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# Posted: 28 Dec 2011 13:45

from a comment:

Thank you for writing this, Chris. I wrote about this subject for Earth Island Journal over a decade ago ("Microwaving Our Planet", Summer 1997 issue; "Radio Waves: Invisible Danger", Winter 2000 issue).

Fellow Santa Fean Steve Stockdale has posted a "rebuttal," directing people to his blog. Let me take a moment to respond to what Steve Stockdale says about me and others in his blog, and to tell people who Steve is. He has posted his resume here: http://stevestockdale.com/wordpress/2011/resume. Briefly, Steve has worked for Texas Instruments Defense Systems and Electronics Group, Raytheon Systems Company, and Rockwell Collins Government Systems—giant corporations that manufacture and sell radar and microwave communication equipment to the military. Stockdale says on his website that he himself has been involved in multi-billion dollar military sales to the U.S. Army and to various NATO countries.

To respond to the inaccurate comments on Steve's blog:

I was in fact homeless and living in back of my car at the time I met Chris Ketcham. I presently live approximately a mile from the Plaza in Santa Fe, in a house that I own. Mr. Ketcham met, in person, all of the electrosensitive residents of Santa Fe whom he describes in his article. I introduced them to Mr. Ketcham during the two weeks that he spent in Santa Fe. Rebekah Azen did quit her job as chief librarian at Southwestern College several years ago when they installed WiFi—only to be forced to work in another WiFi field at the Santa Fe New Mexican, where she was the archives librarian. She killed herself on October 20, 2011 because she was in constant pain and could find no relief

Arthur Firstenberg

# Posted: 3 Jan 2012 04:39

brianct; Thank-you for the link. I started taking med's for the pain at the end of Sept., I just couldn't take it anymore. I started taking medicine that they prescribe for Fibromyalgia. I'm lucky so far, I only have to take 60 mgs a day. My doctor was saying most have to take 120 mgs. to get relief. It doesn't help with getting any sleep but at least I don't lay in bed in pain all night.

I say happy new year anyway

# Posted: 3 Jan 2012 23:38

hi patty my name is joe and what you are going through is covertly done,so many have taken there lifes with this im a targeted individual with frequencies,look up shirley ferguson from berwick,she could not take anymore she told everyone about the pain but doctors would take no notice.also type in the humming noise over durham,im sure its harrp linked with sateralite.my life has been ruined with this,please understand what we are going through is not natural.also look at the mind control symptoms voice to skull/gangstalking electronic harrasment thanks if this will help

# Posted: 5 Jan 2012 04:52

Patty, you may like to look into Homeopathy for a remedy...

Success Stories—Patrick Arden McNally
I have gone through the Electrical Sensitivity battle, and have won. I credit it to two healing techniques, and one energy clearing technique.

1. Electrical Sensitivity Reiki. I founded (actually was gifted) this system to help all who have electrical sensitivity release mental/emotional patterns that are attached to fear, hatred, anger, and negativity towards electricity, and re-pattern the aura and body to not be affected by electricity any more. A session includes energy healing, intuitive counseling and electrical clearing, clearing out all electricity that is keeping you magnetized to more and more electricity coming into your body. A session is offered at a discounted price as I have great compassion for all who deal with Electrical Sensitivity. $35 for an hour-long phone session. My number is 218-206-2724, and my website is http://thehealingpathduluth.com/.

2. Homeopathy. At my deepest point of electrical sensitivity, homeopathy healed my electrical sensitivity about 80%. I was gifted a remedy called ytterbium (which was imported from Austria). There is a book, which I don't know the name of, about remedies to cure electrical sensitivity. I would not list this if it didn't work. Instantly I felt about 70% better and over the next couple weeks it grew to about 80%. Please consult a homeopath before you get a remedy as there are many and they will know how to choose the one that is right for you. The homeopath that introduced this too me and knows the name of the book is MaryLu at http://www.vitalforceconsulting.com

And the energy clearing technique is an epsom salt shower. By getting wet, rubbing epsom salt all over your body and letting it sit for 5 minutes and washing it off, you clear the electrical charge from your body. This is good to do daily if you use a computer or other strongly charged electrical devices.


# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 23:03

Hey Anonymous, yep being a TI is so simple, you just have to rock the boat and the apple tree and you join the elite sufferers. Been a TI since 1963.

Brian, salt is an old treatment for a lot of things, and was used during Biblical times.

Actually, it's all about the pH of your body, and when the body is out of whack and begins to call on reserves this is when the dangerous metals begin to be released into the body.

This is another reason why many, for no apparent reason, without any signs, end up with blocked arteries as the EMR and EMF RF causes the calcium the leech from the body's tissue and bones. Once in the blood then the damage begins.

You also find that the RBCs begin to collect together giving free reign to the WBCs, which becomes a laungching platform for cancer.

Get, your body back into the correct pH and things will begin to work out.

The acidity is also caused by electrosis, a form of galvanic affect in the body, which causes the latest syndrome called burning mouth syndrome as your mouth becomes a battery if you have amalgam fillings and metal based dental caps.

# Posted: 28 Feb 2012 01:41

And the energy clearing technique is an epsom salt shower.

Is this why the Governments and appointed Heath/Food Agencies are so intent on cutting down the sodium chloride in everything? To deny the body something it needs to cope with EMF/EMR bombardment.

The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.


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