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# Posted: 4 Dec 2011 09:56

I am so new to all this technical stuff. But I have done alot of reseach. A few things.

I live in Canada. I want to check the ELF and RF of a property but there is no where near me to rent equipment and I dont have money to buy anything high end. I tried to download apps on my cell for ELF but I am not sure if they are accurate as they react to metal but when I put it up to a CF light it doesnt change its reading. If I put it near an antenna it doesnt, or a micorwave or cordless phone or wireless router. Only when its near paper shredders and stereos and...metal.

I need to do this all relatively fast. I was thinking of ordering a cheap electrosmog meter off ebay for RF and Im hoping that even though it doesnt show numerical values (only LED light scale) that it would be accurate enough.

Also I would like to know what is considered safe RF and ELF levels. I seem to have gathered that a safe ELF level is up to .07 microtelsas with average being between .03-.07. I think this might equal 30-70 uT and .3-.7 mG. Anything over 1.5mG should raise concern.
For RF 0.18mw/m2 is normal/good and anything above 5.8 mw/m2 is bad?

Also could I use my cell phone to determine RF levels somewhat? Like if in my house, which is an acceptable distance from a cell mast my cell dBm is -86 to -101 dBm and this new property is of similar value then would that be an accurate test to see if the property had similar RF levels ?

Here is the house location if anyone has any input. The house is in a patch of small acreages (1 acre each). The cell mast has been put up about 400 m away. I assume it is facing south because that is where the new houses are. My property is mainly north. It is not a heavily tree'd area but there are some trees. It is 2 stories high and I would be on the 2nd Story. It is not a hilly area. The cell mast is 34 m high and both 850 and 1900 mHz.

Then directly behind the house about 300-400m away there are those really big powerlines.

There is also a 2nd cell mast but it is over 600m away so I am not as worried because in big cities it seems they are popping up everywhere :(

Reason I am worried as I am staying at this property for a month with my 2 year old son. I cant afford much and it is not my property so painting the walls with shielding paint is not an option.

I am not as sensitive to EMF RF as most of you. I have always been "paranoid" about EMF and RF. I am constantly told I am crazy because of it. When it is around I can begin to feel its effects on me, moreso since my CT scan a couple years ago. When I said I didnt want the CT scan because of the radiation they actually put me into a mental institute because of "paranoia". Its nice to know that I am not alone.

In short I guess my questions are:
What are considered the safe values (in your opinions) for RF and ELF?
Should I be more worried about the cell tower or the powerlines?
Can I use my cell phones signal to determine the RF level?
Will the EMF meter on my cell work for detecting EMF?
Any input on what I should expect after the description of the house, the mast and the power lines ?

# Posted: 4 Dec 2011 20:06


First up, you are well informed about this.
Can you share your references? at least where you got the levels from.

Can you be a bit more specific about the location? Then we can try and look up those celltowers and get some specs on them.

You can't use your phone as a reliable indicator of signal strength. Cellphones are very sensitive and can work with a signal slightly above the natural background radiation and will show bars even with small signal from a tower. You'll have to screen out 99.9995% of the tower signal to make the phone stop working.
However, the way that information (voice/data) is encoded onto the carrier-wave is sensitive to noise interference and that's why the telco's boost the tower signal - to avoid dropped calls. For high-speed data transmission the signals become even more vulnerable towards noise, so more data, more signal strength needed to maintain quality-of-service.
Try putting your cellphone into a microwave oven (leave the the oven off for starters ;-)) and call it. The microwave oven casing is made to minimise microwave leakage - but often a cellphone can ring while inside.

0.07 microTesla = 0.7 mG

For science-based guidelines I would refer to the BioInitative report of 2007. This report reviewed the science and recommended precautionary maximum levels of 1mG for ELF and 0.6V/m (= 1000 microW/m2) for outdoor cumulative RF. For indoors occupational levels.

In my personal opinion the 0.6V/m is way too high as most electrohypersensitive persons can sense far lower levels. I'd say that anything over 10 microW/m2 (for chronic exposure) should be considered risky - especially during nighttime. For intermittent, very short term, exposure I'd allow something higher, say max. 100 microW/m2.
I stress that this is my opinion.

About those ELF apps for cellphones... that sounds like a spoof, really, because a cellphone has no facility for receiving ELF, only RF. But, since I don't use cellphones I'm probably a bit out of date when it comes to gadgetry. Can you give a link to one such app?

Celltowers in rural areas are usually more powerful than urban ones. You can usually get an idea about which direction a celltower is transmitting by looking at the flat panel thingies at the top of the tower. They are where the main-beam goes out from and in the same direction that the panel is facing. The signal does spread out as it gets further away from the tower. As a simple rule of thumb, the main-beam hits the ground at a distance of some 10x the hight of the tower.

I'm not a powerline expert so I'll try and get someone to come in and comment on that. However ELF from powerlines does not propagate like RF from celltowers, so I'd think that 300m distance isn't too bad.

# Posted: 5 Dec 2011 03:16 - Edited by: bookaddict


The area is in Ellerslie, in the city of Edmonton, AB, Canada.

This is a picture that may help a little.
Picture 1 is just a zoomed out version, it has an arrow pointing to the tower I am talking about.

Picture 2 is a closer picture of the towers location. I believe it is pointing S or E just because those seem to be areas with less towers. I would think that the towers in the upper left corner of the pictures would be pointing N and maybe some are pointing S or E? It is a large city, the acreage used to be out of the city but the city has expanded very much. The pretty new houses all around it (huge communities of housing) are just being sold now so they dont want to put up cell phone towers there because then they wouldnt get as good of a price for the houses. So they just stick them in with the acreages. Most of them are occupied by the elderly and they have no idea of the risk. Our neighbour was so happy to have the mast put on his property because of the payment he got :(

Picture 3 has an orange arrow pointing to the tower, a blue area pointing to the house I will be staying at and I have also used an orange >Symbol just to show the 2 schools and daycares by the tower...

Picture 4 is just a closer picture of the tower, the house (blue dot) and I circled the powerlines behind the house. The lines arent accurate though, they have put up twice as many since that picture was taken.

I know the area looks very tree filled but those trees are bare right now since it is Winter.

There are so many EMF cell phone apps it is hard to pick one. There is a built in compass in smart phones and iphones. I believe the EMF reader uses this to find its readings. Here is one of them https://market.android.com/details?id=com.shield.msensor&feature=search_result#?t=W25 1bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5zaGllbGQubXNlbnNvciJd
but like I said earlier it doesnt have high reading for CFL or cordless phones/routers. Just stereos, paper shredders, certain computer parts etc. I am pretty sure the problem is that they only measure DC fields and not AC fields. Therefore they are a gauss/magnetometer and not truely an EMF meter.

I dont know the references for the values I got. I have just been reading alot about this over time and have written the numbers in a scribbler.

I did end up buying the simple cornet meter...on EBAY for not too much money (because it is such a simple meter I suppose. The reviews on it seem good though)

It is this one http://www.ebay.ca/itm/EMF-RF-Radiation-Field-Strength-ElectroSmog-Power-ED7-Meter-30 0M-3GHz-w-Sound-/220904888800?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item336ef519e0

So I guess on this monitor anything green or yellow would be fine? For RF I mean, not for ELF, I ll be trying to get my hands on an EMF meter for that :)

# Posted: 5 Dec 2011 03:17

Sorry the Image might be too big for this thread, you may have to click on it and it will open in a different window.

# Posted: 5 Dec 2011 23:20


The table in the Cornet meter instructions gives units for the lights in either mw/m or w/m. I have converted them to microwatts per square metre.

Green2 0.06 mw/m2 = 60 microwatts per square metre;
Green3 0.18 mw/m2 = 180 microwatts per square metre;
Yellow1 0.58 mw/m2 = 580 microwatts per square metre;
Yellow2 1.8 mw/m2 = 1,800 microwatts per square metre;
Yellow3 5.8 mw/m = 5,800 microwatts per square metre;

Red1 0.018 w/m = 18,000 microwatts per square metre;
Red2 0.058 w/m = 58,000 microwatts per square metre;
Red3 0.18 w/m = 180,000 microwatts per square metre;

German doctors unite on health

The German doctors were finding health effects in people living near phone masts at 10 microwatts per square metre [= 0.06 Volts per metre]. See the graphs in the article. The higher the exposure was the more ill health they found.

If you look on the EMFields website at the Acoustimeter, you will see that the levels they are giving where electrosensitive people experience health effects are much lower that the 'safety' levels suggested for the Cornet instrument.

I was exposed to 4,000 microwatts per square metre in my home 24/7. I am now very electrosensitive. I cannot stand 100 or even 10 microwatts per square metre for long. I sleep under a shielding canopy.

You have a 2 year old child? Better to use your iPhone as little as possible.
To switch off so it cannot receive/transmit use the 'Aircraft mode'.

Also be aware that DECT cordless phones are transmitting 24/7 whether being used or not. It may be at a higher level [4-6 V/m] than that received from the phone mast. DECT and wifi 24/7 from neighbours have caused many electrosensitive people to move home.

I agree with Henrik on the exposure levels, I could not stand the 0.6 V/m either.


# Posted: 5 Dec 2011 23:31



# Posted: 5 Dec 2011 23:50

I'd get rid of any smartphone altogether. And use an old-fashioned cell phone for calls only if absolutely necessary, and even then have it switched off as much as possible.

Avoiding masts is much harder now than just a couple of years ago. Distance, direction and angle all play a part in how strong their signals will be felt where you are. A few hundred metres still seems too close, but then I am hyper-hyper-electrosensitive after years of 24/7 EMR pollution into my home. Any kind of low-cost shielding materials might help, those space blankets can be useful to hang up at short notice, or even reflective surfaces such as mirrors.


# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 00:56

Ever since sometime in my pregnancy I have only used my phone on aircraft mode unless I needed to make a call (then I put it on speakerphone) or something similar. it is very useful just because it has an alarm clock, calendar, address book etc. And as far as I know as long as its on airplane mode its not too bad?

I am not sure if I am electrosensitive at all really. Its just something I am very...cautious about. When I do use a cell phone after about 5 minutes my head would feel hot (next to where the cell phone was) and I would have a bit of a headache. Most people say this doesnt happen to them. When I am around wireless things I have a feeling of anxiety, but I do not know if this is because of the ELF/RF from objects or because I believe that they can harm.

My family is the WORST absolute WORST for this kind of thing. My mom has huge flurescent bulbs hanging all over her house, on the ceiling, hanging from the ceiling, in the bathroom etc. And they just love wireless stuff. 3 wireless phones, wireless router, laptops, etc. In her opinion radiation and EMF doesnt hurt anybody at all, because if they did then she wouldnt be "fine".

# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 01:36

Smartphones are akin to mini phone-masts, they are quite different to old-fashioned cell-phones (something which the media continues not to mention). You are pretty much turning yourself and the immediate vicinity into a mobile cell-tower. If you need the alarm clock and calendar-type features, just get some portable non-wireless models and avoid the risk completely. Because even if someone isn't electrosensitive now (or yet), the longer the exposure, the greater the likelihood of it happening. My family is proof of that.


# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 07:16

But if it is in airplane mode it is unable to send or recieve signals, so wouldnt it be safe then ?

# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 12:37

Safer in terms of signals I expect, but as a wireless device it will be giving off EMR regardless. It depends how much you want to risk having a smartphone as a part of your life.

Anyone who tells you this technology is in any way safe or not much of a risk is just lying. It's so important to minimise your exposure to it wherever and however possible.


# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 15:43

I agree with EG. Ditch the iPhone. Use a traditional landline with an old type landline phone. iPhones can be addictive. Buy a diary/ notebook/ small clock/ watch.

On the resources part of this website look at the videos.
Dr George Carlo led the largest USA mobile industry research project. He found that mobile phones caused increased cancers, His research findings were suppressed by his employer and he was sacked. He wrote a book about it. He then swopped sides in the debate and became a whistle blower, publically warning about the dangers of the technology.

Your ear gets warm and you have headaches, feelings of anxiety. These are Warning signs that you should not ignore.

You have a Comet meter. Use it to measure the levels in your parents home.
You cannot rely on your mum's feelings. You need to protect yourself and your child. The radiation from mobile phones and other telecoms devices can penetrate deep into the brain of a child. Get your levels as low as possible.

Ten years ago, i used to use a mobile phone. Now i can no longer do so.
I cannot visit homes with DECT/wifi/ mobile phones. I cannot use public transport or stay long in the nearby town. I cannot comfortably visit the dentist, doctor or hospital. Many EHS sufferers on the forum will be the same. If you become severely EHS then there is no cure. All you can do is move away to somewhere remote, if you can afford to do so.

I urge you to take care of your health and reduce your exposures.

# Posted: 6 Dec 2011 19:57

I dont have the cornet meter as of yet, I bought it online so it should be here soon hopefully!

# Posted: 7 Dec 2011 10:07

i am considering painting our exterior of our home and the inside ceiling to protect us from a nearby tower, does anyone have a contact in adelaide who specializes in this sort of speciality or does anyone know of anyone who has successfully shielded their home in adelaide

# Posted: 7 Dec 2011 12:40

Try search for
Australia + shielding paint + electromagnetic

# Posted: 16 Dec 2011 05:26

Thought I would update. I used my cornet meter to check the area. It was between 1-2 green lights, never had the 3rd one go off. So between 1-60 microwatts/m2. I think it was the trees blocking the RF.

find truth
# Posted: 21 Jan 2012 00:05

Personally i beleive that i have been slaved to this EMF. I feel fogy into my head especially after being close to radiation (cell phone use, monitor, car etc).

I am growing the suspicion that all this is deliberate. Because you are free as long as you are free thinker. And it is really hard to be free thinker when you are fogy , or having casual headache.

Corporate knowledge is being used to subdue my voice.

# Posted: 21 Jan 2012 02:25


So, ditch your mobile phones, wire your telephones and your computers, get rid of HD+ satellite boxes, and shield from mast towers. Don't surrender your ability to think and act of your own will. They're blanketing this junk all over and all around us.


# Posted: 23 Jan 2012 17:13

I think you are very wise to be so careful with mobile phone technologies and I hope your pregnancy goes well. Let us know how you get on.

My daughter is also pregnant and she recenly had an iPhone given to her by her boss and I am in constant anxiety about her using it too much but dare I say anything she would just be cross with me.

You have had some brilliant advise already and I don't pretent to improve on it but I thought I would write something anyway.
I, too I don't get too ill with microwaves but then I am very careful. I identify with you with the headaches and the feeling of anxiety when using a mobile or more likely other people's mobile - mine is strictly for emergencies.
I found that getting rid of my microwave oven has helped towards reducing exposure to microwaves and I do not posses a DECT phone.
I don't particularly live near a mobile phone mast - I think the nearest one is bout 400m away and it might emitt some radiation as there are a few hotspots in the house but not near beds.
I have also recently discovered that there is a hotspot near the TV aerial input and so unplug this when not in use. Also using an extention for the TV plugs which removes 'dirty' electricity has reduce microwaves from the TV. This TV does not appear to emit microwaves - at least my meter does not detect any. Some TVs give a lot of microwave emissions. You can take it with you at the TV shop and check - it is an eye-opener.
You know all the other sources and I shall not reapeat them.

# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 23:25

Hi Ann,

I would be concerned about your pregnant daughter and any form of EMR and EMF, but we can't put up our hands and say stop. The most important thing is to take your daughter's mobile phone out of her pocket,

The Iphone is one of the most dangerous and you can add Blacberry, Noika, Samsung.

I mobile phone can only be really turned OFF by removing the battery.

Don't sleep with the mobile phone at your beside with it turned ON, as it transmits continually the same as a DECT phone.

Once of the saddest stories of all is the increase of autism, and cerebral palsy in young children. At first all seems well then they progressively get worse, and this normally caused by their parents giving the pretty lights on their mobile phones to their nine month old baby to play with.

You can take a long time to produce the extreme sensitivity, and have found that if a person is plump and carrying excess weight it's less noticeable, but if you are lean then you are a good candidate for torment and harassment from these means.

The world has gone mad, and sadly their is nothing we can do about it, but to get away from it all, and that's impossible because we are all caught up in a catch 22 situation.

Just do you best and get all wireless and cordless stuff out of the home go back onto cable, even though those suppliers of the old form of communications are doing there hardest to get all people on wireless.

The next big blast is the increasing of outputs in large shopping centres who use HSS, which is a form of brain washing to get you to buy their products. Most women are easy targets and this is why you may see some get addicted on buying bargains, etc., etc.

We can take all the precautions, but if you live in a dense suburbia environemtn then you have no control of what comes out of your next-door's area, particularly if you are in units and separated by walls.

Yshield will stop some general stuff, but no now, not the super-duper stuf that is flooding the markets and poor quality workmanship of electronic and electrical equipment, which is now mainly made in China.

All the best, and may you get wiser as you open your eyes and ears to the worldly world of power and control.

# Posted: 28 Feb 2012 01:13

What is HSS? I am curious because shopping malls have become virtually impossible to cope with, there is an enormous "fog" of heat and an oppressive sensation everywhere that isn't to do with the music or the crowds.


# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 22:13

'Dr George Carlo led the largest USA mobile industry research project. He found that mobile phones caused increased cancers, His research findings were suppressed by his employer and he was sacked'

this tells us that the makers of these device do not have our well being in mind. This sacking should have had the press investigating both his employers and their technology.

# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 22:17

'My daughter is also pregnant and she recenly had an iPhone given to her by her boss and I am in constant anxiety about her using it too much but dare I say anything she would just be cross with me.'

the youngare particularly vulnnerable,...being more sensitive but also being more naieve and ignorant and vulnerable to market and social pressures..not to have an iPhone is to be not fashionable

# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 23:01


Is a sub-limal message that is transmitted out of the speakers and it bombards the unsuspecting customers. It's basically a form of mind control. I think if you punch HSS Speakers into Google you may find some stuff on them.

They tested the HSS in a carpark of a shopping centre and it was directly used by another person pointing it at a solitary person of pruchasing such and such and they followed that person into the centre and that person went directly to that shop and purchased the item...

# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 23:04

Hi Brian,

Anyone who speak out on this sort of stuff ends up being put on a TI list and is treated like a whistle blower. There are many well-known and respected scientists who have said the same about cancer forming drugs, and in the case of electronic and electrical equipment those companies who produce such would act the same as the pharmaceutical companies would toward any doctro who wouldn't rescribe their drugs.

# Posted: 29 Feb 2012 23:05

Brian, mobile phones, baby monitors, cordless phones and even electronic games for the baby to play with are dangerous.

# Posted: 15 Sep 2013 13:40

bookaddict, I too am in edmonton. Just moved downtown and have started hearing an aweful humming sound coming from either the power lines outside of the house, or the older wiring within the house.

I'm wondering if you still have your test meter and if so would there be any chance to rent it from you? We're you able to find any helpful home testing consultants here in the city? Epcor was not the most helpful. They told me they've never heard of power lines making any noises. That's when I realized they were definitely not the ones to talk to about this :-(

Many thanks in advance.

# Posted: 16 Sep 2013 17:48

bookaddict, I too am in edmonton. Just moved downtown and have started hearing an aweful humming sound coming from either the power lines outside of the house, or the older wiring within the house.

I'm wondering if you still have your test meter and if so would there be any chance to rent it from you? We're you able to find any helpful home testing consultants here in the city? Epcor was not the most helpful. They told me they've never heard of power lines making any noises. That's when I realized they were definitely not the ones to talk to about this :-(

Many thanks in advance.

# Posted: 5 Jun 2017 23:52

This is from Hong Kong.
Please let me know if you still need the meter. I have this meter called
TES 92. This is not expensive, but I have been using it for three years since 2014. Work perfectly.

From my experience, if the rooftop is shingle or wood, we need to do something about it.

Radiation in Calgary is high. I visited the place last year. The reading in downtown can easily be found over 8 mW/m2.

The power gain the Calgary is too strong.

But, remember one thing, please remember.
If you use 3G/4G mobile phone, you need radiation. Otherwise, your mobile phone will become a DECT phone radiation, 100 mW/m2 to a few thousand mW/m2.

So why not turn off the Data connection and use Wifi. Or even more, turn off all the Data connection and Wifi and simply use home computer with Home Plug without ANY wireless communication.

If you lose temper, if you cannot sleep, if you having some lymph node problem, or more seriously, cancer-like disease. Be aware of * Wireless".

I will choose concrete structure building, if in Canada, and not facing any mobile mast within 1km. Why, since Calgary has too strong the power for the base station.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2017 02:26

(offensive post removed by admin)

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