-Radiation Pollution comes from all angles at all times of the day and also to varying intensities and pulse strengths.
Coping with them all at once is a tall order and very expensive. I am electro sensitive myself and have been trying to isolate these freqencies using a Cornet Meter, and i know that its true to say that even if you have just a small chink of a hole in your paintwork or defence system those frequencies can get through and bounce around a painted room just as light would do in a room full of mirrors. If your room was clad in metal it would do the same.I use a mylar survival blanket when things get to rough; and after 20 minutes or so completely encased i can feel a definite lowering of ill effects.
After about 45 minutes most of the problems are practically gone and i can go back to bed. Some symptoms do linger more than others though; such as the stiff neck and heavy calves and tingling hands.
It occurs to me also that most people neglect their skirting boards forgetting that RF Waves can get through them also. Then there are your bed springs that vibrate in sympathetic resonance to the waves when they are hit. They are metal after all and very like a Tesla Coil. Just imagine having all those under your bed and going through your body too. I am sure its happening in my case too but trying to convince my wife is almost impossible. Lastly ; what of the ground or floor? If you are upstairs with a WIFI downstairs, just below you it will just go through the ceiling.
In short. to be 100% protected; it has to be all the way around so that you are encased within a completely electro/magnetic environment.

# Posted: 29 Sep 2014 14:53

I should have said ( last sentence)

In short. to be 100% protected; it has to be all the way around so that you are encased within a completely electro/magnetic FREE environment.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2015 18:16


it seems nobody has posted for a long time, so I don' kow if this is still active or not, but I will just give it a shot.

Thank you for all the great info that has been posted - it has been very helpful, but also makes me aware that I may have to look a bit deeper into some aspects.

I am right now in the process of painting my bedroom as well as adding veil shield to the windows and doors. One layer of YShield dropped it down to 0.1 microW ( should be about 03.5 mV , since most are referring to Volt rather than Watt) , which I thought was good, but from what I am reading here, it should be good amount lower. I did feel it becoming more quiet and peaceful as I was painting it, so I actually felt sad to prime it.

But my question is about the grounding that seems to be a crucial aspect. I have a textured wall, so the tape is really not sticking at all - I did staple it every couple of inches, will that do the trick? And of course the tape provided with the grounding kit is by far not enough to go all around - can I extend it by just making a tape out of aluminum foil or do I have to really put the project on hold and order more tape? Because of doors etc. in the way, would it be better to ground it in two places rather than just one?

After reading all the posts, now I am of course worried about the grounding into the general outlet - would it help to just ground it outside in the yard? and if yes, is it as simple as attaching it to a wire and attaching it to a metal stick that stick in the earth?
Sorry, if I sound naive - I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all this info.....

thanks for any input!

# Posted: 22 Feb 2015 18:56


Firstly, I'd like to know if your measurement after shielding was 0.1 microW/m2 (microwatt per square meter) or per square centimeter. This is relevant because there's a factor of 10.000 between those units of measure.

If its 0.1 µW/m2 then the corresponding Volt per meter is approx: 0.006 which is quite low.
What type of measuring equipment did you use?

Just to clarify: did you stick/staple the grounding tape directly onto the YShield paint surface before you primed it?

In my experience, if all the walls/surfaces are connected with paint and there aren't any obvious non-covered patches, then the YShield covered surface conducts as a whole and you don't really need to have the grounding tape go all around the room. As long as the grounding tape has a decent overlap on the YShield at the spot where you attached the ground wire, its usually fine.
I always test that the paint is conductive across the entire surface by using a simple multimeter that measures electrical resistance (ohm). Lower resistance = better conduction.

Also remember that the water content of the YShield needs to evaporate for the shielding to take effect, so its best to let it dry for at least 24 hours before priming. The YShield will dry eventually, even if you prime it early; it'll just take longer.

Outside earthing with a metal rod in the ground (minimum ½ meter length) is always best. For those who live up in an apartment building, a ground connection through the socket is usually the only option.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2015 21:31

Hi Henrik,

thank you so much - that is terrific info.

I have the HF 38B HF- Analyzer from Gigaherzsolutions and I can measure in microW/m2 ( which I use) or milliW/m2 . On the back of the device is a conversion and 3.36mV/m2 seem to translate into 0.03 microwatt/m2....so it is square meter.....hmmm....where the others before maybe talking about V/sqm and not miliV/sqm? I have to look that up.... I live quite rural and only recently things have changed and I suddenly have much higher readings from two sides of my house. ( in that direction is a cell tower about half a mile away and I have new neighbors)

About the grounding - I was wondering about that too - if the surface is neatly covered, then it should be one big surface and no tape should be necessary. I did cover it well, but of course there is the issue with the textured wall and I only hope it won't interfere too much. So I should measure it first - I primed only the top and left the bottom where the tape is open, since I wanted my construction friend to look at it first, before I close it off......and yes, I waited 24 hours before priming. So I should be ok on that front.
You say the water content needs to evaporate before the shielding takes effect - I measured it while painting and could see with every meter I added an improvement...hmm...

For now I may have to go with the socket grounding (despite being a bit apprehensive after reading some of the posts) , but once the ground thaws , I will just extend the wire and put it in the ground - that may be the best solution.

Thank you so much - I am feeling much better now. Amongst my friends I barely can talk about these things without being thought of as crazy - so it is a bit lonesome to figure it out all by yourself - not to talk about the amount of work . Textured walls translate into doing the whole room with a small brush and tapping the paint into every crevice - so my arm and back definitely need a bit of a break.

I will look up if maybe I mixed up mV/m2 with V/m2 when I was reading it - because I thought I was in paradise with 0.1microW/m2 and no matter under how many fabrics I put the device - the lowest it will go for a brief second is 0.07microV/m2...

On a different topic - I am wandering with my device around the house and since my house has stukko , it appears the walls themselves are somewhat protective and at the windows the numbers read a bit higher. BUT since I have large windows and the two in the middle do not open, I only have mosquito mesh on the two outside ones and the two middle ones are without. The reading at the window without the mosquito mesh is between 1 and 2 microW/m2 while at the window pane with the mosquito netting it is between 0.3 and 0.4microW/m2.
So I just went to Lowes and picked up a roll of cheap aluminum with charcoal mosquito netting and I held it against the middle window pane and it knocks it down to 0.15microW/m2!!! so why does everybody buy the expensive fabrics if a cheap mosquito screen will do the same? I just paid for 100feet of VeilShield $1,500 while 100foot of the mosquito netting is about $130! It is not as smooth, but it will be fine for many windows in my house. One just has to ground it and should be fine - am I mistaken?

I am asking because my readings outside where my 18 foot gazebo is ( in which I essentially live during the summer) are between 3 and 5 microW/m2 outside of the gazebo and between 10microW/m2 and shooting up to 20microW/m2 inside the gazebo - so I am wondering what is happening?!!. I think the screen in there is fiberglass , but I know I could not afford screening the whole thing with Veilshield or similar - but the aluminum mosquito netting would be doable - am I thinking off track here? am I missing something? If i ground it properly - which is easy to do outside - it should work just fine, correct?

thanks you and bless you for helping us poor souls out here to solve this.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2015 22:14


I was looking at the older posts - yes, they were referring to V/m2, not mV/m2 as I thought - so my aiming for 0.1uW/m2 is a good goal and it seems attainable here where I live.

# Posted: 22 Feb 2015 22:38


Thanks for your prompt and detailed reply.

Your HF 38B is a really fine piece of kit! I also have a Gigahertz meter, the HF 59B, so we're using the same unit of measurement: µW/m2.

I can't find a picture of the conversion table on the back of the HF 38B, but on the back of my meter it says that 0.10 µW/m2 = 6.14 mV/m, which is roughly the same as 0.006 V/m (milli means one-thousandth).

Fresh YShield does provide some attenuation, but for it to have full effect, the water needs to evaporate completely. That's my experience at least. I've painted it onto textured surfaces also by using a super-fluffy roller and a sponge-roller to do it quicker. Some places I needed to dab it on with a brush though. The best method depends on the depth/degree of texture, of course. Stucco can be tricky I guess.

And you're right about the stucco having a protective effect! Its fixed onto a metal mesh :)

Your thinking is excellent regarding the metal mosquito mesh/netting. Its a fine solution for installing onto windows etc.. Grounding of metal mesh/netting is a good idea. Most people never wonder why microwave ovens have a metal mesh in the glass. The expensive fabrics are good for making real curtains, clothing and bed-tents, but if you're OK with a fixed installation of netting, its usually very effective. Certain types of metallic sun-film can also do the trick.

As to explaining why you get higher levels inside the gazebo... that's a tricky one. Keep in mind that the antenna on your HF 38B is highly directional and effectively only measures radiation coming from the direction you point it - so were you measuring towards the same direction outside and inside the gazebo? Are there metal surfaces that could be reflecting radiation inside? Reflection and scattering patterns can be complex and microwave radiation behaves much like visible light when it hits a reflective surface.
Here's a measuring trick I use: try switching it to peak-hold (and give the display a moment to settle) and then slowly turn a full circle while measuring. That way you'll capture the worst-case reading from all directions.

Don't be a stranger! This forum is open and free for everyone. Feel free to ask questions and please share your experiences.

# Posted: 23 Feb 2015 00:14


yes, I mistook V for mV - so my readings overall are not too bad I guess - well, but for the ones in the gazebo and I personally feel 2 or 3 uW/m2 is still too high, not to talk about 10 or 20 - I am trying to get my house down to 0.2 or in "hot spots" at least under 0.5uW/m2 and my bedroom down to 0.1uW/m2.

I did not know about the metal mesh in stucco - so that is for once great news - otherwise painting has been a real chore in this house.

Yes, I am aware that the meter is directional and I usually go around - but considering how cold it was, I did not linger today. I have to play with it a bit more in detail and play with the aluminum mesh and then see where it takes me. My only fear is , if I don't cover everything ( and the gazebo is big and has two roofs - like in chinese pavilions) that it may be bouncing back and forth and hence the high reading - so more to explore when it gets a bit warmer. For now I will continue with the bedroom and will be curious to see if the reading drops even more once it is fully dried.

thanks again and good night for now.

# Posted: 24 Feb 2015 17:30

and hello again,

so now I am feeling a bit stupid since with the stucco, I really did not need to do any walls!!
I started testing the rooms with only the windows being covered with VeilShield and low and behold - it is all fine. Even the music room that is facing the "bad" neighbor was dropping down to about 0.2uW/m2 once the windows were covered with VeilShield. In some spots on the wall maybe 0.4 or 0.5 uW/m2 - if I measure on peak level. I have the feeling the readings I got on the walls were sometimes just because the waves are bouncing off them, since it already has the mesh in it. So it is even more crucial to have the windows covered, otherwise whatever frequencies come in bounce off the other walls.

So the bad news is, that I spent about $1250 and a lot of work on a paint job, that I really did not need to do , if I had treated the windows first. Good news is, that now in my other rooms I really only have to worry about the windows.....well, maybe the ceilings, but it seems from the top it is fine.

thanks for your help - if you hadn't mentioned the stucco, I would have spent a lot more money and time on painting........:-)

# Posted: 24 Feb 2015 22:06


Note regarding measuring: always measure in "peak" mode. Average only makes sense with continuous wave signal and since telecoms signals are not continuous but pulsed, the average-to-peak ratio can be high! In other words: you want to measure the top of each pulse (=the peak) which is the biologically relevant factor to consider.

Here's the advisory from the HF 38B manual (page 12):

Setting Signal Evaluation ("Signal"):
The peak HF radiation value, not the average value, is regarded as the measurement of critical "biological effects" affecting the organism and to be compared to recommended safety limits.

The average value ("RMS") of pulsed signals is often only a very small fraction of the peak value. Nontheless it forms the basis of most of the "official" safety limits regulations.

# Posted: 26 Feb 2015 13:04

I do - I didn't used to, but for some odd reason my device is not giving the right numbers on RMS but also yes, the peak levels are more honest.

The manual also says 0.1uW/m2 is an accpetable level, while at the store they said several hundreds was still ok - so there seem to be a lot of different numbers and opinions out there for what is considered safe. Are the German standards different from the US standards? Just wondering since gigaherz solutions is German and in their manual I found the lowest recommendation. I myself cannot imagine any microwave being "safe" especially if one is exposed to it all the time.

I think to fix my house will be easy now, but I also know now why I am reading in some area of my deck as well as the gazebo a much higher number - there is the stucco garage wall and the stucco house wall and I think whatever is coming in is bouncing off from those two directions, hence the higher readings - any advise on how to approach that? I can re-screen the gazebo with the aluminium screen - but of course the deck is open and I guess I may just have to live with that....

again thanks for your support - painting project is almost done, just a bit of fixing spots and cleaning and then I guess I will start sewing VeilShield curtains.....

# Posted: 9 Mar 2015 15:03

Hi Volker, can you please give me a way to contact you for more details?

I have applied eb2, drilled the holes for grounding plate and painted the room walls. The guys applying the paint forgot to put the grounding plate over the paint and applied normal white paint over the room walls (after yshield hfs dried for around 7 days). I have just found out that they did not install the groundin plate - so my question is : 1/ is there a way to clean the normal white paint over ysbield without affecting yshield? And 2/ can i use a EB2 left out of the painted area (an end not covered by yshield hsf ) to build a new place for placing the grounding plate?

# Posted: 9 Mar 2015 17:33


Volker has left YShield (as far as I know) but I canl try and get someone from there to come in and assist you. Or you can write them yourself: info@yshield.com

# Posted: 9 Mar 2015 21:12

Thanks Henrik, I wrote to them, let's see what they answer. My expectation is that the eb2 strap is enough to ensure conductivity between the already painted walls (and over eb2) and the surface where I will place the plate, even if the plate doesn't have other direct contact with the yshield paint on the walls.

# Posted: 10 Mar 2015 01:18

Hi Alex84
I have just looked up the EB2 strap you mention, on the Yshield website:
http://www.yshield.com/eu/grounding/components/403/grounding-strap-eb2-width-2-cm-10- meter
and I cannot see why not, I am guessing though that you will have to make sure that the strap is stuck onto the Black Yshield paint,
But HOW it is actually grounded I have no idea about, All ours are grounded by a grounding plate screwed int the wall, On the paint, with ONLY 1 electrical wire attached to the EARTH PIN (assuming you are in the UK, with a 3 pin system) which is inserted into a electrical wall-plug, which in turn is inserted into a Redundant Wall socket, (AND MAKE SURE IT IS ALWAYS ON "OFF")
We have all our inside walls in our "Solid Brick Wall" Victorian house, where Next door neighbors now are BT Wi-Fi hotspots, treated with Yshield, as well as our offices, which are in a terraced 2 story 1980´s Factory building (Thermo-blocks) where our neighboring businesses are truly Wi-Fi'ed (Inside and out), and it works fine.
No readings At All.
We also have Wire netting and Electromagnetic coverings in all windows,
(window frames are treated with Yshield and we make sure window coverings overlap that.
I hope this can help you.
My contact at Yshield, since Volker left is "Christina" So if you write to info@yshield.com "For the attention of Christina, I would hope she would answer.
Anyway I am going to send Christina this link and ask her to respond.
All the best.

# Posted: 10 Mar 2015 09:49

Hi Alex,

I just answered your Email, which you have sent us.

Thank you Agnes for forwarding his question to us.

Best Regards
Christina (from YShield)

# Posted: 11 Mar 2015 01:19

Thank you Christina.
Keep up the good work on this Forum, as Yshield products are the most accessible for the civil population of the UK.
So, Please follow the inquiry's on this Forum, and Please when there is a question, please answer it here in this Forum as there are So Many Who Need to Know about your products.
All the best to you.

# Posted: 18 Apr 2015 18:59

Until the majority of the general public realise that this technology of high frequency radio- which was originally developed for military weapons use, then brought into the home as an oven, which is is now being heavily marketed as an entertainment / communication 'convienience' - is nothing short of population reduction, thining out the weak & poor first, things are going to get a lot worse. How many people have daily headaches & disturbed sleep whilst popping the pills and endlessly poking their iscreen. All for the sake of not having a small wire trailing across the carpet! I wonder if anybody has correllated paracetamol sales data with the introduction of homehubs & wifi (quite literally a silent weapon for a quiet war -and something that effects the poor, rich people usually having enough space to be out of range of their neighbours microwave emiters )????

# Posted: 26 Apr 2015 19:29

Sorry if everyone else gets this - but is painting over YShield necessary? Is it part of the protection? TIA!

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