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# Posted: 14 Sep 2014 17:14

Hi humhater, I think the energy/hum just travels differently in different weather conditions...when it is cloudy and wet it possibly does 'ground bounce'....when I have had professional noise detectives trying to record the noise/hum they have said they wouldn't even try to measure it in the aforementioned conditions

And when the air is clear the energy/hum doesn't meet much resistance in the air.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2014 05:30

Andrea - where do you live in the US? I am in the northwestern part of the USA and have been hearing this hum ever since power line communication and digital smart meters came to town. Just as you say, most people do not hear it. It's so loud where I'm at and yet only three visitors have said to me, "What's that humming noise" or "Wow, I sure hear the hum here".

Please do keep us posted on the latest of what you know about this atrocity.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2014 05:52

Hi Anonymous - I too am hearing the hum for going on three years. It began after the electric company began using power line communication along with digital "smart" meters. I had mild tinnitus before the hum began. The hum is TOTALLY different than tinnitus - doctors do not know what they are talking about when they tell people who hear the hum that they have tinnitus. There are some doctors out there who can still think for themselves and understand how the electro magnetic fields from pulsed wireless devices or pulsed "wired" devices are harming us. Power line communication is rendered by pulsing RF into the electric signal It radiates from the power lines all over a town and countryside and from the wiring within your home. Absolutely horrid stuff that is going to harm everyone whether they can hear or feel it right now.

# Posted: 28 Sep 2014 19:32

Could ground currents be the (or a) cause?

Different ground is comprised of different materials. Where a ground current exists it will (presumably) be radiated above ground, which would explain why it appears to be coming from no particular direction. Perhaps it is either radiated as an EMF or the ground acts as a large sounding board (a speaker, if you like).

Some people may be more susceptible to it than others for a whole manner of reasons, and we only have to look at intollerance of man-made EMFs to see that.

Resonance could play a part, which is where a particular thing is good at picking up a specific frequency.

# Posted: 12 Oct 2014 13:06

"Space" is not a vacuum.

At 400km there are around 50,000 particles per cubic centimetre (atoms, ions & electrons) and during periods of high solar activity this can increase ten fold.

"Space" is not a vacuum.

NASA termed "space" as the point at which aerodynamic lift became unfeasible (100km).

"Space" is not a vacuum.

The anacoustic zone is altitudes over 160km where sound is said not to propagate. This is not definitive line, low frequencies can travel through less dense gas.

"Space" is not a vacuum.

The GOCE satellite detected sound waves from the Fukushima earthquake at 250km altitude.

"Space" is not a vacuum.

A large proportion of the gas at 400km is ionised particles. Another form of transmission of sound is know as ion acoustic waves, energy is transferred by electrical charge rather than collision.

"Space" is not a vacuum.


NASA watch this site. Why would they do that?

Wait for all the disinformation to follow this post.

# Posted: 13 Oct 2014 12:23


Ok, so space is not a vacuum. I guess that's the take home message from your post.

But please, anonymous, explain how your post is connected to this forum topic?

And why would NASA care about this site? Beats me...

# Posted: 24 Oct 2014 08:26

As you should be well aware by now intelligence agencies and corporations have paid shills who's purpose it is to watch social media and disrupt any discussion which could potentially harm their interests.

A low earth orbit satellite is traveling around 27,500 km/h (20 odd times the speed of sound) go figure.

# Posted: 24 Oct 2014 18:01


Very interesting, but what is supposed to be the relevance of your posts for this forum?

# Posted: 3 Nov 2014 06:09

I started hearing the hum in Toronto in November 2013. It seemed to sto in the summer and returned Sept 28. Hasn't stopped since. I'm getting my ears checked since I also hear it at my in laws place way up North. Nobody else hears it. Driving me nuts.

# Posted: 11 Nov 2014 00:38


I can't make it any more obvious without giving it to you. I need you to think about and tell me how you think it's relevant. Otherwise I will have to assume the apparent bewilderment is false and you, yourself are a part of the cover-up.

# Posted: 11 Nov 2014 12:38


Damn, you got me even though I'm sitting here, crouched in my pitch black secret government basement office without windows. I have to enter through a fake waterfall and even the water cooler is so secret that no air bubbles ever surface.

Look, I'll cut it out in cardboard for you:
you arrive at this forum, out of thin air (pun intended), hiding behind anonymizing proxies and begin pasting (<-spelling intentional) messages about space not being a vacuum etc.. That message probably has a audience, but just not here since this is a forum for discussing health aspects of electromagnetic field exposure, particularly radiofrequency/microwave. So unless you can make a clear case for connecting your message to said topic then you are completely off-topic. That's all. You're way off-topic. It has nothing to do with covering up your message. Are you grown-up enough to understand that?

If you can't respect the topic of this forum, or you're just looking for a free paste-board for your random messages, then please go away. I'll ask you nicely this time. Further off-topic posts will be removed.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2014 15:11

For people like myself, wondering what is going on with this humming I hear almost constantly, here is some information:


I don't know how useful this will be, or how accurate it is, but I thought it might help. I've only now starting looking deeper into this as the Hum is constantly with me these days. Whatever it is, it's certainly annoying.

# Posted: 29 Nov 2014 11:06

Hi Doug it's caused by radio transmission.

# Posted: 5 Dec 2014 06:47

Research seems to find many culprits for this phenomenon, and not all is the same, produces the same type humming, nor is relative to things such as location in approximation to cell tower masts, broadband over power line, wi-fi, smart meters, etc.

One thing which is not talked about much, because it is not well known, is cellular radar, sometimes called celldar. Here in the US, homeland security operatives use it and have given the equipment to state police liaisons who in turn give the gear to local police who use it for surveillance. There is NO oversight for using it, it is done without warrants, and can be used to terrorize and torture targeted subjects. Even worse, this type of radar produces feedback reverberations which can be felt (heard) over great distances. far away from where the units are deployed. Wherever and beyond a cell signal can reach, cellular radar can be used and abused. It's trademarks are ultra low, infrasonic frequency surges, producing a type of infrasonic humming. When these directed energy weapons are used, simply moving or speaking will cause the hum to drop out as you break the electromagnetic field of the radar signal (this is how it detects and surveys, by movement). Using computers your electromagnetic signature can be tracked wherever you go and these technologies can ride in on cellular signals. Extremely wicked, evil by far, this type of technology is destroying the delicate balance of the human body and the natural state. Any country that would use such terror weapons against its own people under the guise of "homeland security" is indeed the proverbial beast.

# Posted: 25 Dec 2014 07:13

Hum just started this week. Evening only. I thought it was an electrical malfunction in the walls of my home. I can't find the source. Intermittent hum frequency. Very low sound.
Sarasota, FL.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2014 03:39

My wife and 2 year old recently moved house and unknowingly moved about 35m from a 4g mast. My sleep suffered when we first arrived and I was aware of what I can only describe as electrical "resonance". Over time I appear to have tuned in to this and when it's quiet at night or in the day I can "hear" a high pitched noise which can be quite painful and loud. I would put this down to tinnitus but When I sleep away I sleep much better and a cant hear the noise. My wife can't hear it and thinks We should wait and see but I'm worried for my little girl who is acting up at the moment.
While I don't know what is causing it from what I have read the huge volume of pulsed microwave being directed at our house could be the cause. I have measured the level of microwaves and they are highest just by the wall at the end of the house near where we sleep.
The WHO says "there is no conclusive evidence that masts cause I'll health" which doesn't fill me with confidence and if that was on the side of some headache tablets would you take them.
Also the size of the mobile industry and related products is so huge that if there was a verified scare then a new Great Depression would likely occur and lawsuits would break governments,

Do I have tinnitus with a physcosomatic element, I don't know but I doubt that I'm going to get a true answer Anytime soon.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2014 15:23


The WHO is admitting that there is evidence of harm from mobile-phone masts by using the phrase "no conclusive evidence". Yet they never define what level of evidence they deem "conclusive" - are they demanding 100% certainty of harm before acting? It'll be too late then.

If the WHO EMF-project was un-biased, they would not wait for "conclusive evidence" before invoking the precautionary principle on an population-wide source of exposure: mobile-phone mast radiation.

Even a small risk from a type of exposure can turn into a major problem when the entire population is exposed.

A study finding an effect (a positive study) must show with minimum 95% certainty that the effect is real and not due to chance or confounding factors. That leaves the fact that a negative study (no effect) can only say with 5% certainty there isn't an effect.
Yet the WHO EMF project and government scientists ignore this basic tenet of scientific evaluation and treat negative studies as equal to positive studies - which is dishonest at best and downright evil at worst.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2014 17:07

Just in case not everyone has seen this. 5,000 independent scientific studies...


Of course the studies sponsored by the industry are invalid, they pay for the result they want...and if they don't get it funding is removed...and as for the WHO, have they bothered to look at these studies?

SmartGrid_Death Grid
# Posted: 30 Dec 2014 23:35

To Anonymous who lives on the farm: Could I ask 1-Question? Do you not have ANY electricity there? You say you have "No power lines..." So does that mean you have ZERO Electricity in your area?

Or, are your area's powerlines underground, buried, & hence they are not visible overhead, nor out by the road, etc.?


Anonymous # Posted: 7 Sep 2012 11:11
I live in the middle of farm land with no neighbors and the closest cell tower is 30 miles away as is the nearest city, No power lines no wells no tunnels no military no factory no traffic, no old volcanos, just us and the horses and cows. Oh and the unrelenting humming that I and my son can hear but no one else. I wish it was only a cell tower. an explanation would be great.

SmartGrid_Death Grid
# Posted: 31 Dec 2014 01:05

RESONATOR, are you still alive & well & hanging on? I was touched by your 2008-2012 story on the front page of Mast-Victims, because you described the VIBRATIONS in addition to the hum.

--Most "hum hearers" never mention that they are being affected by the VIBRATIONS!

--So I wonder are there different kinds of hums? Why doesn't everyone ALSO have the Vibrations?

--The Vibrations are the WORST PART of the Vibration/Hum nightmare.

--Also, I just want to say that I am in your State but the other side, N.E. FLA. VIBRATIONS & Low Deep Droning Rumbling (& sometimes Fast-Drumming) Hum began here in MAY 2014.
(Same location 6 years & NEVER any Vibrations/Hum UNTIL MAY 2014.)

--Since AUGUST 2014, FOUR (4) Times the "hum" has Skyrocketed "through the roof" into a LOUD vicious "ROARING" Level (as if jets are hovering above) with the Vibrations also simultaneously & literally ramping up "sky high" to Violently Vibrating entire body, chest cavity, etc. while at the same time being "swarmed" with very Strong "waves" all around (whether Infrasonic soundwaves or EMF waves or MWR waves, I don't know, but it was BAD!)

--The most recent example of that deadly high-intensity-infrasonic assault began at midnight 12/25/14.
--Prior was 10:30pm 9/16/14 & was the longest duration, 2.5-Hrs!
--Prior 2 times were in August about 10-days apart. (I wondered if they were "tweaking" their "system"!)

--All the REST of the time since May 2014, the Vibrations & Hum constantly fluctuate in intensity, Nil Low Medium High + the above 4-Through-The-Roof Episodes.

--Medium & High are also TOO STRONG to endure. Only when in Nil or Low is it even remotely bearable.

--But ALL of it is health-damaging either way.

--"They" hardly ever turn OFF 100% Vibrations/Hum, rarely, so it is happening almost 24/7 since May 2014.

--Around October 2014 a new type of assault began, ie, the Vibrations/Hum sometimes are more like a Diffused (spread out) All-Around "ELECTRIFIED" Atmosphere, & in body, & bed. (Canadian Thermal Radiation expert, Curtis Bennett, says Smart Grid is "SUBTLE ELECTROCUTION." Perfect description!)

--FWIW, I got rid of metal coil mattress & use foam now but can still feel in bed when Vibrations are happening; from Day-1 has always felt like they emanate from the ground upward. Buried power lines?, Smart Grid wall-wiring?, cell-tower masts?, I really don't know yet. Maybe a combination(?)

--WORSE near kitchen & bathroom sinks & I just learned WHY: Dr. Magda Havas says (recent EMF Summit interview) in ALL of North America, utilities GROUND their stuff TO water pipes, so any Dirty Electricity comes right back up into your domain via the pipes! Grrr!

--Agree Barrie Trower! Also in his recent EMF Summit interview, he said he does not hide his Ph#, it's online, & he gets about 10-calls a day. So anyone can call him. He's in UK.

--See educate-yourself.org for .mp3 files of the recent Magda Havas & Barrie Trower interviews.

--Also agree with Resonator that Hum GoogleGroup & YahooGroup seem to keep running in every direction > it's the Moon, it's the Sun, blah blah blah. Lol, NOT!

--Serious evil "Disinfo" going on out there, too, likening "hum hearers" to "lone nut shooters" like Adam Lanza (Sandy Hoax; article at Newtown Bee newspaper site) & that other Ship Yard shooter guy. So "be wise as a serpent yet innocent as a dove" (Jesus quote/Bible) when seeking "hum help" from possible brainwashed "authorities."

--"HEARING AMPLIFIERS": Anybody tried one? In Comments at David-In-Ireland's youtube (ImagesByDavid) re the Hum in Ireland, people wrote that any cheap generic OTC "hearing AMPLIFIER" (not a "hearing AID") can RAISE the Infrasonic Hum up to "normal" hearing range which thereby CANCELS OUT you being able to hear it! They said it actually works & keeps you from feeling the Vibrations as well (but obviously would not block associated RADIATION). Hurts to sleep with it in your ear, though, they said. So if anyone gets one, please leave model name & number of any "Hearing AMPLIFIER" you buy & try & share how it worked for you. Thanks!

--Not a "Targeted Individual" but a member of "Targeted SOCIETY"!

SmartGrid_Death Grid
# Posted: 31 Dec 2014 02:17

PS: An herbal softgel that gets good reviews as a sleep aid is called "Deep Sleep" made by "Herbs Etc." Not cheap, though. But it might also help some "Hummers." I use it when Vibrations/Hum are in stronger intensity level, along with other "Herbs Etc." products. They do help, but not a 100% guarantee that vibrations/hum won't wake you up if they ramp them up too strong.

# Posted: 2 Jan 2015 15:06

Hi SmartGrid_DeathGrid Your description of what is happening to you sounds like a page from my diary...exactly the same, I experience searing pain with it as well. I hear it all the time, it changes throughout the day. Evening/nightime is worse usually.

Last time it was ramped to the full was on 27/12/14 from around 2pm...very nearly killed me as it very badly affects my heart. Basically every day is hell on earth. It was turned on four years ago, this time of year, I heard it start. I live in an isolated house on a hill in Cumbria. North West of UK. Nearest phone mast is around two miles away, to the south. Large shortwave transmitting station is a few miles to the north of me. One Power line comes to the house across a field. Phone cable is buried. The house is high on a Lake District Hill.

# Posted: 10 Jan 2015 17:36

A petition regarding the HUM...halt the emr noise pollution harming humans and wildlife

https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-halt-the-emr-noise-pollution-ha rming-humans-and-wildlife?utm_campaign=petition_created&utm_medium=email&utm_sour

# Posted: 12 Jan 2015 09:34

If you can't respect the topic of this forum, or you're just looking for a free paste-board for your random messages, then please go away. I'll ask you nicely this time. Further off-topic posts will be removed.

It's not me that's off-topic.

If you really gave a damn, you'd listen.


# Posted: 12 Jan 2015 19:49


You begin by submitting cryptic posts, then you refuse to explain what its about and finally you accuse others of being a). in on some conspiracy and b). not giving a damn.

Seriously, that's behaviour I'd only expect from a 15 year old.

I might give a damn if I had an idea of what the hell you're on about. You say its obviously on topic but you'll have to forgive me for not having the unlimited free time & energy (that you obviously assume everyone has, hence the 15-year-old comparison) to chase down each and every vague lead that appears on this forum - and neither does anyone else. This forum was set up for sharing clear and useful information and not as a quiz board.

# Posted: 12 Feb 2015 14:44

I live near Peterborough. I have the problem too.
Can you email me?
weak_signals at yahoo.ca

# Posted: 12 Feb 2015 14:48

I live near Peterborough. I have the problem too.
Can you email me?
weak_signals at yahoo.ca

# Posted: 28 Feb 2015 16:50

I suffer terribly of this since 2011 this is not an illness this is over exposure of rf and sound produced by excess emissions travelling through matter, hence building becomes an inverted speaker also ears in sensory design are electrically operating thus these excess rf waves affect nerves sensory system into sound perception thus one can hear feel such and the controller operating intensity and frequency (experimental testing of frequencies concerning groups of source emittors power setup and intensity ie. effect at below and above hearing threshhold hence rapid fade idle observed. check cover up of true hearing bands c d1 etc

# Posted: 7 Mar 2015 14:24

I am new to the discussion but I am glad that I am not alone hearing the hum my neighbours all think I am loosing the plot as they can not hear the hum also my husband can't

# Posted: 11 Mar 2015 21:13

It's loud today. the fact it increases and decreases like that makes me think someone has control over it. I hear it over my fans today, that I usually keep running to drown it out. It's unbearable. It's days like today I wanna track it down with large wire cutters or something to destroy it. That would be really satisfying, I'm not gonna lie. I NEVER would have believed that people were hearing this until I became one of them. It blew my mind that we all hear it and describe it the same way. I am really surprised others can't hear it on days like today. I would really like to meet others who hear it.

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