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# Posted: 9 Jan 2013 00:16

Ystad council, headmasters and teachers were paid by Apple to buy computers for their schools for use for their pupils.

When they put the computer aqusition out to tender they "Only Invited Apple" to bid for the contract.

Well that was in Sweden, so Where Else has this happened as well??
The UK? Germany? France? USA? Ireland? Anywhere, elsewhere!

It might not only be Apple who bribes the authorities, it could be Any Company in the industry in any given country.

Does anyone have similar experience in their country?? if so, let us know
here on this page.

And, Does anyone here know of an Investigative Journalist who might want to investigate this in the UK??


This was sent to us by Professor Olle Johansen of Karolinska Institut in Sweden and we thank him greatly for that.

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