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# Posted: 8 Jun 2012 10:33

I think that this article is very interesting, from the standpoint of someone who has tried to talk to doctors about the Cell Tower Hum, to no avail, apparently because their world-view is threatened.
I have been to a sleep clinic, I could see their eyes glaze over as I explained that hum is destroying my sleep. They simply are not equipped to deal with it, it makes no sense because they have never heard of it before. I think that they believed that they were being objective, but clearly they were not. Is there a concerted effort in medical circles to equate EMF sensitivity and Hum sensitivity as simply a mental health issue? I don't believe that they are doing it on purpose, but is it a response to propaganda in the medical establishment? Read the article.

http://www.madinamerica.com/2012/02/why-anti-authoritarians-are-diagnosed-as-mentally -ill/

Are people that complain about EMF/cell tower issues more likely to be anti-authoritarian?
Are authoritarians that suffer from the same things more likely to "grin and bear it" and not complain because they are told that it's not real?
If you are dealing with medical professionals that are authoritarians, then I think it is very difficult for them to see "outside the box" and truly be objective on the EMF/Cellular issue, because they implicitly trust what is told to them by "expert" authorities!

# Posted: 13 Aug 2012 20:17

Sadly doctors are brainwashed to take one particular view - otherwise they will not pass their exams and by the time they finish their 8 year course they cannot think outside the box.
Although German doctors recognised ES back in 2002 but maybe they have also been silenced.

# Posted: 14 Aug 2012 22:04

Look up articles by Dr. med. Christine Aschermann.

She is a German psychotherapist, neurologist
who has been fighting on the side of the EHS for years.

Here are a couple of her articles that have been translated:

Electrosensitivity: A Patient with Burn-like Skin Manifestations

Observations from a Psychotherapy Practice
on Mobile Telecommunications and DECT Telephones

Look up
'Austrian Medical Association + electrohypersensitive'
They have produced a comprehensive document on diagnosing and treating electrohypersensitivity.

The Austrian doctors are more aware than the UK doctors.
But then the UK government that employs them tells them what they must believe.

# Posted: 19 Aug 2012 15:57

By the time this mass experiment is accepted most of humanity will be sick. Happy are those still living in the bush!
As you can see I am very very concerned especially for children and babies. They are even getting a good start.

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