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# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 07:47

and I'm with iinet if that's at all relevant

# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 17:25


You can send photos to: webmaster {-at-} mast-victims.org
( substitute {-at-} with @ )

# Posted: 31 Aug 2018 19:52

HI William I am new to all this, as researching myself due to a mobile mast a quarter of a mile away from my new home. But I came across grounding something you could read up on where you need to ground your self when possible.
Mobile masts seem to be everywhere now so no hope of getting away entirely.

I bought a Q-Link that helps me

My mum lives nearer to a mast something the same distance as you and I bought her an E-link tower. It looks like sand put in a container so thought it was a stupid gimmick. But she has reported some good things after a day. Will see how it goes though. Q link works in that it makes me more focused and stronger somehow. it is a pendant worn around neck. again there are for and against some say it is a gimmick too. Works for me.

Try the grounding if you have not already. Just google it.

I really hope you get the results you want. Best wishes

# Posted: 5 Sep 2018 02:28

Hi guys,
is there a contact number I can talk to you on about all this?

# Posted: 10 Oct 2018 05:50

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# Posted: 25 Oct 2018 14:51

Is it possible to wallpaper over this paint ? Will it still work

# Posted: 29 Oct 2018 22:10


"Is it possible to wallpaper over this paint ? Will it still work"

Can't imagine why it shouldn't.

Try contacting the manufacturer: info@yshield.com

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