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# Posted: 14 Dec 2012 12:25


Recently I found out that some of my 230V light switches emit a powerfull EMR burst when they are shut off (not when turned on - only off). This is really strange.

I have measured it with the HFE35C analyzer to be around 1200 microwatts/m2 at a distance of 50 cm from the light switch - so it seems to be extremely powerful.

I can't find any explanation for this. Has anybody experienced the same or have knowledge of how this can happen? (and be prevented)


# Posted: 14 Dec 2012 18:50


I've measured powerful dirty-electricity from a nightstand lamp only when it was switched off! No idea why and unfortunately didn't have time to find out why.

# Posted: 15 Dec 2012 18:20

I have found this too with my HFE35C.
But it occurs when I am in one room and lights are turned either on or off elsewhere in the house, either upstairs or downstairs. I don't need to be close to the switch that is being turned on or off.

There is a sudden brief increase in the reading. Then it drops down again.
I would like to know why too.


# Posted: 16 Dec 2012 13:47


Are you also using Swiss switches? Or what type have you measured it with?

I have several mobile masts around me. The closest one radiates 3G and is just 200 meters away. I wonder if that could play a role?

Although I have the apartment shielded towards the masts, I suspect that radiation maybe could travel via the power lines? And maybe emitted via some kind of sparks inside the switch...?


# Posted: 16 Dec 2012 20:48

I am not sure what you mean by the Swiss switches. I am in the UK and we have standard on-off light switches that came with the house in 1970.

I measured the HF EMR using a gigahertz-solutions HFE35C meter.
We have 3G and 2G phone masts withing 400 metres and 250 metres.
More recently, the signal has changed and we are getting 4G too.
We also have a telecoms engineer next door with the latest devices.
Plus, neighbours with DECT/wifi and there are a few who have BTFon transmitting. So yes, HF EMR is coming in from outside.
0.2 V/m upstairs on the Acoustimeter. 0.02 - 0.05 V/m downstairs.
I sleep badly under a Chromax canopy.

I believe that the HF EMR is picking up on the house wiring and also the landkine phone wires.

There are some high voltage electricity pylons that have phone antennae attached to them a few miles away. Not a good idea.


# Posted: 22 Dec 2012 20:43

I have noticed that a spark often occurs when a switch is turned off. With AC power, the current flows zero-high-zero-high, and when switching off it depends on the current flow at the moment of switching. If high, a spark results because the electricity wants to continue flowing. If switching off and the current is zero, there is no spark.
I assume that the spark is what is causing the EMF burst.
A solution would be to install a zero-voltage switch, if one is available for the situation. (These switches detect when the voltage is zero and switch at that moment).

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