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# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 07:47

and I'm with iinet if that's at all relevant

# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 17:25


You can send photos to: webmaster {-at-} mast-victims.org
( substitute {-at-} with @ )

# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 19:52

HI William I am new to all this, as researching myself due to a mobile mast a quarter of a mile away from my new home. But I came across grounding something you could read up on where you need to ground your self when possible.
Mobile masts seem to be everywhere now so no hope of getting away entirely.

I bought a Q-Link that helps me

My mum lives nearer to a mast something the same distance as you and I bought her an E-link tower. It looks like sand put in a container so thought it was a stupid gimmick. But she has reported some good things after a day. Will see how it goes though. Q link works in that it makes me more focused and stronger somehow. it is a pendant worn around neck. again there are for and against some say it is a gimmick too. Works for me.

Try the grounding if you have not already. Just google it.

I really hope you get the results you want. Best wishes

# Posted: 5 Sep 2018 02:28

Hi guys,
is there a contact number I can talk to you on about all this?

# Posted: 10 Oct 2018 05:50

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# Posted: 25 Oct 2018 14:51

Is it possible to wallpaper over this paint ? Will it still work

# Posted: 29 Oct 2018 22:10


"Is it possible to wallpaper over this paint ? Will it still work"

Can't imagine why it shouldn't.

Try contacting the manufacturer: info@yshield.com

# Posted: 2 Jan 2019 15:17


I have a need for the HSF paint due to certain HF emissions in my home and I would be very grateful if you could answer me a couple of questions.
I am thinking of buying the HSF PRO 54 paint without graphite. I live in an apartment on the first floor of the three floor building.

1. If we want to prevent only High frequency emissions entering my home do I have to ground the paint? As to my understanding the paint should only be grounded if I want to block LF emissions from the devices and wall installations or am I wrong? Does grounding work for HF emissions?

2. I have read that many people have suffered a certain discomfort or buzzing or other symptoms when they were spending more time in the rooms covered with paint. Was that because of the poor grounding or something else? Could it be an issue with the ordinary paint that goes on your PRO or HSF paint? Are some people more sensible than others?

3. Is the PRO 54 dangerous when it dries because i will have a future need for drilling the wall? What about your HSF54 paint with graphite? I know that graphite is not to be taken very lightly.

4. Whan happens if we make an HF emission from the room (for.ex. phone call). How does that emission goes away without damaging us? Grounding?

5. I have only one or two problematic walls in my room so do I need to make an absolute Faraday cage or is it enough to perform shielding only on problematic walls?

6. If grounding is mandatory I am aware that some ''dirty frequencies'' could enter the room through the grounding. How true is that statement?

7. My home emissions don't exceed 200 W/m2 in some places so would you think that PRO 54 paing painted in two layers would be enough for protection? I would like the emission to be reduced below 10 W/m2

Many thanks for your effort and time.

Kind regards,


# Posted: 2 Jan 2019 21:00

An alternative is to apply reflective wallpaper on the problematic walls surfaces, and if still necessary to then apply absorbing wallpaper.

You should avoid using mobile phones or other EMF -emitting apparatus in a shielded area, as the output will increase considerably. Use a wired landline phone instead, or go outside.

It is best if you can to assess what frequencies are affecting your residence to determine which shielding products are most relevant and will give the best result.

# Posted: 20 Feb 2019 17:14

Hello. I do not believe I am ES, but I do want to mitigate the EMFs coming into my home. I have been advised by a trained person in the shielding arena to use Y Shield HSF 54 paint in my bedroom with the grounding tape on 4 walls and across 1 side of the ceiling, as well as grounding fabric on the windows. I am wanting to move forward with this, but have learned about potassium silicate paints, which apprarently do no have VOCs and would like to use them for primer and top coat on my plaster walls IF they are compatible with the YShield. I sent a contact form email from their website to Y Shield and have not received a response. Does anyone have a direct email address for someone who can answer my question so I can move forward with this? Good luck to all of you who are challenged by the ES. I wish you all wellbeing. Simone

# Posted: 21 Feb 2019 11:40

Hi Simone,

YShield staff answer this email address: info@yshield.com

# Posted: 17 Apr 2019 14:05 - Edited by: B24Fox

Please make this a STICKIE and/or spread this information wherever possible:

Before applying any sort of shield on your walls (be it shielding paint, foil, mesh, metal insect screen, etc), you MUST be sure that the electrical wiring inside (or outside) your walls has UNINTERRUPTED metal shielding, and that shielding is PROPERLY GROUNDED right up to the power socket (including the power socket if possible), AND NOT touching the microwave shield you apply on the walls.

Do not.. I repeat: DO NOT use shielding paint, foil, or any other microwave shielding solution, in the close proximity of live electrical conductors, power sockets, or any sort of household appliance that is not PERFECTLY SHIELDED. The paint/shield WILL pick up the AC electric field, and blast it all over the room like a huge emitter. Depending on the AC electrical field present, more caution should be taken.

You can measure the AC fields with a specialized meter, or you can use a multimeter set to 60VAC, and (while being perfectly still) measure between your body and a good clean ground. Do this all around the room. No more than 100mV should be present on your body (which in this case acts as the antenna). Ideally you want to have =<50mV

DO NOT bring electrical appliances (i.e. Laptops, TVs) inside Faraday cages, unless they are battery powered (so no wires come close to the cage), and the cage is big enough so that the electrical appliance is at least 1 meter (~2 feet) away from the cage walls.

This is the reason why so many people start feeling worse after shielding their room/house.

P.S. If you really want to ground your microwave shielding paint/foil/mesh (which might not really be necessary), BE SURE to use a different ground than the one you used for grounding the shield on AC wiring.

P.P.S Look into MC Wires (Metal Clad Wires)

# Posted: 25 Mar 2020 11:49

DO NOT paint the inside of the wall socket! Instead, leave a ~2cm border around the socket. I put masking tape around wall sockets before painting.

# Posted: 25 Mar 2020 11:59


"DO NOT paint the inside of the wall socket! Instead, leave a ~2cm border around the socket. I put masking tape around wall sockets before painting."

Hi Henrik... could you leave a 2cm space as mentioned and then use a socket surround - backed with a HF non-conductive fabric so you leave no gaps?

I would use something like this:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LWK5G4G/?coliid=IC5QA7MEPHDKO&colid=1F8B4A9B57Y3F&psc= 1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

...and cover the reverse with a HF non-conductive fabric like:

Fabric ULTIMA™/HF Shielding: https://www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk/product.asp?P_ID=739&CAT_ID=104

Obviously the fabric would also be prevented from touching the HSF54 paint with a couple of coats of emulsion paint as well as the materials in between the wall and socket both being non-conductive.

Then there's the led ceiling spot lights... what would one do here?

Best regards,

# Posted: 16 Feb 2022 22:35

Hello, i know this thread is old but i've many posts about a whistling/tinnitus after shielding a room, I too have just experienced this and it will not go away, i have manually grounded to the earthing pin inside the plug, we have 8 apartments inside the building, the whistling didnt start untill i put up the blackout curtains from "mission darkness" which sealed off the windowed wall, i have not shielded the floor but all 4 walls and ceiling is painted with hsf54 as we are on the ground floor i dont feel particular need to shield it as i'm hoping that is a place for the RFs to escape if they get in.

Can anyone please advise on what i stand to lose if i remove the grounding in an effort to combat this annoying whistling, And also how i could ground it to the grass outside through my window without having to drill a hole into the window frame?? my girlfreind says she cannot hear it but she has had an old migrane problem suddenly recurr.

Thanks all in advance this thread is really good infomation i was so lost untill i found this forum, we should keep it going and an admin could possibly create a summary and stick it to the first post in the thread.

# Posted: 16 Feb 2022 23:59

Can anyone please advise on what i stand to lose if i remove the grounding in an effort to combat this annoying whistling

Microwave shielding is NOT affected by grounding.

(For lower frequencies, in the VLF or ELF range, shielding can be beneficial for shielding effectiveness, depending on the exact construction fo the Faraday cage)

To advise further we need to investigate whether the observed "whistling" is related to the Frey effect, or it actually is a sound produced by the shielding enclosure.

Do you have the means to make a sound recording in the room? And post that here, preferably without any digital compression?. Afterwards I can do some FFT calculations on the recorded signals and thereby determine the spectral composition of the sounds recorded in the room.

If the Faraday cage, by coincidence, is grounded to a magnetotelluric anomaly conditions in the cage will detoriate to the point of beeing unsustainable for biological life. If the enclosure crosses a magnetotelluric anomaly similar situations may arise.

You can find further information about magnetotelluric anomalies here:

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 18 Feb 2022 07:40

Hello Horsevad and thanks for your reply and link to the publication. After further deliberation and investigation i've come to the conclusion the safest thing to do is remove the shielded paint as its health effects are a clear danger.

Do you know what the best way to remove this paint is? I have a full face respirator coming in the mail, i was just curious about how to deal with the ceiling though as its the prickled finish plaster so its bobbly and would like to avoid wrecking the plaster if i can. Someone said acetone wash perhaps?

Sound recording the painted room sounds the same as recordings in other rooms which are not painted, and going outside i have sustained tinnitus which is reduced in intensity when i stand barefoot on the ground.

This shielding is a serious health hazard and something i wish i had never embarked on, and 5g isnt even a thing where i live yet, I think a bed canopy is a much safer idea and can be taken down when not in use and wont irradiate the entire building with reflections

It also raises the question of what is going on because i feel like i have inadvertantly walked into an experiment and am now a specimin, the only reason things are hush hush around the severe health dangers of shielding RFs and RFs in general is because of how the intelligence communities are wrapped up in RF weapons in the first place and silence any real legal dissent of 5g rollout.

What is the best way to remove this paint, particularly for a bobbled ceiling? im going to have to dismantle this because its having severe health effects in rooms adjacent to the shielded room aswell making our entire habitat uninhabitable

And to think what its going to be like once elon musk's starlink is saturating the entire planet in microwaves, if people remain complacent about this life on the earth is dead - Humans are not compatible with Robot control grids and i think Elon already knows this.

Thanks for your help.

# Posted: 18 Feb 2022 12:26

As far as I am aware, the paint from Yshield can only be removed mechanically.

RF shielding is - generally - a good thing.

However, serious problems may arise if:

1: Grounding allows exogenic electric noise access to the shielded enclosure
If that happens, the whole shielded enclosure suddenly functions as an antenna.

Most building codes and electrical installation codes prescribes equipotential bonding, where any electrically conductive surface is connected to installation ground (PE). This requierement may, however, make a shielded enclosure inhabitable.

Any ground connected to a shielded enclosure MUST be devoid of foreign man-made frequencies

2: Electrically conductive parts of the enclosure straddles (or are connected to) a magnetotelluric anormaly.
The exact mechanism is not fully understood yet, but it causes serious problems for the inhabitant.

3: Electrically conductive parts of the enclosure are positioned close to electrical wiring. Electrical noise and foreign frequencies may couple to the shielding enclosure an convert the enclosure to an antenna.

For optimal effect, one should abstein from installation and use of all kinds of electrical aparatus inside the shielding enclosure.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 31 Jul 2022 00:55

I was planning on buying some YSHIELD or other EMF blocking paint, but this thread has worried me a bit. I don't want to make it worse.

My plan was to paint one wall of the bedroom - the wall which has a 4G cell tower on the other side not far away.

I previously put foil over the windows, but this didn't help. And I was worried I might have even made it worse by creating some kind of interference pattern so that the signals get stronger over the bed. I still get a full signal to my phone regardless, so clearly one layer of foil isn't doing much, but using my RF meter, the levels of radiation next to the foil is 100x lower than next to the wall. Which is why I think my next move should be to paint the wall.

I didn't even know about grounding, but do I need to do that if I'm only concerned with blocking RF?

I'm also worried about trapping signals and cooking myself in a microwave oven of my own making, but if I'm only painting one wall then that shouldn't happen right?

# Posted: 12 Aug 2022 08:47


Shielding the wall facing the phone-mast will absolutely lower your exposure.

Consider whether the masts transmitter panels are higher up than your living space. In that case, you'll most likely have to paint the ceiling as well to avoid radiation coming in from the top as well as the wall facing its direction.

Grounding isn't needed for shielding RF. Its meant to remove possible fields from electrical wiring in the walls. Most people ground the paint surface anyway.

Its practically impossible to create a perfect Faraday's cage with paint alone. Just concentrate on reducing the exposure as much as possible. Verify with your RF meter for each step.

# Posted: 17 Nov 2022 10:21

On the Yshield website the bed canopies block 99% of the one Ghz radiation. according to the graphs they use.
However in my house I have 5G pollution, the measurement is 3.7Ghz - so surely I would need 4 layers of voile material in order to block out the 5G completely. Yshield canopies have to be attached to the ceiling so this rules out throwing extra material over it as one could do with a tent structure.
I have contacted Yshield about this and am waiting for a reply. Less radiation can be just as harmful which is why I would like to block it out completely but I prefer to have a canopy which doesn't need to be grounded.
At the moment I cannot afford to do the windows as well, so I am just starting with the canopy. In the future painting one exterior wall is another option but I have been advised that dirt and wear and tear can make this ineffective, although I would be painting over it. Maybe the Irish climate makes external shielding painting unsuitable, although it is still something I will consider pending a ground survey checking that there are no stray currents in the ground.
If anyone knows where to buy a tent frame structure so that I can put a canopy on this without drilling holes in the ceiling please let me know. Any info or thoughts welcome.

# Posted: 18 Nov 2022 12:39

Yshield have contacted me. I was not able to read their graphs correctly. The voile bed canopy will block 5G, not 100% but 99.99% is good enough. Instead of drilling holes in the ceiling I will be attaching the canopy to a curtain post at one end of the bed and to a bookcase at the other end. Hopefully this will provide respite until I can further shielding next year. Floor to ceiling curtains on the walls might be the best solution for me, as its easier to undo if theres a problem.

# Posted: 23 Nov 2023 16:18


I used spackles before acrylic paint to hide de grounding tape with no problems apparently.

RF readings remained the same after the cover painting.

Is that ok?

# Posted: 25 Nov 2023 20:51

Hi Jura,

Volker is ex-employee of YSHIELD and I haven't seen him on the forum since he left.

Spackles to hide the grounding tape should be OK before painting over.

I take it you made sure to put the grounding tape under, or on top of, the YSHIELD paint, ensuring proper connection?

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