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# Posted: 1 Apr 2012 09:04


This is my first post, so please excuse if I'm in the wrong sub-forum or if this has been dealt with in another thread. A friend of mine has become very hypersensitive, we think, to RF Radar frequencies. (There's an airbase nearby)

We've had an expert out who confirmed that she was getting RF frequencies in the water pipes. It also seems to be in the electric wiring. My theory is that the above ground electricity suppy (distribution lines on poles) is acting as an antenna and sending RF down the mains supply. She has a trifield meter that measures several milligaus and pulses. The Rf seems to 'get into' all sorts of non-conductors like plaster board walls, tiled floors etc. It's not power frequency (50Hz) in the pipes etc - that's been confirmed.

Our 'expert' who's been dealing with EMF detection for some years said he hasn't seen anything like it before and referred us on to someone who is equally baffled.

When she turns off the electricity supply to the house, the milligaus on the taps drops to zero.

So my theory is that if we can filter the mains supply to eliminate RF contamination then that will help a lot. But I have no idea whether there is such equipment and if it's effective and affordable.

Can anyone give some advice from experience, please. (We're in Brisbane, Australia)

# Posted: 1 Apr 2012 15:07

Sure, that is a problem I am familiar with.
It is what I call *dirty power* and *dirty air*.

Stetzer filters can not help here, because you probably do have frequencies between 5kHz up to 30MHz.

To resolve your problem, a specioal filter should be placed in the fuse cabinet, right after the incoming electricity cable.

Furthermore, you do need a filter placed on your incoming grounding cable, who will transmit a lot of dirty frequencies in rour house.

You may contact EMV-Newline, who is selling the products of Bajog.de.

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