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# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 00:55

'Microwave Sickness' describes what we have. It is a medical diagnosis backed by the Russian Government since 1973, based on 20 years of government funded research on thousands and thousands of workers in the radar industries and related fields.

Why would we abandon this correct label and choose the obscure and confusing label 'Electrosensitivity' which is described as a 'new' phenomenon, and an allergic reaction to modern technology, particularly computers in scandinavian countries. As a new phenomenon more research is needed and there is apparently no medical diagnosis for it either - so why are we making life more difficult for ourselves.

I've even brainwashed myself into saying that I have ES or EHS - but what I have is a condition that has been around for 60 years - that has been acknowledged as a medical condition and medically diagnosed. What I have and what we all have is Microwave Sickness.

A possible course of action might be - orchestrated under the banner of Mast Victims or Mast Survivors - to try the following

1. Take back the name Microwave Sickness as the rebranded 'Electrosensitivity is playing into the hands of the mobile Industry and government.

2. Global day of action on 10th December International Human Rights Day. Most of us are unable to travel so we could blitz our leading politicians with the following emails demanding

A. An Apology for giving us chronic Microwave Sickness in the first place as it is as a result of government policy of allowing masts free rein that we've ended up like this.

B.Immediate medical and practical support.

C. Compensation.

Letting the press know of our campaign might attract some publicity - and giving interviews/articles to the press for those of us feeling strong enough to do so.

Once they know we're demanding compensation the game's up - they won't be long lowering emissions . Well at least it might make us feel that at least we are doing something rather than doing nothing.

I think ES-UK does fantastic work - and there are an awful lot of people allergic to electricity - but what I have is microwave sickness - a 60 year old medically diagnosed condition - so I am not going to confuse people by rebranding it and relabelling it as a 'new' phenomena which needs another 60 years of research to establish its credentials - it doesn't make sense.

As Judge Judy says 'If it doesn't make sense then its not true.'

# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:16

I am sorry, but I disagree.

Microwaves on their own are only harmful when they are present in very high doses.
(Many studies have proven that.)

However, the harmful elements are the lowfrequent components, the electrical and magnetical parts, which are carried along as the digital information.
And this lowfrequent information is even harmful at VERY LOW DOSES, on which electrocensitives may react, and are sometimes hardly measurable.

And to make the problemacy more complicated and confusing, the biologically devastating effects are done by *longitudinal waves* which are not understood by most scientists, because electrosensitivitry is not a technical problem, but a biological one.

Longitudinal waves travel over a much a much greater distance than the normal transeversal waves (which we can measure).

Contrary to what technicians claim, I do know persons who experience trouble of powerlines at a distance of 700 meters!!
I know many persons who experience trouble by elektrosmog sources, where their normal transversal fields are hardly measurable.
And I do have very sensitive meters and antennas.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:47 - Edited by: alex


You are entitled to disagree but you have misunderstood my point.

I am not denying the existence of electrosensitivity, nor of the many people who are affected by electrosmog, high voltage powerlines etc. It is known that such fields cause cancer and all types of illness. Many unfortunates are sensitised to household wiring etc and their life is hell.

But you are on a website called Mast.Victims. which is for those whose lives have been affected by microwave radiation from mobile phone masts.

Microwave Sickness is the correct medical term for the condition we have. The blanket term 'electrosensitivity' is a new and recent phenomenon which, when wrongly applied to our symptoms - doesn't help our case - moreover it directly hinders progress.

We are sick with this, our lives have been destroyed.

Ignorance and arrogance have been allowed to drown our voices out, along with commentators well paid to ridicule and disagree - see Hallberg ' A Telecom Strategy'.

If you think microwaves are fine I am wondering what you are doing on a site for people with microwave sickness ?

Why do you feel qualified to insist that we incorrectly label ourselves as electrosensitives when the trigger is not microwave radiation ?

It is not complicated or confusing at all - the truth is always simple. We have ' microwave sickness'. Full stop.

To insist that those suffering from lead poisoning have a 'sensitisation' to lead is nonsense - just like your argument.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:59 - Edited by: charles

I am not saying that microwaves are fine.

My point is, that the lowfrequent digital information, which is carried on with the microwaves. are much more relevant, than microwaves on their own.

I do look at the problemacy from the viewpoint of electrosensitives.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 11:03 - Edited by: alex


The technicalities - the science - can be debated and argued over from the viewpoint of electrosensitives or anyone else.

The reality is that we are our own best experts because we (unfortunately) have insider knowledge of this condition.

Microwave radiation - not electricity - is the reason I am contributing to this forum this morning. I could be out tending my jungle of a garden, I could be working in a job I trained for and loved, I could be out and about mixing with family and friends in my community - but I am not - all because of microwave radiation - not electricity. I am stuck here in front of a computer which I will soon have to turn off because of microwave radiation - not electricity.

The tactics of blinding with science and complicating and confusing the issue have been well used by industry and government and continues to be used with good effect but the underlying fraud is beginning to emerge as the death toll keeps on rising.

We are ill with this. Many have died. The public needs clarity and simplicity in order to understand. Fortunately the truth is always simple.

eric generic
# Posted: 24 Jun 2012 18:04

The tactics of blinding with science and complicating and confusing the issue have been well used by industry and government and continues to be used with good effect but the underlying fraud is beginning to emerge as the death toll keeps on rising.

We are ill with this. Many have died. The public needs clarity and simplicity in order to understand. Fortunately the truth is always simple.

I had to quote this, because I think it's the most spot-on thing I've ever seen posted on here.

THis is EXACTLY what keeps happening, all this talk about microwatts per square metre, non-ionising levels, big numbers plucked out the air and twisted to fit their agenda and confuse people. It's all cow dung, in the end. People like us are in agony because of masts, and because those masts are pumping out too much microwave radiation. I am not a scientist, I am not an electrician, I should be expected to understand all this purely so I can "protect" myself in my own home from something which should not even be coming directly into my home 24/7.

Debating the finer points of the science behind all this, as the likes of Alisdair Phillips (of Powerwatch) do, is just fiddling while Rome burns. Yes, it probably helps someone somewhere to believe what's happening to people, and believe it's bad for us all....but does it really? For years now, the discussions go round and round in circles....and O2/Vodafone etc never flinch from their constant pre-scripted defence of it all, and the MPs never find the courage to cut their self-interested ties with them and do anything to help the public either. It's all misdirection, misinformation...and all the while, we suffer.


# Posted: 25 Jun 2012 09:39


I did not mention electricity.
I mentioned electrical and magnetical fields; that is something else.

If you cannot stand a computer, it is not because of microwaves, because they are not there.
With computers, and especially, it is what I call *dirty air*, which are frequencies which are coming off (mostly) form the monitor, and the touchpad of laptops. They are in the range of 5kHz to 16MHz. Sometimes up to 30MHz.
These frequencies may also be present in your ground-cable. And that is separate from being present in the main electricity net, as called *dirty power*.
The strength of these signals is mostly weak, but do have a devastating impact on electrosensitive people.
I have special spectrumanalysers and detectors in order to being able to measure them.
Sometimes I demonstrate that by inviting a vistor in our kitchen. I hols the detector with the special contact-antenna against his skin. When I then switch on the fluorescent lamps overhead, they jump up.

Be also aware, that in the beams of GSM/UMTS senders, these lowfrequent frequencies are present, because of the *Vorschaltgeaete* in the cabinets.
I had a person who had trouble in the front part of her house, because there were a number of masts on the appartment building across the street. I measured there a large amount of *dirty air*. So I advised to mount an antenna with grounding on the outside wall, to catch these *dirty air*. Since then on, this person can live in the front of the house, despite the still present masts.
Look at: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina11.html and scroll to
20-04-2011, the picture.

# Posted: 25 Jun 2012 12:07


If electricity is nothing to do with electrical and magnetic fields then its news to me.

I can use a computer and I understand it is not powered by microwave radiation.

Prior to the illegal enforced involuntary irradiation 24/7 of my home - which commenced when my government allowed an industry to pollute my home with a mast put beside my house - I had no problem using the computer.

However since the irradiation and the onset of microwave sickness I can still ( for the moment ) use the computer but not for prolonged periods of time as it can result in headache, muscular pain and lately visual disturbance -
symptoms which I previously never had until I developed microwave sickness.

There are a growing number of people who are electrosensitive - triggered by the electrosmog including microwaves that they encounter in their work environment. Many of us who started out with microwave sickness caused by radiation pollution from masts have gone on to develop increasing sensitisation to the currents you quite rightly describe as 'dirty electricity'.

Unfortunately most of us afflicted with microwave sickness have lost our livelihoods as a result and cannot afford to effectively protect our homes. The emphasis needs to move from individuals being burdened with trying to protect themselves to the governments acting responsibly and doing what they are paid to do - protect public health.

On the 'Electromagnetic Man' website Brian Stein - in lecture 2 - says ' in Russia electrosensitivity is called microwave sickness'. If it is called microwave sickness in Russia why - for clarity's sake - can't we call it microwave sickness here ?

The tragedy is that communities in mostly working class areas are being decimated by this poison - they can't afford the gizmos you speak of - they are not being protected in any way - and the long term costs in terms of health is going to cripple countries for many years to come.

I know you mean well and I will check out the links.

If the technology is now available to block the irradiation then that is wonderful - but until the government makes it freely available to all ciitzens then it remains unavailable to the majority who don't have the money to buy the expertise nor the gadgets..

Governments need to be honest - they need to stop destroying public health and to help and compensate those whose lives have been destroyed by mast irradiation.

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