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# Posted: 2 Jun 2012 02:02

European Commission consults on rules for wirelessly connected devices - the "Internet of Things" - deadline: July 10th
http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/actions/iot-consultation/index _en.htm
The Internet is gearing up for the next technological revolution: communication with and among objects.
How would you envisage the "governance" of such an "Internet of Things" (IoT)?
All citizens, organisations and public authorities are welcome to contribute to this consultation.
Period of consultation, From April 12th to July 10th 2012
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eric generic
# Posted: 2 Jun 2012 03:25

This is the next level, right here folks. They had to be up to something more than entertaining the masses with dumb games, gambling, social networking and endless freebies.

I've read that consultation, and it is so far beyond what any of us here could possibly live with, and so full of typical corporate, beaurocratic jargon, that even attempting to fill in the answers to a lot of those questions is impossible.

The fight has to be taken from a different angle. These proposals are way out of line with anything society has been prepared for, and it is almost certain that whoever is behind them, is not going to listen to the grevious health implications, because that aspect is not even covered in all the literature. This is a massive breach of basic human rights, for everyone on this planet, not just the EHS among us. Something more has to be done than leaving comments in the tiny sections on the particular questions they allow us to.

We are being tricked into a totally new way of life that depends on a technology which will, eventually, wipe us out. How stupid are these people, to essentially hand over the running oh human life, or human society, to a load of machines?! This is not Terminator 2 or The Matrix, this is the real world. All the endless chatter in the media about the EU, but nothing, not a peep, about what is REALLY being proposed behind our backs.

I've never seen anything so horrendous in all my life. Who are these monsters, to even contemplate turning our world into an EMF-overloaded network of machines, giving up our health, our sanity, our right to have power over ourown thoughts and cognitive functions in this way?


eric generic
# Posted: 5 Jun 2012 02:21

So, who is behind this crazy idea? Let's see who was at the 2011 International IOT Conference:


And what they discussed on our behalf:



# Posted: 17 Jun 2012 15:00

agnes and eric

I have filled out the consultation form and know there is not a hope in hell that we are going to be listened to.

They say the personality type of a corporation is psychopathic - this is proof of that. This is like a never ending nightmare.

As EHS sufferers in Ireland we held a press last year to highlight the issue - not one journalist turned up. I feel if another press conference was held - possibly 2 events on the same day at the same time - in both Britain and Ireland - it might make our voices heard. As individuals we can be ignored but as a group - maybe 50 people in a room - all with EHS triggered by mobile phone masts ( 6 - 8 years - when it becomes chronic ) we might be heard. If the media didn't show up we could have our own camera man recording the event and it could be posted on Youtube so that people could become aware of the deception foisted on us all.

Last year I wrote up 3 objectives for the conference - our group was called 'Microwave Radiation Survivors' and the objective was to demand help for those of us who had developed chronic EHS, (6 - 8 years) having been triggered by mobile phone masts put near our homes.

Our demands were

1, Recognition of our condition by the government ensuring practical and medical help.

2. Compensation.

3. An apology from the government for having permanently damaged our heath.

We will wait forever for politicians to act - we have to try and do something for the sake of our children. Action is needed.

eric generic
# Posted: 18 Jun 2012 00:26

I showed the consulation form to someone sympathetic to ES and they thought it had to be a joke or hoax. They said it was too far-fetched and full of impenetrable jargon to be real. Sadly though, it is all too real.

A youtube video is a great idea, if the media continues to bury their (vested interest) heads in the sand over ES. A lot of truth-seeking, awareness-raising stuff is spread via that medium, although if what I hear is true, maybe not for much longer, as the controlling elite have designs on owning and thus censoring even youtube and its ilk.

Completely agree with your three main demands. When this nightmare began for me back in 2005, I assumed that someone or some kind of legislation must exist to protect people from this onslaught. All these years later, the drawbridge continues to be pulled up by the politicians and telecom companies. I even had hard evidence of our particular mast having been erected illegally, without due process, and against the exisiting guidelines. There were contradictory communications between the various engineers, planners, councillors and telecom executives. The dates of which proved the whole thing was a fait accompli before the so-called public consultation period had even began!

And yet, take this to any lawyer, MPs, or any CAB adviser, and it wasn't even entertained as a breach of fundamental law.

Only then did I realise how deep the conspiracy went.


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