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eric generic
# Posted: 19 Oct 2012 23:12

October 19th 2012.

The first time a court, or any kind of legal establishment, has ruled IN FAVOUR of someone affected by mobile phone technology.

This is the moment when a brick, however small, has been removed from the seemingly impregnable wall of silence, misdirection, conspiracy and deception built up by the telecom companies, the governments and a complicit media.

Somebody who's life and health was ruined by mobile phone technology took his case to court and WON.

And yet, what does Alaisdair Phillips from Powerwatch, have to say about this breakthrough?

"It's an interesting ruling..[ ]..more research needs to be done". Blah blah.

Could this reaction be any more wishy-washy? This is supposed to be one of the main longterm campaigners for the truth about EMR technologies. His supposed life's work, the proving that modern tech damages humans and messes up their health, is accepted in a European court of law, and he can only say it's "interesting"?!

The Powerwatch website doesn't even have any updates since September. ES-UK's no better, with just a URL posted in the news section. Honestly, what is going on? What are these organisations actually DOING all this time? Weeks,months pass by and even when something in the news is reported, something hugely symbolic, we get.....nothing.

I don't understand it. Have they been bought off, scared off, are they planning some amazing secret offensive against all the telecom companies and the governments, which is too top-secret to even hint at? Or what?

People suffering 24/7 from microwave radiation, and having to endure the ridicule, hostility and discrimination from the whole world, deserve better than this from those who have claimed to be fighting their corner for them.

Or does the possible end to the mobile phone bandwagon (we're talking longer term, obviously) only mean an end to the gravy train for EMF-protection firms, like...um...Powerwatch maybe?


# Posted: 21 Oct 2012 20:01

I am away from home and don't have my log in details with me, but I actually sent the Sun the following comments - they chose to write those words that they printed, not me. It is a tabloid newspaper and my comments were too scientific for them I suspect:

Alasdair Philips, Director of Powerwatch, said: "The Government Office for National Statistics data for England and Wales shows a 50% rise in the incidence of brain tumours between 1999 and 2009 in the temporal and frontal lobes of the brain closest to where the phone is used and the age-standardised incidence rate is continuing to rise. The trigeminal nerve branches and runs down the side of the face to the upper and lower jaws. It is very close to the side of the mobile phone during a call and will be highly exposed to mobile phone radiation."

"Any metal teeth fillings will increase the absorbed microwave energy from the phone."

I accept that our Powerwatch news has been lacking this year - that should change shortly. We have been plagued by family illnesses and lack of money.
However Graham and I were key to organising and live web streaming the CwC conference in April and got Elisabeth Cardis, Dariusz Leszczynscki, Annie Sasco and many others to talk on these issues. see video presentations at:

I am also still working hard behind the scenes with international colleagues to improve matters for us all.

What have you achieved in this area this year Eric?


eric generic
# Posted: 21 Oct 2012 22:08

Hello Alasdair,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my criticisms. I can see that you were unsurprisingly misquoted (or selectively quoted) by the media. That is why I hoped the Powerwatch site may have had a fuller reaction - which as you say is on its way.

Sorry to hear of your problems; I am sure you can understand the intense, often torturous frustration of those of us chronically affected by the world's insane drive towards toward microwave radiation coverage in every part of our life, and how our ability to even cope with the basics anymore is severely tested every single minute of every day. This perceived lack of public support from Powerwatch, ES-UK etc stems from the continual anti-ES, anti-EMR propaganda from the media, and endless government/business directives that further ruin our lives and make living more painful by the week.

We feel like sitting targets, however hard we try to spread the word (which I and many others do continually, both online and in the real world) and however much we ask those in authority to stop the lies, turn down the EMR and stop killing us with this slow death by radiation.

In our severely compromised condition, I think we do our best. Sometimes, however unjustifed it may seem, we feel abandoned and lacking support from those beyond the self-help groups. We keep checking the main websites, keep hoping for news, some kind of breakthrough in this wall of silence the telecom companies and the governments have constructed.

For whatever reasons, there is never much to cling onto.

Anyway, I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond on here.


# Posted: 22 Oct 2012 21:50

Dear "Alasdair and "Erik Generic"
I use your stage names as I only know Alastairs´ full name, and not Erics´.

Nothing has been achieved by campaigners against Microwave Radiation Exposure.
Just look around you.

Visibly, people Zap you with phones at their leisure.
Invisibly, Councils and Churches Zap you with blanket Wi-Fi in open spaces.

It is nearly impossible to purchase Fully Wired Office Equipment, and this years Xmas gift catalogues feature more wireless gadgets than ever before.

Unfortunately it takes 10 years to develop a cancer tumour, but only a few seconds to "Zap" a person, and if the Zapped victim is sensitive it results in illness that stays for days, weeks or more.

Nothing has been, or is being achieved by campaigners
Some of those would be out of a job if a ban and clean-up of radiating devices happened.
One name has already been mentioned, and there are many more.

I did something.
I took "Hutchison 3" to court because of the things their equipment did to the health of my wife, especially, and myself to a lesser degree, in 2003.
I lost, and nearly ruined myself financially.
I can live with that, but it is difficult to live with the enduring illness imposed by no fault of ours (my wife and I).

I did not see any of you then, although the event was advertised, and I shall not forget soon, my conversation with Jean Philips when I asked for help to produce Independent Measurements of my site.
She had hundreds of reasons why Alasdair could or should not travel to Worcester and measure.
Instead I ended up with measurements from a Dependent Laboratory.

I know first hand how impotent and "Cocooned" the Microwave Radiation Resistance Movement is.
Just accepting to be called Electromagnetic Sufferers, instead of Microwave Radiation Sufferers speaks volumes.

Give a specific cause a wide reaching name and you lose the focus and blur the issues.

I have had endless discussions with my wife, your host on this website, about the soft-shoe dancing around the hot subject.
No Punch.
No attack.

I do agree with "Eric Generic" that the incident in Italy is possibly the brick removed that eventually causes the Microwave Pollution Castle to crumble.

It might even pave the way for my case, and similar, although not cancer tumour cases, to be re-opened.
Yours truly.
Erik Petursson.

eric generic
# Posted: 22 Oct 2012 22:17


I completely agree with you. It's been said to me, off-list (and not by anyone here) that I am possibly being unreasonable with my criticisms towards the Powerwatches and ES-UKs of this world. Maybe so, but you have very succinctly made the same kind of points, even more strongly. You have every right to feel and say what you do.

In 2003, I was (luckily) not yet afflicted by Microwave Radiation Sickness (again, I very much agree this should be the name for what we suffer from), it happened just a year or so later in my case. I am not any kind of spokesperson or representitive for campaigning bodies; I have a chronic longterm condition on top of this which left me needing a wheelchair as a boy, and which limits my ability to travel or do much socialising.

But before I was zapped by all this radiation, I did have a level of existence which was tolerable. There were restrictions based on physical weakness, but not restrictions on where I could go or even whether I could rest in my own home as and when I needed. Now I have to leave my home, however ill I am feeling, because of the radiation, at least 3 times a day. Whatever the weather, whatever the situation. It is inhuman but I try and cope the best I can.

My anger and energies focus on what I can do to raise awareness on the truth about microwave radiation, and the links between smartphones, wi-fi, cell towers and a total change in the health and mental states of everyone on this planet. I don't do the science, I join the dots in the hope that a misled, ignorant public (not through choice but misinformation) will start to realise what is happening all around them.

Because I don't see many other people outside of this forum doing that.


# Posted: 23 Oct 2012 15:12

hello all,


Sorry to hear of your recent difficulties. I think we are all in a similar place.
The live streaming of the conference earlier this year was a highlight for me so thank you for the hard work put in by yourself and Graham to bring this about.

I would like to ask for your thoughts on why you no longer use 'microwave sickness' ( a term which you previously used in your book) and instead now prefer to refer to this condition as electrohypersensitivity or electrosensitivity ?

I suffer from microwave sickness triggered by a mast and have spent most of the past decade, like eric, trying to fight as best as compromised health will allow - with no results.

The major impediment to legal action and public awareness ( apart from the entire system having been bought off by the phone companies ) is the incorrect label electrohypersensitivity which is tied around our necks.

Arthur Firstenberg's words sum it up

"In the mid 1980s Olle Johansson discovered a new skin disease. Since only people who worked in front of computer screens got it, he named it screen dermatitis. Actually the condition was not new. It had been seen in the early 1970s in the newspaper industry, but no one had studied it. Such patients often complained also of neurological symptoms, including memory loss, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, nausea and headache, but since Johansson's speciality was skin disease he studied the skin of computer workiers.

Why weren't all computer operators coming down with such problems ? Was there something abnormal about those who did? Were they imagining their illnesses? Did they have a rare genetic disorder? Such were the opinions they faced.

And so the term "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" was born, serving both to marginalize the injured and to reassure the still healthy that they need not worry about their own safety."

from 'The Silent Wireless Spring' by Arthur Firstenberg.

Johansson found that everyone was affected by sitting close to tv and computers - mast cells in the skin reacted as if exposed to plutonium. A Japanese scientist confirmed an even greater reaction ie more damage when the cells were exposed to mobile phone radiation.

The OED definition of an allergy is ' a damaging response by the body to a substance to which it has become hypersensitive'. The British Medical Journal's defiintion of an allergy is ' an inappropriate immune response to a normally harmless substance, called an allergen.'

From this it can be argued that, whilst strong electrical fields can damage health, normal domestic appliances like tvs and computer, have currents of electricity running through them which are usually considered harmless to health therefore a bad reaction to this equipment could rightly merit the name 'electrohpersensitivity'.

We have two seperate medical conditions

1. Radiation Poisoning = Microwave Sickness, triggered by exposure to a toxin known to be lethal since 1927. 85 years of research confiming toxicity to all life forms on earth mean no more research is needed. Increasing microwave radiation in the enviroment, with correlating increased mortality rates is sufficient evidence. The body count is already too high.

2. Electrohypersensitivity = triggered by electromagnetic fields coming off domestic appliances. Proximity to high powerlines can cause illness and death.

With the greatest respect to Olle Johansson, whose work and courage I greatly admire, and to ES-UK who also fight on our behalf - may I say how very wrong it is of them to constantly insist that these two seperate conditions are one.

It has caused endless confusion over the past decade and contributed to public ignorance about the dangers of microwave radiation.

The correct word for dangerous exposure to a toxin is not allergy nor hypersensitivity but poisoning - mass poisoning.

Perhaps the question should be put to Brian Stein, the founder of ES-UK, that if Microwave Sickness is the correct name as used by Russians for our condition then why is ES-UK calling it ES/EHS ? Could he not just change the 'E' to 'R' and call it 'Radiation Sickness' - UK ?


You have said it exactly as it is.

" Give a specific cause a wide reaching name and you lose the focus and blur the issues "

Despite this muddying of the waters the courts are finally starting to move on this. Last year another ruling awarded compensation to all the families of children who developed cancer from the masts on and near the Vatican.

# Posted: 23 Oct 2012 22:09

I hope that the result of this court action in Italy will will help us.

Well, the health problems caused by high frequency and low frequency radiation [EHS] has been called a lot of different names over the decades.

Have you read this book by Michael Bevington? Available through ES-UK.
Well worth a read.

Author Michael Bevington

I quote:
"The first modern study of human health effects from electromagnetic radiation was in 1868.[708] The first study on adverse biological effects of microwave radiation at sub-thermal levels was in 1924.[709] The first specific adverse effects noted from microwaves included cataracts and testicular degeneration in 1948,710 and microwave hearing in 1962.[711 712 713] The first specific illness linked with ELF magnetic fields from power lines was childhood leukaemia in 1979.[714]
The group of symptoms listed in 2005 as "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" by the World Health Organisation was first described as Radio Wave Sickness in Germany in 1932.[715] In Poland these symptoms were named in 1964 the Microwave Syndrome,[716] with the term Microwave Sickness used in 1973.[717] In Russia, also in 1964, they were described as three or more syndromes, neurological or asthenia, autonomic vascular, and cardiac,[718
and summarized as the Neuro-vegetative asthenic syndrome in a review of 2001.[719] In 1972 the US Navy published a full list of ES symptoms and details of 2,311 studies.[720] The term Cardiac Pain Syndrome was used in 1973,[721] and Diplomats' Disease in 1976.[722] Visual Display Unit Illness was studied from 1977,[723] with the first provocation study in 1982.[724]
Electrical Sensitivities was used in 1986,[725] and Electrical Hypersensitivity in 1989.[726] The name Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, suiting sensitivity to magnetic as well as electric fields, was adopted by the Graz COST meeting in 1994 and in a European Commission report of 1997,[727] although it emphasised the person rather than the environmental pollution. The first provocation study for generalised "electromagnetic sensitivity" was in 1991.[728]
In 1998 the Graz EMF workshop suggested Non-specific Health Symptoms,[729] but the WHO 2004 Prague workshop kept Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,[730] and this is now the usual term, with occasional use of Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance with attribution to EMF (IEI-EMF).[731] In addition to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), recent names include Asthenic Syndrome (Dr O. Grigoriev, Centre for Electromagnetic Safety, 2009), EMF Intolerance Syndrome (SICEM) (Professor Belpomme, ARTAC, 2009),[732] Hyper Frequency Syndrome,[733] Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (Dr Carlo, SWI, 2008), Microwave Disease,[734] Microwave Sickness,[735] Microwave Syndrome,[736] Radiofrequency (RF) sickness,[737] and Rapid Aging Syndrome (Dr Magda Havas, 2009)."


I am an EHS sufferer. I also get frustrated at the lack of action by the UK government, the MPs and the censorship by the media.

It is an uphill task trying to change things. I have tried myself with the local councillors but have been banging my head against a brick wall. But, the problem is not with Powerwatch or ES-UK . It is with the politicians and the mobile operators/ military/physicists/ civil servants and ignorant doctors who have been steam-rollering this technology through. And above all the ICNIRP whose word is taken as gospel by the UK authorities.

I recognise the valuable work done by Mast Victims, ES-UK, Powerwatch, Radiation Research Trust, Mast Sanity. Olle Johansson is my hero.

Agnes, I hope that you are feeling better now.


# Posted: 24 Oct 2012 10:53

Read more on the Italian breaktrough:

# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 08:34 - Edited by: alex


Thank you for the information.

The 1972 Naval study referred to Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation symptoms, not ES symptms as you suggest.

It was a very cynical exercise in avoiding liability that within months of the mobile phones coming on the market in the mid 1980s in Europe and America symptoms of microwave sickness began inevitably to appear.

Calling it microwave sickness would create a connection in the public mind between their ill health and their new toys so electrical hypersensity - a 'new' allergic phenomenon striking the rare few was waiting in the wings to come to the rescue, placing the entire burden of poisoning onto the individuals shoulders and letting the industry and government off the hook.

How convenient.

It is political and economic expediency and a classic cynical exercise in fooling a gullible public. Yes it is the military/industry complex, and yes it is the politicians, but it is also organisations and individuals who purport to be helping the cause who are most to blame for contributing to this big fraud.

Olle Johansson, ES-UK, and anyone else who colludes in the deceit that a only a tiny proportion of the population is affected by the allegic condition called electrohypersensitivity ( whereas the tragic reality is that entire communities are being decimated by this toxic microwave radiation ) is guilty of misleading the public.

The WHO is not an independent organisation. It has known ties with Industry. Its ready acceptance of the 'label' electrohypersensitivity/electrosensitivity shoud tell you something.

You may well have ES/EHS - caused by exposure to electrical fields.

The women and children dying of all kinds of cancers and illness, dying in their thousands are dying because of microwave sickness, caused by exposure to microwave transmitters.

# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 13:14 - Edited by: alex


On the Electromagneticman website Brian Stein says that in Russia electrosensitivity is called microwavbe sickness. This is untrue.

They are two separate conditions.

Both the Irish and British governments and ICNIRP classify microwaves as electromagnetic waves from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.
Microwave radiation causes microwave sickness. You blur the focus and lump electricity and microwave radiation into a big amorphous mass by adding in power lines and VDUs/computer monitors - yes - that is electrical induced electromagnetic radiation - causing damage to health and even death. There is no dispute about that but that does not make microwave sickness become electrosensitivity.

The immediate blight on all our lives is not power lines nor computer screens, but the microwave radiation smog that is damaging our health.

Rebranding microwave sickness as electrosensitivity is dishonest because it allows the mobile phone industry to evade all responsibility and continue the crimnnal deceit that microwave radiation is safe.

What honest man or woman would want to perpetuate such a fraud? What purpose does it serve to do so, if not to play into the hands of the government, the military and the mobile phone companies ?

ES was never microwave sickness - but I do have to admire the determined efforts of those brazen enough to keep the scam going for so long - indeed - it will probably continue for many years if not indefinetly.

eric generic
# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 17:29


Well said. We've had this nonsense with M.E./CFS for 30 years, and now it's repeating itself with Microwave Sickness/ES.


# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 21:39

I have had the latest ES newsletter today so it should be on the ES-UK website soon.

eric generic
# Posted: 25 Oct 2012 21:59

I have had the latest ES newsletter today so it should be on the ES-UK website soon.

It's a bit of a joke. Frontpage headline suggests ES people could function in the workplace if their computers were shielded! I mean, come on. What about all the other EMR smog from the building, the masts around, other workers' iPhones, and we haven't even got to working out transport.

Given the furore surrounding ill/disabled people's fitness for work under the discredited ATOS scheme, this is the last thing we need from ES-UK. Being told, it's ok...they just need their computer shielded and everything's okay.

This is yet more watering-down of microwave sickness, and the whole major health timebomb of EMR for the public, which plays into the hands of the governments and telecom firms (as Alex said earlier). Why are they making such a stupid statement by putting this "study" on the front page of the newsletter?

And then, on the inside page, a love letter to ES-UK written by one of the trustees...uncredited.

Sorry but on this evidence ES-UK are wasting our time, and our lives.

# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 02:00

To you all.
By "Bundling" all these catagories into One common Defenition, under ES/EHS/EMR they (Industry) want to make sure They cannot be held responsible for all the harm done to us, by them.

And No, I am Not talking Cancer, I am talking about the Microwave Sickness, the immidiate Health effects on our daily lives, all the sleeplessness, vomitting, headaches, bloodclots etc. that this "Technology" brings to the neighbours of their installed Microwave Radiating Mast Equipment.
All the misery of ruined lives, and where did the "Quality of life" dissapear to?

The total abuse of the basic Human right of beeing able to live peacefully in your own home.

Yes, In our "Big Society" we are "All In It Together" aren´t we, Only, there is this Huge difference between the Users of this "Technology" and the Victims of their Usage!

But the Industry of this Faulty "Technology" seems all powerful, I wonder why.
Ever wondered, why "Unlike All Other Private Companies In the UK" (Even Micro firms) they get away with being able to operate without having a "Public Liability Insurance" which is meant to cover the cost of Harm done to eventual sufferers of the companys´ products or actions, they get away with that because there is No Insurance Company on this Earth that will insure their Public Liability (Seems they imagine what will be coming eventually!) So they stay Un-Insured and our Governments Just Accept that, (Makes you wonder who will have to pay when the Sh.. hits the fan, and payout gets due. Taxpayer???

You can only guess at what that must have cost them! (the Industry to Politicians and Civil Servants?).

Just imagine, If WE had some of that influence their "Technology" would have been banned Years Ago.
Asbestos, Pharma and all the other lot is child stuff compaired to this.

I once read in "Private Eye" about how the Industry (H3G actually) hosted (and paid for) seminars for Government on the Mobile Phone technology.
Just after that a Labour Minister (Patricia Hewitt) opened their (H3Gs´) first London shop with full media attention and fanfares.

Unbiased? Media, Government?
Get wise.

This is money into the treasury, not a lot but only a little bit, as like all other foreign companies they pay about as much tax as we, the ordinary people do from our meagre pay, even if they turn over billions, just look at Google, Amazon and that Coffie house who are in the spotlight at the moment.
We already know how Vodaphone made a "Cut prize agreement" with the HMRC a couple of years ago, and got away with it.

And their aquired influence seems to be enough to make the HMRC and the Treasury gasp in ave, secure a good lunch for themselves and make a contract with the Industry about How Much They Would WANT to Chip in to the Countrys economy.

They even have the Judical system sorted to their favour, and in their paw!

When we can afford to harness Lobbying and Power like that, that is when we will start to see the turning point. And Not untill then I guess.

And, That is ofcourse why, they are so self assured and feel so secure, because they belive we will never reach that point, because we are just the sucker Addicts and PLEBS of their flawed technology, who will eventually have to pay ourselves for the great harm done, By Them, To Us, Ourselves .
Best regards.

# Posted: 26 Oct 2012 10:35


well said.

The good news is that the Italian courts have accepted evidence of harm, and even though justice might still be a long way off, it marks a turning point.


Like you my frustration with ES UK over continuing nonsense articles on ES as an 'allergy' grows. Whatever the agenda is it is certainly not to push our case forwards.


# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 10:42

Alistair Philips is criticised enough for his company by the media, he does not need us to do so as well. We can all ask ourselves could we have done what he has achieved!
I too seemed to have had my fair share (and more) of family problems and it is difficult to give time and effort on other things that matter. I would love to spend more time on this cause but family has to come first and lately there have been endless problems!
Those of you who are still trying have all my support.
The sad thing of course is that we who get ill do not have the energy of resources to become vocal.

# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 10:58

I do agree with Alex above for his anger in lumping microwaves and electromagnetic illnesses together.
I think it somewhat muddies the waters for all these microwave technologies that have sprung up and are causing illnesses.
Yes, electricity may make you ill if you live under power lines or sit next to your electricity inbox, but electrosmog that is generated by mobile phone masts, mobile phones, WiFis etc. are relatively new and indiscriminate, and these are what we should be compainging against.
I think even if people are aware of some dangers and turn their gadgets off when they are not using them, use them sparingly, turn off at night will be sufficient to improve the situation for some people.

# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 13:19

I am greatly saddened by the personal attacks on Alasdair Philips. He has done a great deal one way and another over the years trying to improve the situation of sufferers.

eric generic
# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 17:45

9 days later, and still not a thing on the Powerwatch site about this breakthrough case, or how the Sun newspaper selectively (mis)quoted Alasdair's comments.

If money is an issue, there's the option to switch to a free website host.


# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 20:51


Look here:


eric generic
# Posted: 28 Oct 2012 23:14

Thanks, ME! That's what I expected to see at some point this week. At least it's up somewhere....


eric generic
# Posted: 6 Nov 2012 13:32

From the horses' mouth, in today's news:

"A spokesman for the charity ElectroSensitivity UK said its objective was to get ES recognised and find the best ways of easing it."

(In response to the awful story of a microwave radiation sufferer who took their own life).

So, ES-UK are fighting a different cause to the one people like us, on here, wish to see fought on our behalf. Do we want our symptoms, our pain, our loss of freedom, invasion of our own homes and our 24/7 zapping to be watered down to a condition that carries no weight whatsoever with the government or NHS, and then merely have this watered-down misleadingly named condition "recognised"?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've been under the impression these past few years that we all want this madness to STOP. Unregulated, untested, inhuman microwave radiation pumped into our world without any thought or care for the consequences is carrying on while bodies like ES-UK simply strive to look for ways to "ease" our suffering?

Microwave radiation is affecting EVERYONE. Whether they happen to show any symptoms yet, or more likely even know what's happening to them as their stress levels rise, their irrational aggression increases, their behaviour becomes erratic, their decision-making goes to pot, their judgement erodes, it is affecting EVERYONE. Babies, businessmen, mothers, the elderly, sportsmen, children, EVERYONE.

Labelling the most extreme sufferers of this man-made nightmare under a misnomer such as ES, and then simply siphoning them off to one side as some kind of freakish minority, is plain WRONG.


eric generic
# Posted: 6 Nov 2012 13:37

The ES-UK website has also made NO EFFORT to remove pages of spam from their forum for the last two weeks. Anyone looking up the ES-UK site for information, after the Italy court ruling publicity, will simply find pages of spam left by hackers.

It doesn't take much to remove spam from a forum. Henrik nips everything in the bid on here, and other forums I belong to (and have personally run myself over the years) have a similar efficiency.


# Posted: 6 Nov 2012 17:57

eric generic,

To be fair to ES-UK: open a forum and spammers will come. The only thing that keeps the spam volume down is the CAPTCHA thingie that forces you to type the squiggly letters before posting.
Before I installed that, this forum was hell to maintain.

eric generic
# Posted: 6 Nov 2012 21:05

Exactly Henrik, I've no doubt about that...my own blog has had 804 spam posts removed automatically. Which begs the question why don't ES-UK just add the captcha function, or something similar that auto-removes/sifts out the spam? It can't be a question of money.


eric generic
# Posted: 7 Nov 2012 21:45

Something else which struck me about ES-UKs response to that story, is Sarah Dacre's "I knew him...he sent several e-mails to me". Which begs the question...why would he repeatedly e-mailing the publicity department of ES-UK other than to ask them for help? Why wasn't his story featured in earlier issues of the ES-UK newsletter, or any other media outlets, if his suicide was 6 months ago? He was obviously trying to get help or awareness raised, and yet he was given neither. Just a brief "it's a shame he killed himself...it happens with our members" after he's gone.

Instead the only way we've found about this dreadfully sad story is through a local news article, covering the inquest into his (unnecessary) death.

Proof that the likes of ES-UK are not in the business of helping those most in desperate need, when their lives are being taken from them by this evil technology and all hope is extinguished by the inaction of charities and groups who claim to be fighting for their cause.

I am glad that Mast-Victims posts all the relevant news stories, unlike all the other so-called campaign/support groups.


# Posted: 8 Nov 2012 00:03

Dear eric.
You are totally right.
We are Not ES, we are the Microwave Radiation Sickness Victims, and that is what this website and Forum is all about.

I am truly sorry too, that the young man did not find mast-victims
We would have put his story onto our "Case Histories" so that everyone who visits this site could have adviced him from their experience and done their best to help him.
Swaddling yourself in a Burka like clothing made from electrostatic material I do not believe in either, or the other Mumbo Jumbo stuff offered to ease all our pain.

One thing is that we have had to made our homes and (if we own them) our workplaces into "Faraday cages" at huge expense for us, profits for others, just to be able to live some sort of a life, but devoid of social contacts, like hermits, but Never Ever of Our choosing, does not make for an excuse for what harm has been done to us.
This is supposed to be the "We are All In It Together" society!
So, You the British Government, where is OUR bit of joy???
Or is it Only Our Contribution to the addicts???

But mast-victims.org is Very different from ES UK, Mast-sanity and most of the others, as we are a Totally Privately run and paid for Website, like your own blog, and we do NOT Have, and have never sought a "Charity Status", and we do Not rely on Volunteers to post on the website. BUT, we rely heavily on our friends from here and all over the world to send us news from their neck of their woods, that We can post, and mostly with their name as informants. We Do Not Accept Sponsors, or Gifts of Money, as We are Determent to remain TOTALLY INDEPENDENT AT ALL TIMES!
That way No one can paint us with the Tar Brush.
And you bet, We intend to stay that way.

As you know yourself it is big work, But you are Independent, You are Nobodies´ but your own, and you have all your integrity in place!
We are very proud to be like this, it makes it worth our while.
Best regards.

# Posted: 9 Nov 2012 21:40

If you spot spam then you could report it?

# Posted: 9 Nov 2012 23:32

It takes about two seconds to see the entire ES-UK forum has been spammed to bits. Every latest post of every single topic.


# Posted: 10 Nov 2012 17:46

I have sent an email by a roundabout route to try and alert ES-UK to the problem.

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