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# Posted: 27 Jul 2012 17:03

Financial help will never come. The military industrial complex has always been pushing for keeping the high exposure limits. The old military research on microwave sickness that you mention didn't go silent by accident. The telecom companies just joined them later since they too benefit from these high exposure limits for profit. The best lawyers money can buy have planned the strategy from the beginning. Create a scientific uncertainty and maintain high limits because of it. Then they will later claim that any harm is not liable since it was within the legal limits set by the so called experts.

The best strategy is to inform the western populations that countries outside the western military industrial complex (Russia, China, India...) are better protecting their population form this known toxic exposure. Who should be lecturing whom about human rights...

Do not confuse electrohypersensibility with microwave sickness. In the coming years M.E. rates will rise dramatically in countries with high exposure limits (western military industrial complex nations). A high percentage of the new M.E. cases will have entered the collapsed state due mainly to microwave radiation exposure. It will take time for most people to connect the dots.

# Posted: 29 Dec 2012 15:46

I read with dismay that Professor Simon Wessely has been knighted in the New Year's Honour List.

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