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# Posted: 27 Jan 2012 21:10

I see a lot of discussions about the HUM, I'm sure there is more than one type of source (machinery, etc) , but who here can go outside, tell what direction the weird sound is coming from, mark it on a map, head that direction, find a CELL TOWER, and verify that the sound is coming from the top of the tower?
All I need is a map, a compass, and a vehicle. (oh and it's much easier at night without the traffic noise!)

I just feel that there are a lot of people around (I'm in Brandon, FL, USSA) that hear the hum, and don't have a clue where it's coming from!

P.S. Don't bother with the Yahoo and Google hum groups. They don't REALLY want people solving their health problems relating to this misery, the minute I figured out that it WAS the cell towers, things changed. I could not post my sound files anymore, my posts were not appearing either. It seems like the EU has more freedoms than the USSA! That is what the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act was for, the coming Great American Firewall, it's shelved for now, but it will be back!

# Posted: 25 Feb 2012 17:11

I live in Ontario Canada and have heard the hum for about 3 years now. It is external, it is constant and never goes away. It's waves of low engine like humming fluctuate in intensity, but is always there. It's been louder more often in the past six months, so much so that it's amazing more people can't hear it. It is real with no discernible source or direction it may be coming from. I find the sound to be more and more distracting and wanting to know why authorities of any kind aren't able or willing to give honest truthful explanations. The fact that it's heard all over the world is a bit unnerving. It's almost like its pushed off as another wacko 2012 end of times hysteria issue. Whatever it's cause I'd like to know. I don't know where to go for real answers or where I might be taken seriously.

# Posted: 27 Feb 2012 13:46

Get yourself some metres such as Trifield, ED25 and ED65, and you may possibly find it's very nearby, coming from houses or units where you live. Sometimes what people call a hum is in fact tinnitus, and the other affect is called the "woodpecker".

The Trifield will give you ELF readings and the ED25; and the ED65 will register microwave and Wi Fi emsisions.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2012 00:13

It isn't tinnitus. The hum is virtually on the edge of perception which explains why only some people can hear it. It sounds like an idling engine far in the distance; it is impossible to locate it specifically. Ear plugs don't help.

Someone, somewhere knows for sure what this sound is.

# Posted: 7 Sep 2012 11:11

I live in the middle of farm land with no neighbors and the closest cell tower is 30 miles away as is the nearest city, No power lines no wells no tunnels no military no factory no traffic, no old volcanos, just us and the horses and cows. Oh and the unrelenting humming that I and my son can hear but no one else. I wish it was only a cell tower. an explanation would be great

titoarnel65@roc ketmail.com
# Posted: 22 Sep 2012 08:41

last night all of us in the house heard thi weard sound a HUM we didn't where it came from . we live here in the phillipines. i'm 2 killometers from the Globe cell site..is it possible that this HUM comes from that tower?..

titoarnel65@roc ketmail.com
# Posted: 22 Sep 2012 08:44

me too i've heard that sound so weard.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2012 19:07

I can understand the frustration of many on this site, and around the world about not getting any closer to an answer, and I commend you all for trying, but somehow I don't think using conventional detection/monitoring equipment will get you the answers. We need whistleblowers like Barry Trower to give us the answers. I call him a whistle blower because no one else is telling it like it is. We're under attack and the technology is advanced enough that no one can figure it out!! That's common sense folks. I don't believe it's organic. It's certainly not Tinnitus because I suffer from it in one ear, and because it's gained such prevalence and notoriety worldwide it's definitely not psychosomatic. What we have here is a corporate agenda. I believe as many others do, that it's coming from Tetra masts, maybe some kind of "Trojan horse" technology that is not being picked up by conventional equipment, could be DARPA related. And yes this is just my opinion, or hypothesis, which is how most scientific arguments/theories start out but it's an angle few are looking at. Maybe it's because our government(s) and the corporations LLUUURRVVE us so much.....

# Posted: 10 Oct 2012 19:53

I agree, the uber rich in this world are running the show and we are just parasites to those few. I've heard depopulation, but from what I've seen and heard the signal is really slow to kill us, just annoys the hell out of us at first, and then eventually makes us sick. Being a nurse, I've thought the Pharmaceutical companies may play a role because once we get sick, they make money from treating us.

I've also heard mind control, and I'll admit the insomnia has got me depressed, but not feeling robotic just yet:)

I don't think the "smart grid" being rolled out in the US and Europe all within a couple of years is a coincidence. This is a concentrated effort of some kind, either just to make us sick, die, or to distort our bioelectrical frequencies. It is very evident here in the US that the utilities are reluctant to budge from their smart grid/smart meter position. It is taking a great deal of resistance all of a sudden to get what you want from the power company, and I've never had trouble with them before. In addition, the government agencies in place to oversee the utilities companies are practically turning a blind eye to resistance from the population.

It came down from above. There was a massive amount of money injected into the system to allow this to happen worldwide. Someone's got an agenda.

# Posted: 20 Oct 2012 06:48

i can hear it right now in ontario canada, its driving me nuts and i asked my sister and she cant hear anything. does it die down sometimes and start up again for anyone? like a throttle quickly slowing down and back up. its confusing me

# Posted: 14 Nov 2012 19:45

2:05 in Ontario today

# Posted: 20 May 2013 16:17

We live in the Hudson Valley,NY, and have been hearing it since June of 2012.It coincided with the introduction of Rural Broadband for America.Lots of extra wiring and equipment has gone up on the utility poles to bring fast, inexpensive internet to rural areas.Broadband over powerlines is coming over unshielded wiring and interferes with ham operators and small broadcasters, but it also creates harmonics,a disturbing hum of a two tone nature. It is high pitched with a low roaring undertone, like an engine idling in the distance. Broadband can be found in all the countries that complaints are reported from. We have to look as to what we all have in common concerning this humming.It doesn't matter whether the wires are above or below ground, the hum can still be heard. Unfortunately not everybody hears it, but by searching the internet you can find a lot of people who do hear this! This is a man made sound and there is nothing paranormal about it.It is a radio frequency that penetrates with infrasound into everything, including your body. If it was just an external sound you could plug your ears and you would not hear it anymore, not so with a frequency. We have a cell tower and we had WiFi before, but once they started adding the Broadband over Powerlines into the mix is when all the humming started. That's my thought on this!

# Posted: 21 May 2013 12:01

I live in Sutton surrey (Greater London ) i have live in a block of flats since 05/2006. I started hearing this hum 11/2010, it was only in the early hours say 01.00 to 06.00 ???. But now since 09/2012 it is here all the time, it pulsates and/or is a constant hum and it gets louder.
I am able to tolerate it, but God i hate it, the hum sounds louder indoors but can be heard outside in the air.
I would love someone explain to me what it is because there must be people out there who are going out their minds..
It is 11am 21/05/2013 on a Tuesday morning and the hum is here and it is very loud at the moment ..

# Posted: 21 May 2013 14:21

What changed in 2010? Was there work done on the building? Did more buildings go up around you? What is your age? (if you don't mind me asking)

# Posted: 21 May 2013 16:16

Hi Lulu,
I'm from NY and the humming was very loud here on Tuesday for us as well! Do you know about the "SmartGrid"?
Another poster (DM) mentioned Europe and America being hooked up on the "SmartGrid" is responsible for the humming.The smartgrid enables communications over the powerlines, wired and wireless,such as internet service for everybody and powercompany equipment, such as 2 way digital electric,gas and water meters, also called "SmartMeters".For us in NY the humming started the same way as for you.It was "on" at a certain time, then would go "off", only to return at one point and be continuous and constant.We endure it, but we can barely sleep through the night anymore and feel exhausted!

# Posted: 21 May 2013 19:42

In 2010 we changed our broadband to wireless ...Yes i have heard about "Smart Grid", at the moment it is 18.30 UK time 21/05/2013 and there is no hum it will probably be back midnight / 01.00hrs...Sorry you are exhausted, i put my tower fan on when i go to bed and this helps but other than that i am learning to live with it.
Thank God my husband cannot hear it because he is a very anxious by nature type person and would not be able to cope i am sure....

# Posted: 22 May 2013 11:18

Lulu,It's me again, Andrea from NY.That's interesting that your husband doesn't hear the humming.My husband and I, we both hear it equally well.I woke up at 1am,because it was so intense and loud.My husband and I have reported this humming to many different government officials and all the companies that have wires connected to our home, but nobobody is helping, which is very weird. We also try to cover the noise by using fans or humidifiers in the bedroom, but it barely covers it, you still hear it very well. I've done a lot of searching online about this and it seems to be affecting people 50 and older mostly,which is kind of odd, why this age group? We're over 50 and the pattern fits for us.Whatever this is, it is a crime,an invasion of privacy and we have no way of protecting ourselves!This is technology at its worst!

# Posted: 26 May 2013 15:52

I am 54 , almost 55 (September),I initially heard it 10/2010 and thought it was coming from the 2 flats above us.
We thought it was a heating generator or something like that, i got the fan out and that has helped although you are correct this hum can still be heard,
My husband is 64 and he tells me he cannot hear it although he says his tinnitus is bad..
I have noticed in our town centre above the post office and estate agents 2 large sets cell masts and a large generator. But what is so strange is i initially hear it in my left ear which makes the hum appear to come from my left wherever i am standing or sitting.
Yesterday Saturday 25/05 it was quite bad all day and then disappeared about 16.00 and came back briefly at 18.00.
I am learning to live with it now but i am sure there will be investigation because an interference of this kind cannot be environmentally acceptable.

# Posted: 27 May 2013 04:21

I started noticing a low frequency hum about a week ago. Wakes me up. It is in my right ear only and starts every morning about 4:00 AM. I can plug my ear, it stops for a second then it is right back; change position, it goes away for a second, then starts again. Nothing stops it.

Is it external or internal? It's really hard to tell. Like a dull motor running outside. There is pressure in the ear then the dull hum that keeps on incessantly. When I change position and it stops for a brief second, I can feel the pressure as it starts again.

I am up at 6:30 AM and do not hear it again until the next morning at the same time again.

I live about 1/2 mile from large electrical towers. Last year they started in my neighborhood putting in So. California Edison SmartConnect meters on the homes. Of course we were told it was mandatory and lied to. It is VOLUNTARY! I still have my analog meter and pay $5.00/month opt-out charge. That cost will increase, I am sure as they have to have their pound of flesh. I have a line in the sand and will do without their electricity. Working toward that end.

When I moved here nearly 11 years ago there were 2 rows of these tall electrical towers (coming from Boulder Dam in Nevada and going across the Mojave desert in to our cities, connecting across the state.)

Now there are 5 to 6 rows of bizarre looking electrical towers that are just strung for hundreds of miles through cities, residential, across freeways and over parks where families and children have their baseball and soccer matches. No one seems to care where they build these towers or where they infringe homes and public parks. Or who is harmed by these monsters.

# Posted: 27 May 2013 12:08

Hi Jane as you can see you are not alone, the more people that come forward the more likely there will be an investigation i am sure.... :)

# Posted: 1 Jun 2013 06:17 - Edited by: zoroster

I am in Buckinghamshire UK and hearing it since December 2011, last three months it has been very loud, non of my neighbours can hear it, it's driving me very mad, to be honest im suicidal. In Feb 2012 environment health put their recording device in the house but it did not record anything. It is 5:05 Am Saturday 1/06/13 and im still awake, white noises is not covering it anymore and it is like drilling in my head. It cannot be heared outside, i am going to buy a tent and sleep in the garden. I am taking over than recommended dose of sleeping tablets every night. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO??? It definitely has an industrial source, but this town is all residential. I can hear it upto 150 yards of my house when i sleep in my car. The nearest mast is around 800 yards.

# Posted: 2 Jun 2013 01:09

Zoroster, the nearest identifiable mast might be 800 yards, but there could very well be something much closer which emits the same kind of radiation/pulsed signals? Dec 2011 would be the advent of 3G, I think, and the prevalence of home hubs etc.


# Posted: 2 Jun 2013 12:24 - Edited by: zoroster

Masts can make buzzing rather than low frequency hum. As I am an engineer I can distinguish the difference in sources. The hum I am dealing with has got a mechanical source around the building. Microwaves are definitely harmful to live cells, they have effect on nerves as well, you can check it by keeping your mobile phone close to your head when you go to bed at night, you will feel the difference in the morning, try it few nights. One of the reasons some do not feel fresh in the mornings is having the handset switched on close to their head but most people do not know about it. I hate this technology world, we are slave mate, you have everything, mobile, computer, car, etc. but you are in charge of them not them for you. I am thinking to go somewhere far from everything. This world used to be ruled out by oil companies and now telecommunication companies are added to them. You cannot fight with them regarding the masts. It is a matter of billions of dollars profit which governments are behind it. I am so happy that I have no kids, I really feel sorry for the future generations.

# Posted: 2 Jun 2013 20:00

Zoroster, I know this forum is about masts or cell towers as we call them here in America, but have you considered checking into Broadband internet? I think where you live you wouldn't have powerlines above ground, like we have, but Broadband also gets transmitted on underground wiring.We have 1 mast/celltower and 7 antennas within a 4 mile radius, but it never caused the humming we hear now. Last year the power company and internet providers have put up a huge amount of wiring,signal repeaters, couplers and transmitters! That is when my husband and I started hearing it. Being that the powerlines and cable/internet lines are above ground where we live, you can hear this humming also outside.It's quiet in our small town at night and wow, you can hear it! The ambient noise during the day takes it away a little. In your country you may not hear the humming outside if your powerlines are buried, but you would still get the humming in your house or flat. You may want to check online about Broadband over Powerlines also called Powerline Communications and if it's available in your town. Another thought is, do you have a Digital Meter on your home for electricity,gas or water? Those communicate over powerlines as well and could cause the humming.It's a big issue in America right now.All this technology is connected to the "SmartGrid" that every country is getting involved with. It is the most awful thing my husband and I have ever encountered. We have no children either, but our 2 cats can hear this humming as well.

# Posted: 2 Jun 2013 21:22

Andrea, to be honest no idea,I live in a small town as well but we don't have over ground cabling. I am pretty sure that mast towers and data cables cannot make humming noise, powe lines and transformers are more likely to be the cause. It can be the aircon in their distribution room by the mast; which usually there is a very big satelite dish around it; can make the noise and in open fields like your town can travels long distance. Most sufferes that found the cause of the hum, it has had mechanical source such as a pump or transformer or aircon......
It is 20:15 Sunday, I am awake since 4 AM. it has never been so loud in the last 18 months, my scul is bursting, I can hear it outside the house or car.

# Posted: 3 Jun 2013 15:01

Zoroster, I am very sorry to hear you are doing so bad and we can certainly relate to you. It is very loud here as well. My husband and I have been looking for remedies,since we can't locate the source and hold somebody responsible to stop the noise. Like many others we have a fan and aircleaner or humidifier running in the bedroom at night to cover the humming.It's not a great remedy, but we do sleep a few hours at a time, but talk about being exhausted!!! We are thinking about moving, trying to find a place that has less humming. We live in the center of town right now and maybe we get it worse here than people that live outside town.We have brought this humming to the attention of the local government here as well as the companies that put out the new technology, but they are unwilling to do anything about it. This needs a _major_ outcry from the public who hears this to put a stop to it! I don't know if you know this, but the same complaints come from all over the world.I have read a lot of blogs during this past year of suffering with this. There is an official study going on right now in Windsor, Canada for the same humming and I am hoping that the source of the humming will get exposed and remedied,not only for Canada, but for all of us.We are afraid to think that we have to "live" under those conditions for the rest of our lives.

# Posted: 4 Jun 2013 00:52

Andrea, maybe you are right, I checked it tonight and it can be heared up to 2-3 miles radius. But the point is am I the only person who can hear it in the town? Or just my building amplifies it? What about the top floor person why doesn't he hear it?

# Posted: 4 Jun 2013 13:50

help it is hurting our health we have had it checked out and no one can help[b][/b]

# Posted: 4 Jun 2013 14:28

The Hum very suspiciously arrived when the 4G phones were introduced...I can hear it outdoors but it is louder indoors.

# Posted: 4 Jun 2013 17:08

It is interesting that not everybody hears this.We have one close neighbor, the next door house, and this person does not hear it. One of the workers that checked our wires heared it, but couldn't tell where it was coming from.A friend of ours, who lives a half an hour away ,thinks she hears something during the night and doesn't sleep well.About the 4G phones/network.I suspect that all this new technology works together, but I've read posts online from people who heard the humming way before 4G was introduced.Broadband over Powerlines on the other hand has been around for a long time,especially in Germany and England. I can only say from my own experience, that when I drive along the powerlines I get pressure in my ears and pains in my body.They put up heavy duty cables and various equipment on the powerpoles here in America. Anyway, my guess is as good as yours and this is just my observation.For all it's worth, it was nice to meet you all and compare notes.

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