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# Posted: 19 Nov 2012 12:36

I feel I may have been unjust and unfair in the comments I made earlier on this post about ES UK, Ollie Johansson and others.

ES UK exists to provide information and support to those suffering from electrosensitivity and microwave sickness and in this they provide an invaluable service. The newsletter provides the only confirmation for many of us that we are not 'delusional', and the work, energy and effort needed, not just to provide the newsletter but the additional support as well is monumental. Many, like Brian Stein, are sufferers themselves which makes their efforts on our behalf all the more admirable.

Likewise Professor Johansson. His hard work and selfless dedication, over the past several decades to get the message across to the public have cost him dearly but he carries on. That the Swediish workers organized collectively to fight for their rights when they developed EHS/ES in the workplace is testament to that same spirit of tenacity when a wrong has been done, you keep fighting to put it right.

I still hold to the points I made previously - that EHS should be differentiated from Microwave Sickness in that, not only are the initial triggers different but medically (symptoms) and historically they evolved differentently.

However, my anger was misplaced. Instead of focusing on those trying to help the situation I should be focused on the European Parliament as it is responsible for the rolling out of the technology using microwave radiation, and it is the European Parliament which is blocking access to legal redress.

The label 'electrosensitivity' I felt was a major hindrance to previous attempts to pursue a legal action against Vodafone, but I've come to realise that whatever its called, microwave sickness or idiopathic stress or whatever, until the EU decide to allow us to obtain justice, when they have 'enough' money, when 'enough' people are sick, when 'enough' trees have died and the environment has become a wasteland, then they might see sense and allow us the democractic right to access our judicial system. Alternately we could stop this situation overnght by just ceasing to use our mobile phones but unfortunately the stupidity gene inherent in the human species prevents us doing anything so simple and straight forward.

The computer has started to make me feel sick for a while now so this will be my second last ever post. I want to say thank you to Mast Victims, ES UK, and Olle Johansson for fighting for us.

Hopefully the Italian court case will increase public awareness, so that we might stop poisoning ourselves, and hasten the day when we can also get justice .

# Posted: 19 Nov 2012 18:56


I hope you manage to return someday. I've not had enough dealings with Ollie J to say if he is or isn't complicit in the watering-down of this condition, but ES-UK remain in my line of fire. We are all going downhill, some more rapidly than others, and we have nothing tangible out there to support us.

Just more wi-fi, more 4G, more smartphone technology, more threats from the energy firms that having basic things such as water will now involve pulsed microwave technology than will cause all of us on this planet even more (unnecessary) suffering and harm. And more silence from the likes of ES-UK and Powerwatch.

If they all have some amazing secret plan in place, then fine. I am willing to stand corrected. But I am not seeing or hearing anything, and haven't done so for months. We are allowing society to ruin itself and its environment, and doing so in a hurry. For what? Money? Power? What use will it be if there's no world left worth ruling or living in?


# Posted: 20 Nov 2012 19:27

EG- I have had dealings with him. Olle is absolutely not 'complicit in watering down this condition'. He has been fighting hard for a long time to try and help us. Read his research papers and publications.
In one of his papers he drscribes the life od people who aree affected by the environment as being a 'living hell', Quite so! He has travelled widely giving talks, including the UK to try and help people.

As far as the EU goes, the UK government just ignores any proposals for reducing exposures. The crazy thing is the EU can force homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies off the shelves in Boot's chemists, but they cannot force the UK to reduce the exposures. So the government and their 'advisors' stick up two fingers to the EU parliament and to all of US saying the HPA / Department of Health sees no problem with the technology.
But who are the powerful people above the government MPs who are pulling the strings of the government and government departments?

# Posted: 21 Nov 2012 03:03

Like you I am so very sorry that Alex feels the need to stop.
There are many of us who will truly miss Alex input and this Forum will certainly be duller without them.

But Eric.
Please be aware that there is a LEGAL "Opt Out Clause" on the installation of "Smart Meters" at your property. This has been decided in Whitehall!

I suggest though that you contact your utilities by letter and tell them you are Not Game, otherwise they might assume that you are OK, or ignore your right, without informing you of it and just start the proceedings of installation.

It might be an idea if you and me sat down and "concocted" a neautral opt out letter that we could publish on this website and your blog f.inst.
I have signed the International "opt out" run by Art Kab, as well as they have made for Europe, but there is much I do not agree is necessary to point out in that "Standard letter". I would like to see a more British like one, as the other one with all its flourish ruffles my feathers.
If you like the idea, let me know here and I will write to you on your blog address, or you can write me, you know my e-mail:

Re: ES-UK I think their trouble is the same as Mast-sanity´s, Charity status.
They depend on volunteers to do the work, Too few volunteers, no work gets done. And they depend on handouts to pay their expenses.
But I know a couple of the people there, and they are absolutely good people.

We are different from that, we are a private site, we pay our own expenses and put in all the work.

Running a website like this can be really hard work, as you must know from your blog.
It involves hours of sorting through received material, loads of late night postings of news and Forum items. All done in our sparse spare time.

But again we are fortunate because we have by now quite a large number of "Super Reporters" from all over the world who send us news articles and links that we can put on our news, to try to keep us All informed about what is happening, not just here, but everywhere on this globe where they have the same problem.
But, like you with your blog, it is us who have to physically work the site.
So sometimes we do loads, other times we do not.

Re: Olle Johansen.
Olle is a professional scientist totally dedicated to the cause of researching and helping the victims of ES/EHS, EMR and Microwave Radiation.
He is a major force in that it is even acknowledged today that the IARC and the WHO have finally classified Microwave radiation as a 2B carcinogenic environmental pollutant.
They (the above mentioned institutions) are dragging their feet on going further, but Olle Johansen, Lennart Hardell as well as Cindy Sage, David Carpender, Martha Havas and many more world renovned independant scientists are pushing, and pushing them to do so, in the knowledge that it will cost most of them the funding they need for futher research and to produce the irreversible evidence we need to rubbish the Industrys claims of a "Harmless Technology"

But what we are fighting against is BIG MONEY! for the Industry, for the individual Governments.
By the time it is too late, like with the bees, birds, bugs, trees etc. they (Industry) will make a hasty retreat, with their bounty, there will be New politicians who claim they had No Part in this, and leave ourselves to clean up after this environmental disaster.

If we are lucky we will be able to nurture the environment back on again.
But WHY are we trying to destroy it in the first place?
Its the only one we´ve got.
Best regards.

# Posted: 21 Nov 2012 11:29

Eric.Please be aware that there is a LEGAL "Opt Out Clause" on the installation of "Smart Meters" at your property. This has been decided in Whitehall!YOU CAN DENY AN INSTALLATION AT ANY TIME!!

Hello Agnes - yes for electricity/gas, it is now (thankfully!) no longer compulsory, and there are companies who are happier than others to allow you to opt-out (British Gas appear to be one of the least helpful, and the most interested in getting smart meters installed quickly everywhere). We must all register our desire to opt-out from the scheme while it is still possible, and if necessary switch our suppliers to ones who are the most accomodating.

Which means our concern, all of us made ill by this technology, is now Water Meters, which nobody had even mentioned until very recently. At present, and confirmed by ES-UK, there is no opt-out. This is something which needs to be addressed, but judging from their newsletter ES-UK will not be fighting this as they did the electricity/gas smart meters.

I like the idea of a more UK-centric letter for opting-out, so by all means e-mail me and we can try and put something together!


# Posted: 1 Dec 2012 12:35

This message is now on the ES-UK Homepage:

Please note: We apologise that the user Forum is unavailable at present

eric generic
# Posted: 1 Dec 2012 23:46

Well that's a start! Thanks for the update.


# Posted: 3 Dec 2012 20:25

Look here - Dr Mercola interview with Alasdair Philips
[Video 1 hr 18 minutes and the interview transcript]

http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2012/01/21/alasdair-philips-on-emf.aspx?e_ci d=20120113_DNL_artTest_C6


# Posted: 7 Dec 2012 02:24


Thanks for posting; it's a good read, if not entirely helpful for those like us, but his honesty (how many times did he admit "I/we don't know"?) and his obvious sympathy and concern for those worst affected came through very clearly. Basically, he's out of his depth, just like we all are. At least he admits that, but it's not his fault that the telecom companies, the governments and these closed-shop organisations which are anything but transparent, are all pushing aggressively ahead with the roll out of more and more new technology, and continuing to deny any problems.

I am glad he made the connections/similarities between military technologies and current mobile phone technology, and a lot of the information was good (if unsurprisingly redundant for those already past the tipping point). It's a shame we can't all just decamp to somewhere remote in Scotland to get a break from this bombardment. I know so many of us are desperate for just some time away from the constant microwave radiation in our lives, in our homes, zapping us even as we sleep.

Turning off every appliance in the building won't stop a 3G/4G mast in the street or on a nearby rooftop from doing its thing, or from neighbours' home hubs, smart TV, smart meters and iPhones burning through the walls. Alasdair doubtless knows this, but the recommendations for reducing personal EMR exposure seem pretty sound. He is also mostly correct in his assessment of so many apparent remedies and devices to protect us, but remember he is closely affiliated with EMfields, who sell a lot of competing products, and over time I have found just as many of their products as ineffective as other companies. Always best to just try things for yourself, unless of course there is no money-back guarantee or trial period.


# Posted: 8 Dec 2012 16:13

We used to visit Scotland. We hear that even in Scotland you need to be careful. Military exercises in some areas. TETRA in the glens.
Where to go to get away from this pollution?

# Posted: 14 Dec 2012 00:32

Hi Hummingears

I have a friend named Roger Moller, who was forced to flee his home in Cambridgeand look for a new place to live, where there was no/less Radiation.
He found a new home in a small town/village in Wales, where there is little enough radiation for him to be able to live.

He used to be an electronics engineer but now runs a business from his home, going out monitoring the radiation in the environment for: f.inst. new house buyers or people who suspect they are beeing microwaved in their homes, and giving them advice on how to protect themselves.
Here is the link to his business:

Try contacting Roger.
He charges a small amount pr. minute for a phonecall, but it can very quickly turn out to be very well worth it.
Best regards

P.S. For Scotland contact Geoff Simmons.
He moved there some time ago, and has had a lot of problems. A link to Geoffs website is: http://emfclothing.com/ps/

I hope this can be of help to you or anyone else who needs advice.

P.P.S. I truly enjoy your name, it sounds quite Red Indian.
I have Red Indian friends who´s tribe, the Tattn tribe reservation lies near to Los Angeles, who are fighting the same battle as we are, and because their ansestors burial grounds are sacret, guess where the phone company wants to install the new mast installations for the Los Angeles area?
My friend John Tommy has had to educate himself to a law degree so that he is able to defend his tribe against the abuse from the phone company, which he aggressively does.
Best regards

# Posted: 15 Dec 2012 22:07

Thank you Agnes.

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