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# Posted: 21 Apr 2013 14:51

An excellent article with a comprehensive list of symptoms and effects that will be all too familiar to us:



# Posted: 23 Apr 2013 02:57


People experiencing increased levels of ELF from artificial sources complain of such symptoms as:
•Water retention
•swollen glands
•breast soreness
•sore throats and muscles
•reoccurring colds
•arthritis flare ups
•rashes puffiness around the eyes
•flatulence and inflammation with pain that moves around the body

All of that can be attributed to the disruption of the lymphatic fluid that controls the health of the lymph system as well as the entire endocrine system that is in control of the hormones production and balance of the body.

More complaints include:
•increased blood pressure
•heart racing
•heart palpitation
•numbness in the feet and legs
•tightness in the chest
•loss of consciousness when standing up
•lack of sleep (insomnia)

These are attributes of the blood being adversely affected.
•heating up of cooling down of
•tightening of
•throbbing and stabbing pains on the skin
•automatic movements "jumping" of limbs

These are but some of the issues felt when the nervous system is not functioning properly. Again this has to do with fluid displacement because the sheath that surrounds and protect the nerves is filled with fluid.

Other complaints are:
•Memory blanking
•ringing in the ears
•sight issues
•intense thoughts out of place
•vivid thoughts ongoing
•forced daydreams

All of these have to do with the disruption of the natural electrical currents in the brain.

Other more sensitive complaints included:
•Intense and immediate itching of the genitalia
•immediate/automatic sexual stimulation
•immediate swelling of the vaginal walls or penis
•forced orgasm
•intense and sudden pain in genitalia
•burning of genitalia
•increased urination
•leaking semen or vaginal fluid

Those issues are also due to the manipulation of the body fluids, nervous system and electrical currents in the brain.

Of course many of those complaints are also associated with other health issues, but when they come on suddenly and leave suddenly with no prior warning or build up of symptoms they point to outside manipulation of electrical fields in the atmosphere surrounding us all.

You can easily see what dramatic affects upon the body and brain such manipulated electrical filed can have on us over time. The system can only take so much manipulation and stress before it begins to fatigue so much it starts to break down. Once this occurs the ELF has even greater affects upon the entire body and mind. Specifically targeted individuals can literally go mad from constant ELF targeting.


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