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# Posted: 5 Jun 2013 01:59 - Edited by: zoroster


# Posted: 5 Jun 2013 21:09

zoroster you are not alone , buy a fan and put on music that will help you, i bought a couple of cooling fans they help a lot.. :)

# Posted: 6 Jun 2013 03:25

Lulu, I have different types of white noises on CD plus kitchen fan and toilet fan and two cooling fans but they cannot cover it any more, I cant turn on loud music late night. I lost my partner, my job, my sleep, my health... within 18 months because of this hum, I am amazed that non of the neighbours have complain about it, am I the only one who can hear it? Last three months it became louder and louder and last few days it is so loud that I can hear the bed springs and windows vibrating. Local athorities and environment health did not show any interest in the case, I feel definitely they know what is causing it. MY PERSONAL QUESTION IS DOES THIS LIFE WORTH TO BE UNDER TORTURE?

# Posted: 12 Jun 2013 19:53

Zoroster, It got bad for me on Sunday as well. Still is bad, 10 days on.
Where do you live?

# Posted: 13 Jun 2013 08:20


Hang on in there.

A 1973 Report by none other than the World Health Organization concluded that Microwave Radiation was detrimental to health.

This report was stamped 'top secret' and disappeared - until now.

On the Electromagneticman website- on one of the video clips on refugees in West Virginia, a former police officer ( now a microwave refugee ) concluded that we are in the tail end of the microwave era, which is in its death throes.

When the sickening vibration is bad, in body heart and brain I remember this and it gives me hope.

In India they believe that Nature will always restore balance. We are part of that and we won't destroy ourselves.

So for those who can't afford to move or buy shielding, or have wasted precious finances on all types of sheilding that just does not work, remember that this legal poisoning will end sometime soon and this suffering will stop.

Truth always comes out -its just a matter of when so keep strong.

# Posted: 13 Jun 2013 19:51


# Posted: 13 Jun 2013 23:59

So for those who can't afford to move or buy shielding, or have wasted precious finances on all types of sheilding that just does not work, remember that this legal poisoning will end sometime soon and this suffering will stop.Truth always comes out -its just a matter of when so keep strong.

For all our sakes, I hope this is right.


# Posted: 14 Jun 2013 18:18

Has it eased off the last couple of days?

# Posted: 15 Jun 2013 18:02

Yes, Thursday and Friday it has been much quiet. I'm in Beaconsfield, south Bucks, UK, where about are you?

# Posted: 23 Jun 2013 09:28

I'm in Manchester. It shows this is not local causes.
Here's a link to some weather station data nearer to Bucks.
For anybody else, take a look here:
Note: Not all these have nice graphs of barometric pressure.

# Posted: 8 Aug 2013 15:52


Hi Resonator, You sound like a person after my own heart.....the answer is yes....I'm hoping I can put some links on here.....

http://www.noisyneighbours.net/forum/post/25739/#p25739 the history of my experience

documentary film Resonance, Beings of Frequency....forgive me if you've already all seen it.

# Posted: 19 Aug 2013 16:06

I've looked at your diary torment and your experience is the same as mine. I went and checked out a mast near me, and yes there is a name, even a telephone number to call in the event of a problem. And they have a very big problem!

# Posted: 14 Oct 2013 13:38

i have heard the hum for about 3 years now. it seems to start up in the midddle of the night and goes away n the late morning but sometimes i her it all day and night. i hear it inside and outside. seems to virate my body more when inside. i live in the country with no highway or train noise etc. it sems to come from the north but i have heard it when out camping in remote places like canyonlands utah and the mountains of colorado-where i live. my husband does not hear it. to prove it to him i placed a long stem wine glass filled with water on the table when the hum was really intense. we could see the water vibrate in the glass to the pulsing of the hum. there are no officials i can complain to as my county is pretty backwards and they would blow me off as a nut.i have an analog electric meter with a retrofit "turtle device" added without permission by the power co. it turns an analog meter into a sortof smart meter. i have been adding solar panels and we have a wind generator and we try to stay off the grid unless we get several days of clouds and then have to go back on regular power. it doesnt seem to make a difference with hearing the hum. i use a fan at night but someimes it vibrates up thru my pillow. had my hearing checked and hear excellent. very upsetting to live like this. i do have big power lines about 200 yard away but have stopped my car under them and listened for the hum and didnt hear it. but just down the road in my driveway i hear it as soon as i turn off my car. i road walk for exerecise and cant hear it on my routs i walk in my area. just at my house. i dont think you can move away form it. it is always out there somewhere. besides i love my house and property and am too old to move again!

# Posted: 3 Nov 2013 19:45

Hi everyone, I'm new to all of this. However I do recognise this 'hum' you are all talking about. I live in the British Islands and about a year or so ago, I was lying in bed when I got anoyed because I thought that a car/truck was idling outside and that for ages. It did not stop, so I went checking everywhere and could not find any evidence of a car idling. Since that night I hear it every night, sometimes it really bothers me, sometimes I hardly hear it, my doctor said that it is tinitus, but in the daytime I don't hear it! It is such a mystery. I can sympathise with you all. It would be great to find out what it is. There is a mobile phone mast about 400 meters away from where I live.

# Posted: 5 Nov 2013 19:27

I recently experimented with the hum I was experiencing at night time (presumably because everything else is so quiet), and I found that it was the same in a hotel room approx 500 kmaway from my house. The hum "comes and goes", I tend to "hear" it for a few nights running, then I won't hear it again for a while. The fact that, during my "hum nights" it seems irrelevent where I actually am, I am becoming convinced that the hum is inside my head - by this, I mean that I think I can actually hear the blood flow through my head, due to a tempory heightened sensitivivity of my ear drums. In my case, I don't see how it is connected to an outside influence. Does this correspond with anybody else's experience?

# Posted: 5 Nov 2013 19:28

I recently experimented with the hum I was experiencing at night time (presumably because everything else is so quiet), and I found that it was the same in a hotel room approx 500 kmaway from my house. The hum "comes and goes", I tend to "hear" it for a few nights running, then I won't hear it again for a while. The fact that, during my "hum nights" it seems irrelevent where I actually am, I am becoming convinced that the hum is inside my head - by this, I mean that I think I can actually hear the blood flow through my head, due to a tempory heightened sensitivivity of my ear drums. In my case, I don't see how it is connected to an outside influence. Does this correspond with anybody else's experience?

# Posted: 6 Nov 2013 02:03

Hi Songlines.

Just a small info.
You say there is a mobile mast ca. 400 metres away from your house, and that you Only hear the Hum at night.

Do you know it the mast is an old 2G, newer 3G or a new 4G?
It actually makes a difference in the loudness of the sound and the strength of the signals they send, as they are different frequencies and so interfer differently with the human brain electricity.

One info though, and that goes for the lot of them:
When there is very little or No traffic on the mast (night time) it will start searching pathetically for Any takers/users and that drums up its activity level and radiation to boot.
We once thought the greater activity level was because literally everyone was using it, but found out it is the other way around.

And when there is No traffic it gets like "hysterical" and drums up the power and frequency untill it reaches the screetching point where it stays untill someone uses it again.

Remember, we humans might need sleep and be trying to get it during the night, but this thing is artificial, needs No sleep, but is programmed to be hungry for customers 24/7/365, and to get in a hysterical fit when that is not on offer.
This is my personal experience of a 3G mast 20 meters from my house.

So in short, the mast screams, you dont sleep.
Best regards.

# Posted: 5 Jan 2014 13:53

i cant figure out why i hear the hum loudest after midnight thru mid morning. sometimes i hear it at other times. i live in the country away from rr and interstate noise. it is very quiet out here except the hum. it doesnt sound like it comes from a certain direction. no close cell towers. i think it may be related to drilling9nt ioil or gas) but why the odd hours. maybe gov tunnels being drilled during hours when most people are asleep and unaware.

# Posted: 5 Jan 2014 18:27

As stated before, it is not the transversam waves, that are haunting us, but the longitudinal waves.
Where transversal waves are at end, the longitudinal waves travel much farther.
At the end of http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina600.html there are some Powerpont presentations, which illustrate what is going on.
Look at what is presented about those wind turbines.
Their developed longitudinal waves do travel very far, and, in my opinion, they may cause also hum.

The brain is a warehouse of stored information. Once the information of certain longitudinal waves is received and stored, the next time the brains make the connection. That is the reason, why electrosensitive persons, when they listen to my collection of MP3 modulations on Pagin109.html on my website, they experience the same problems as if they were exposed to the real source.
So, when a hum information is stored in the brain, next time, even at very low level, the same complaints occur.
I have studies by the Americans, where they have found, that exposure with the normal mobile phone frequencies, persons may experience sounds in their head, but also behind their head. There are no sounds, but they are triggered by the brain. That is the reason why sensitive persons do *hear* them, but others absolutely not.
Every morning I eat two crackers, one with creambutter and one with pindabutter. I live on that a morning.
But there are persons, when they only smell my peanutbutter, an ambulance is needed immediately. Pinda-allergy is commonly accepted.
Electrosensitivity is not. And that is our problem.

# Posted: 7 Jan 2014 09:10 - Edited by: Shiwa

So, Charles, you are saying much the same as i, that "mechanical waves", as they are called, from artificial electromagnetic radiation (of the aspects being the electric and magnetic, but also gravitic), are causing more imparting of energy into everything, including of course life, than the normally measured electromagnetic energy?

Sound energy is "longitudinal", and at the atomic level and hence molecular level, and it is observed by myself (from experience) that attenuation of artificial sub-infrared electromagnetic radiation (either by various artificial shielding, by natural shielding of landscape, by artificial reflection, by natural reflection by tree-wood, f·ex·, or by foliage feeding on the electric aspect (so-called "photosynthesis")) is insufficient to prevent the impartation of energy as the primary energy (such as radio-frequency) increases in power. This primary energy imparts energy "longitudinally" or "mechanically" into the air atoms thus molecules, this being correlatingly measurable as (i have been naming it since discovering it myself) 'AC-airvoltage' (or as you name it 'dirty electricity'—„A rose by any other name would smell as sweet") —air being a poor conductor of electricity— at primarily ultra-high frequency immeasurable by any known technology to myself; and this "mechanical" energy is sound-energy far above what human can hear, and this sound-energy imparts into living by passing through any artificial or natural shielding, artificial or natural reflector, or attenuating foliage —air and other media being good conductors of sound energy— and travels great distance. This is being purposely ignored or denied by those responsible —and those complicit— in artificially irradiating the whole planet terrestrially and from satellites.

Moreover, there is no wave, only the illusion of wave by measuring frequency or amplitude to a timeline, or one's memory (such as when watching a wave in water ("transverse wave") where the water oscillates (moves up and down), but the apparant wave-motion is an illusion as the water itself doesn't move forward). An analogous example is that of a pendulum (as of a clock) where when the weight is higher on the pendulum giving a higher frequency and correlating smaller amplitude, and vice versa when the weight is lower a lower frequency and correlating greater amplitude, this being with a swing from a fulcrum so not quite the same as a simple latitudinal oscillation; and should one move the pendulum up or down, then the path of the weight follows an apparent waveform, albeit not quite regularly sinusoidal due to the fulcric swing.

I find what you present very interesting, and will study further what you have on this on your website.

(Sorry for the longwindedness.)

# Posted: 9 Jan 2014 00:34 - Edited by: Shiwa

Aah, "scalar waves". I cannot agree that these exist, anymore that there are five dimensions—let alone eleven-dimensional superstrings: all this is invention of mathematics, one can invent any mathematical abstraction, but this does not imply factual. Many years ago when i thought that the big bang was the explanation for the universe i needed to invent a "structure" of "space-time" that was a five-dimensional torus —four dimensions of space and one of time— this to maintain cyclicity. I eventually realised that the big bang is invented pseudoscience: keep the proles dumbed down now that religion is waning as the dominant worldview.

All dimension is a result of measurement in the explicit, the implicit is nondimensional, of neither space nor time: one creates the explicit by measurement. The Sanskrit word 'māyā' doesn't mean 'illusion' but 'that which is measured' being an m-root word (< Proto-Noreuropic)—see how many m-root words have the general meaning of measurement.

Occam's razor to be evoked. There is no need to posit the existance of nonmeasurable "longitudinal electromagnetic waves"—Tesla was wrong in my opinion. Ultra-high frequency audial energy can exist being already experienced as existing at lower frequencies. I have no need to counter pseudoscience with pseudoscience; to control the opposition one creates the opposition, this being spectacular warfare, thus the dichotomising ideology of spectacular society. Collectivisation of dividuals: the more connected one is the more separate one is.


In my experience and understanding of the physics of being (ontology), the hums are the audial aspect of artificial electromagnetic radiation; i can give numerous examples of this from my own experience and of that of others. Cellular base-stations produce humming and including frequencies within normal human hearingspectrum, albeit at lower than normal human hearingthreashold—i have this experience myself (on a building's second floor within 50 m of a 2G cum double-carrier 3G mast) when hypersensitive due to having an amoeba-infestation in my digestive tract: this is my answer regarding the topic of this thread.

These hums at frequencies within human hearing, and offen originating at frequencies much higher than normal human hearing, are also causing ill health and death to living.

# Posted: 9 Jan 2014 02:05 - Edited by: Shiwa

As an addendum regarding the terminology of wavemotion, here is a link to a page with moving images that should be easy to understand:


One can link back to the Demos-section at the bottom of the page.

# Posted: 29 Jan 2014 10:39

Charles, you said, that Aaronia A2000+ can shiel longitudinal waves.
I see in this artcile that this type of waves, if they really exists, can't be shielded:


What is your opinion about this?

# Posted: 30 Jan 2014 18:19

Hi charles and sevenx, since you both seem very clued up on info and I'm still at the investigative stage there is a question I wish to put to you both ! As I am not being believed
In that I hear humming, wooshing and chattering like radio transmissions I decided that its best to keep diary near my bed to write down words or sentences that come through clear. Including times and dates.
Most times the voices are so low in frequency that its too difficult to know whats being said
-which is SO FRUSTRATING since it keeps me awake. But on certain nights maybe because
of atmospheric conditions I can hear words quite clear, albeit broken up. So not long ago maybe a few months back I heard clear as a bell a mans voice like a PILOT, call out "09 09 0999 . There was an answer by someone else because their voice tone was lower and deeper so I couldn't catch anything more before transmission cut out. I'm not familiar with codes so my question is " would you recognise if that code is used and by whom " ?

# Posted: 31 Jan 2014 12:11

They are wrong.
Prof. Meyl is not right.
Look at http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina600.html
Most is in Dutch, but the Powerpoint presentations are in German, and the images do explain a lot.
That is the work of Gebbensleben, who has investigated longitudinal waves a lot, and he calls them Hyperschall.
Regarding his shileding methods, I have used it very successfully.
Even on home appliances.
See http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina11.html
scroll down to 18-01-2014 Waarnemings onderzoek.
and look at those images.

# Posted: 1 Feb 2014 07:42

Hi tilly; I've heard things like music playing and two way conversations, Just short bits. I talked with a woman once who had heard the music also. So your not alone. Most of us use a fan to cover the sound of the hum at night. Plug it into an outlet not in the room where you sleep, keep the fan just out of the room too if you can. Unplug everything in the bedroom also. Use a battery operated clock for an alarm.
I think the hum comes from the microwave repeaters they use to cover long distances.
I use a feather pillow so I can make a pocket underneath the ear I hear the hum with. The air pocket keeps the hum from being too loud.
Take care and keep in touch with mast-victims, they do understand what you are going thru.

# Posted: 7 Jun 2014 00:19

is this forum still active? I have heard the hum since Sept 2013. It's the worst thing, there is no escape. Earplugs don't work and white noise on top of the hum is no solution. I have intense headaches and cannot concentrate for long. I am 44 years old. Local authorities, ward representatives, the police and even the nearby university would not or could not help. They tended to treat me as if I was mentally unstable. What an insult! I am well educated and worked at a respected company. It was a learning curve. No one took me seriously. I am so, so angry about this hum. It is very hard to bear. Transmission towers are going up unchecked everywhere, and no tests have been done on the safety of broadband technology. My brother in law has microwave transmission in his home and his child has been diagnosed autistic. I told my sister there are deep concerns about this sort of tech but she said I was making it up. Also, I have had tinnitus for years in my right ear .... I know the difference. The hum is a factory engine 'sound' loudest at night and outside. Sleep is impossible without a number of measures in place. Warm regards, LB South Africa

# Posted: 7 Jun 2014 11:58

Hi Anonymous (south africa),

The forum is active but some discussion threads on the same topic are more recent than others. Try this thread instead (<- click link to go there and scroll to the bottom).

# Posted: 6 Sep 2014 03:14

Just like you that's when my hearing the hum began - just after installation of broadband over power line or otherwise know as power line communition (PLC) used for the newly installed smart meters and the "smart" spy grid.

# Posted: 13 Sep 2014 01:37

Hi! I'm new here and been a HUM sufferer for several years. My experience of this is similar to all that said by other above.
Does anyone notice of the HUM changes with the weather, like when it's been raining or when the weather is dry and ho?

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