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Hope never dies
# Posted: 5 May 2013 22:56

I've struggled with emf sensitivity for nearly all my life despite not being able to name my symptoms for what they were .

There are lots of people who have it but are unaware of it , and some despite having it refuse to believe that it is caused by electronics ! I was one of them as well .

But now that I know , I want to do something .

as a college student , I see people with phones glued to their ears and wifi everywhere .
maybe I'll hand out flyers about the broad dangers of emf . and have people call me crazy (because my family can't hog all the fun).

- It seems most people on this website are from the UK. , ever tried getting together? using each others experiences ?

-What I hope for is not for the bastards who build 3 cellphone towers next to my house to be punished .

No ,, I want understanding .
No more ridicule , I want to be able to tell someone on the bus to turn their phone on because it is giving me a headache.
I want my friends to stop looking weirdly at me when I say I don't want to hang in wifi areas.
And I want to be able to study effictively without losing information due to poor memory.
I want to be able to protest the student union's new campaign promise of getting all the buses wifi'ed .
If I graduate with god's help I want to find a job where I don't have to deal with too much emf, but that is impossible now ..

Please we are a minority , but we are right , I want to be acknowledged for my condition because a problem never gets solved unless it is acknowledged .

can everyone share something they have done for the cause , and if they are planning to do something more ? just to encourage one another .

for example : Those who made this website , and those who are trying to make low emf computers etc..

# Posted: 6 May 2013 00:06 - Edited by: ericgeneric

Hi Hope,

You are right, at the moment there is still a huge, deliberate denial taking place, both from the general public (who have been purposely misinformed and kept in the dark) right up to the very highest levels (where self-interest, greed and various agendas require it to be so). Denial, even in the face of solid, widespread evidence around the globe, continues to silence any genuine discussion or acknowledgement of the monster that's been created.

Just look at the UK Parliament footage recently, when Stop Smart Meters UK were asked to present the case for not allowing this technology to be rolled out into every person's home - the woman set next to them, the HEAD OF OUR HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY no less (capitalised for effect), just rolled her eyes to the heavens with a contemptuous look on her face. These are the people entrusted to look after us. This is what we are up against, and it is a disgrace.

Conflicts of interest abound, almost blatantly, when such a situation would never be allowed in commerce or sport or media. I'm sure you are aware of Obama's latest trick to keep the denial afloat - appointing a former telecoms lobbyist as the new head of a body set up to regulate and investigate the "safety" of this technology!

Just this week, Vodafone have rolled out a big new ad campaign that actually MAKES A VIRTUE of not allowing customers to sleep at night, as if total 24/7 addiction to smartphones and wi-fi is, to quote the tagline, "a good thing". It's insane and sick.

I can't speak for anyone else, but whenever I am asked "well, what are YOU doing about it?", my response is...I write a blog that is viewed from just about every corner of the world, I spread the word, I raise awareness, I join the dots, I point out things that maybe escape some people, I offer advice based on my own experience, I go on other forums and risk abuse in order to tell people about the great lie...that this technology is not harmful, and we as a society, and a species, will not be immune from its effects.

Please stick around.


# Posted: 7 May 2013 03:04

Hi Hope Never Dies.
My name is Agnes, and this is my website, run by me and my younger son Henrik, who created this website for me and services it and is the webmaster.
I live in the UK, Henrik lives in Denmark.
The reason for setting up the website was a Mobile phone mast (cell-tower) installed on the roof of the house next to ours in 2003, on a steep hill, so that the Microwave Radiation from the mast irradiated the whole of our house, which we used both for the offices for our family firm as well as to live in.
Well, when the mast became operational it was a horrific experience, within 20 minutes of the mast starting work we were sick.
We were all unable to work, sleep, think straight because of the headaches and the devestating nausea and sickness that now was our everyday life.
We managed to re-locate the office, within 2 months with the help of our older son Niels (who works for us in the company), to an old condemned, town council buildings asbestos ridden extension, on a short lease as it was marked for demolition, in one of the neighbouring towns, so at least now we could now work and support our selves again.
Ourselves, we were practically homeless for over a year and a half as we got sick again the minute we stepped inside the house, which had been our home and place of work.
The rest of the story is also Bad History.
If you are interested you can read some of it here at link: http://www.mast-victims.org/index.php?content=journal&action=view&type=journal&id=3
And the journal of my husband Erik, here: http://www.mast-victims.org/index.php?content=journal&action=view&type=journal&id=11
We took the Telephone company to court, and I have Never experienced a "Punch and Judy" act like our court proceedings.
The telephone company were really "OUT FOR THE KILL" and truly succeded. The judge Only listened to their side and arguments.

We were presented with an Invoice that would make sure we would Never raise our heads again, and we were forbidden to talk to the press about the case and what the eventual sum we had to pay came to, as the Telephone company Claimed "Human Rights" (We obviously did not have that privilege or any rights).

This is the sole background for this website.

But over to you.
You say "Cell Towers", which to me means you are Not in the UK, but your language is that of one born in an English speaking country.
We have most of, if not all the worlds countries visiting the website, and many people write to us asking for help to deter a mast installation in their neighbourhood.
At this moment we have people from South Africa and Sudan we are trying to help.

We have had some successes (world-wide) in helping people to get mast installation applications turned down, but I am truly sorry to say, Not All of those who we have tried to help.
In the UK and in Denmark we have asked our Members of Parliaments and institutions like Cancer Research and Health Protection Agencies to help. but have had No Luck so far, as these institutions all are staffed by Civil Servants and seem dependent on the monetary gain that could be had from the wireless Industry to pay their monthly wages, and that somehow, no matter what they claim, seems to count for more than your or mine health and well-being.

There is abundant evidence of the harm to humans, and other life, caused by this "Technology" and if you look up the New review of the Bio-initiative report you will se that they list over 2000 studies that show harm.

But Ignoring Evidence Does Not mean it does not exist.
And people (Who call them selves scientists, while doing what they are ordered by their governments, ignoring and trying to hide evidence to secure their positions and pay-cheques are probably the most contemptable lackeys of our day, and there are loads of them out there).
The "Lady" from the Smart Meter meeting, Eric points out from the HPA is one of these people.
She is Not, and Never has had any Concerns about the people who's interests she has been hired to protect. All she is worried about is her position and her pay-cheque.

At the moment my advice to you is this;
Do ask the person on the bus to turn their phone off because the Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation from their phone makes you sick and gives you a bad headache.

I have done it many times in different places, and quite honestly you might get a surprise to find many will do what you ask. They might even ask you what happens, as they themselves experience headaches, but do not know what to pin them on.
But you will also get people who give you to fingers and tell you to jump in the lake.
But, anyway it is worth trying.

We have a long way to go, before we get this problem where we want it to be.
But if we don't keep on trying, even if we get ridiculed, we don't get anywhere.
And if your friends are "Real Friends" they will listen to your account of what happens to you, and Millions of others worldwide, when "Zapped" by the Radiation from Wireless gadgets.
So, give it a go.
Best regards
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

Hope never dies
# Posted: 7 May 2013 21:28

Thank you eric , and agnes for sharing your story . This makes me feel like I'm not alone although It might be short lived . and thank you for spreading awareness the both of you . this website is great , very informative and organized , finding it was a god's send .

the people who keep things under wraps are those who don't feel the severity of the problem . so they think it's ok to ignore it as the money pouring in is too much to ignore , they might think they can use it to do useful things , but they just don't get that they have made many other people's life hell at the process .
some might just be doing it as a way to stuff their pockets , having to sympathy or conscience can do that .
I see the only two solutions for this . either the higher ups develop electrical sensitivity >>
or there would be a group of people protesting .
for me I live in an area heavily populated with cellphone towers, there is one that is as close as 50 meters , and 2 more . I've tried writing 20 letters to the neighbors , only 3 responded and their response was , we should get together someday .. and as my family is not interested .....
- I wish I could go to places where there is a cellphone mast built near and encourage people to demonstrate and form a committee to fight this . but I got the shocking truth that people are careless , they could be boiled and not feel it . I wish I knew what to do .
;As something tells me that nothing lasts forever and neither will this .

# Posted: 8 May 2013 13:11

@ Hope never dies

I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with the nearby masts and also the college environment. I share your frustration and know only too well that many people just shrug their shoulders and say, 'It doesn't bother me.'

I too have gained much help from Agnes and Henrik this website.

The 4G is harder to shield against. We now have 4G which is more penetrative than the 2G or 3G
The health effects are worse, I find. Plus wifi everywhere.

The UK government does not give a damn and is in denial that there are problems with the technology. It is an uphill struggle.

It is good to be able to get away from here for a short while.
I find the best place to be is [birdwatching] in dense woods/forests away from the phone mast signals. The trees block the signals.
But, I don't know if that might be not possible/hazardous due to the wild life or the terrain...

[Check out though that the mobile operators have not erected any artificial trees that are actually transmitters!].

About the headaches - have you tried any shielding hats/caps?
If you are in the USA, there is a supplier called lessemf.


# Posted: 17 May 2013 02:44

Dear Hope....

"Those who don't feel the severity of the problem...." Exactly.
Those of us who "feel" the EMF's are the ones who are most charged about it (no pun intended). Many, many people have not physically or mentally felt these effects as we have. That's why we face the daily ridicule, or as I call it "Tin Foil Hat Syndrome" of those who are in disbelief. It seems as though, as humans, we need to experience something before truly absorbing its meaning. Just wait, it will come. Those who have felt the effects, physically or mentally, will eventually "connect the dots" to the technology. And those who are not sensitive yet will become sensitive with time. Or enough people will become sick with symptoms and diseases not directly correlated with the technology that it will become obvious. It's just a matter of time. It's like asbestos, cigarettes, chemicals in our food, etc. I've thought about this aspect of electrosensitivity at great length since I am very self conscious. Hang in there, and keep telling truth. Collaborate with other electrosensitives in your area if you can find them. Eventually the world will follow. Consider yourself lucky, you are one of those able to be aware early:)

Hope never dies
# Posted: 20 May 2013 04:01

I haven't tried any shielding material , because I've tried making a faraday cage using aluminum foil and at first it was ok . to only let 3 signal bars inside , but then it got a full signal and it became really bad truly a waste of time , and all suppliers of emf protection gear are truly far from me , so I can't afford to try something and not ground it again and have it be useless in a short time . do they work with you ES?

people are bound to find out as there is no place without a signal and apparently wifi now :(

Today I have handed 20 flyers to people at my college (p.s. I live in Egypt ,and I go to the British university in Egypt ) .

so I got a couple of strong responses from a foreign professor who seemed to know all about it , and I got a heavy response from a librarian who also happened to live next to a cellphone mast and suffered but didn't realize the severity of the symptoms . I was really happy with those two .
then there were others I just handed out the papers and left but somehow I felt they'd toss it in the trash as soon as I left . it doesn't seem like this is a concern for teens at all . even those who are clearly suffering with their grades , getting their facebook fix in a wifi environment is far more important .

I'm thinking of not just handing out the flyers but talking to people too to make sure they have an idea in case they don't read ?

I've also thought about something that all of us could maybe try doing (those who live near a cell tower)

How about putting pictures that expresses danger for passerby to look at?

Hope never dies
# Posted: 10 Jun 2013 22:00

Hello again , I hate for this thread to be inactive , honestly if we all just post things no matter how small they may be

like for example: today I told someone about emf hazards

and if everyone makes a similar effort we can begin to encourage each other

# Posted: 11 Jun 2013 02:11

Hi Hope Never Dies.
I am very interested in what you tell about the Faraday Cage you made, so I have a couple of questions here:
We have thought very much about how to protect ourselves, by now for 10 years, and we have (I hope) come to find some cheap solutions, as, as you point out the protection from the Radiation is Very Expensive:
So, here goes:

1). Did you construct a frame for the cage, say out of wood, metal etc. to
fasten the aluminium foil onto?
If you did you might have a simple and cheap alternative to fasten onto your cage, In the UK this material can be bought in most good hardware stores as it is used in horticulture etc.
What I am talking about is Wire-Mesh.
You can usually buy it by the roll, and we use it in front of windows as an Under-Curtain, and it is very good to keep out the Radiation.
I put here a link to one of the UK´s hardware stores that you could look at so you would know what to look for in Egypt.

The wire-mesh I have made a link to is "Very-Fine" but other coarser mesh could do the job, you would have to try to measure how fine you need, to block out the radiation in your home.

If you did not make a framework for the cage I would suggest that you hang wiremesh up in front of your windows to start with.
And a simple construction for a Faraday Cage (Tent) would be to fit a hook into your ceiling over the middle of your bed, buy a cheap celing lamp shade shade like this on the link here: http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=110&storeId =10151&partNumber=056870
Turn the lampshade up-side down and fasten the "Button" at the bottom to the hook.
If you choose the fine mesh it should not to difficult to drape it over the bed, like you do a Fly net.
It could f.inst be something a bit like this:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007ETQSPQ/ref=asc_df_B007ETQSPQ13575800?smid=A17T01ZKJ8RJ 7O&tag=shoppingmp118668-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B007ETQSPQ
Let me know what you think, if it is possible where you live.
Best regards.

And, P.S. we are the terror of the neighbourhood, as we tell everyone about the scrouge of the Wireless Microwave Radiation "Technology" the health effect of which makes us unable to live normal lives.

# Posted: 14 Jun 2013 01:23

Hi Hope Never Dies.
on the 20 of May you wrote:
"I haven't tried any shielding material , because I've tried making a faraday cage using aluminum foil and at first it was ok . to only let 3 signal bars inside , but then it got a full signal and it became really bad truly a waste of time , and all suppliers of emf protection gear are truly far from me , so I can't afford to try something and not ground it again and have it be useless in a short time . do they work with you ES?"

But I have good news for you in Egypt.
Yshield, the protection materials, devices etc. http://www.yshield.com/ do have a distributor in Egypt.

Here is the address of the name and e-mail of the distributor: Ragab Shamel; Email: rrshamel@gmail.com

Take a look at the Yshield website and then contact their agent, who is bound to be able to give you good advice on how to protect yourself and other "EHS" In my language: "WMRS" (Wireless Microwave Radiation Sufferes).
Let me know how you get on.
Best regards.

Hope never dies
# Posted: 22 Jun 2013 10:06

Thank you so much for your replies Agnes

for the faraday cage I feel rather silly having gone that extreme with really little information but I just thought it might work , I asked a physics professor and he told me to just get aluminum foil and ground it using a copper wire and dig like 3 meters on the floor then put the wire or dig till you reach water !

what happened was that I used what I found which wasn't normal kitchen foil but lamenated aluminium with plastic , which is basically aluminum with a plastic layer outside and thin as a normal aluminum foil ,, I didn't think I could ground it with the plastic and all , and I didn't have the copper wire either . in the end I deduced that as long as there is room for air there is room for frequencies , and it it was hard for it to get in , then it's hard to get out , and eventually the cage saturates ..

for the frame , I used none really ,, I tried to construct a frame over the bed but wasn't successful , so I just did it in the wardrope to see what it would be like (weird I know but it's a big wardrobe , so I just hung it over the walls)

a few months ago I contacted wireless protection , the site owner told me he'd be willing to ship to egypt , so I'm gonna give the canopy a go , he says it's the best thing for me and as I'm about to give up I'll give it a try .

good luck I hope you succeed in making shielding material available for everyone .

# Posted: 24 Jun 2013 01:44

I am so glad that you seem to have sorted things out.

Protecting your house against Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation is no small thing, and very expensive at that.

I wish you all the luck with your canopy.
Best regards.

P.S. And yes, you are right, I am trying to make sure shielding materials will be available to everyone, no matter where, and I am also trying to collect ideas for DIY shielding, as many people cannot afford the expensive solutions offered.


# Posted: 5 Jul 2013 21:55

The total bullying by mobile gadget users of all and everybody took an interesting turn yesterday 03-07-13 according to the Daily Mail.

A lady who insisted on talking into her mobile phone while at the check-out point complained to Sainsbury´ that the cashier had refused to serve her while she was talking on her phone.

And the astonishing turn of events is, that Sainsbury offered her vouchers worth £. 10.- as compensation and they are considering her complaint.

The phone bullying is rewarded with £. 10.- vouchers!

# Posted: 6 Jul 2013 00:07

They did at least let the columnist (Brian Viner, a tradionalist and TV critic of many years standing) give the culture of mobile zombies a scathing kicking. Whether that was intentional, to paint any dissenters as old-fashioned, out of touch luddites, I couldn't say. Loved the phrase "social retards".


# Posted: 6 Jul 2013 22:51

Well Eric, I don't think loving is the correct word for the phrase 'social retards' as it is getting too true for comfort for many people!
Anyway, good to see 'hope' is finding some help here.
I also found it very helpful especially the 'News' section.

Sadly, recently my sister appears to have become sensitive to the microwaves, and I am not sure why but it could be to do with changes at her work. The trouble is that it would be difficult to get away from it due to work. She has been the most stable, nicest and the 'rock' of the family and all of a sudden she is experiencing 'stress' and worries about everything. She never used to and was support to all the family.

You know I am increasingly believing that people who are inclined to be allergic with hay fever, asthma, eczema might more prone to feel the effects of wireless gadgets. And unfortunately we do have allergies in our family.

The other point is that it is interesting that the woman from the Health Protection agency has no time for emf sensitive people, they probably picked her for the role. HPA has recently changed its name which I now cannot remember!
I will write to her. Do you have her name?

# Posted: 6 Jul 2013 23:59

Ann, when I say love...it's in the context of the Daily Mail allowing anyone to use such a strong (but correct!) phrase. The zombiefication of the public is well past tipping point, from what I see around me.

The public may well be being horribly misled on this technology, and it is addictive in itself regardless of the addiction to what you actually can do with the stuff, but I wish people weren't so easily suckered into following fashions that stupify them and damage their ability to think and remember...and just be aware of their surroundings and their behaviour.

But even if you're like us, well aware of the dangers, and sensitive to the effects of it - even second-hand - it's doing the same to our minds. My short-term memory was the first to suffer, then finding simple words to express thoughts in conversation, and now I've got the beginnings of a form of dyslexia when writing or typing....the letters are coming out in the wrong order a lot more often, and I can feel my brain working harder to get them out in the right order.

As a former writer, that's quite hard to take. But it does seem to target whatever abilities you have. The number of authors getting early dementia/alzheimer's is noticeable.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister. This is also what's happening to people in my own family too. This technology is evil.


# Posted: 7 Jul 2013 00:19

Look here for the official 'Public Health England' [formerly the HPA]
on Smart meters, wi-fi/WLAN, mobile phones, cordless phone

http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationT opics/ElectromagneticFields/CordlessPhones/

http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationT opics/ElectromagneticFields/MobilePhones/

http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationT opics/ElectromagneticFields/WirelessLocalAreaNetworks/

http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationT opics/ElectromagneticFields/WiFi/
'There is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to radio signals from Wi-Fi and WLANs adversely affects the health of the general population.'

'On the basis of the published studies and those carried out in-house, the HPA sees no reason why Wi-Fi should not continue to be used in schools and in other places.'

http://www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/Radiation/UnderstandingRadiation/UnderstandingRadiationT opics/ElectromagneticFields/SmartMeters/
'The evidence to date suggests exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health.'

'Assessments made in other countries that use smart meters have found exposures that are low in relation to internationally agreed guidelines.'

'HPA will be carrying out research to assess exposures from the devices as the technology is rolled out.'

And this pronouncementis outrageous!!!!!
'HPA considers exposure to radio waves does not provide a basis to decline having a smart meter.'


# Posted: 7 Jul 2013 00:31 - Edited by: ericgeneric

PHE: Disgusting, greedy, evidence-denying, people-killing parasites.


# Posted: 12 Jul 2013 05:22

I would love to tape the BioInitiative Conclusions to their foreheads.


Eric, I too find that my short term memory is going, and myself and others around me have been complaining of having to "search for words" that seem to disappear mid-sentence. My family and all the kids at my daughter's daycare are suffering from hampered immune systems and I seem to be having some endocrine/hormonal imbalances now. All after smart meters... Detox seems to help. Have you tried the "Master Cleanse"?


It's so easy and cheap, that's why I like it! I usually just use lemon and syrup 1:1 ratio with as much cayenne as I want. Doing it just one day/week has helped a lot with my "ringing ears" situation (biggest symptom for me). I think if I did it for a few days it would help out a lot! Driving long distance to see an MD who specializes in EHS patients next week, I'll be sure to let MastVictims.org know of any info I get from him :)

# Posted: 15 Jul 2013 02:02

DM, Yes please let us know!
All the info you can get.
It is sure to help a lot of people who use this site, including us.

And to you DM, Eric and Anonymous.
There was a Very interesting, long and Researched article in The Mail on Sunday today, written by the reporters James Delingpole and David Rose, where the writers had to use the Freedom Of Information Act to get the info they needed from the windmill industry in the UK.
The article is about the health effects from Windmills, and a US report into health effects from, Yes, Hold your Breath: 1987!
But the article could just as well have been written about the health effects from the Mobile Masts, all the EMR everywhere, and the radiation from the everyday gadgets, most people carry around everywhere today, that cause us to be sick, so I decided to put a link here anyway, as I know from George Carlo, whom the industry hired for 7 years to produce a study on health effects from EMR, when he delivered his study, which actually HAD found health effects, they fired Carlo, binned the report, and the study has never surfaced, and Carlo said this happens everytime there is a Negative (to industry) result, but of course the study will surface someday, just like the study in the windmill story.
Remember, Alan Frey already warned against the efects of EMR in the 1960´s, as Neil Cherry did, since then Cindy Sage and Kennedy with the Bioinitiative, Magda Havas, Dr. Hardell, Olle Johansen, which are just the cream of the worldwide known scientists are trying their best, as well as Local scientists all over the world are trying to protect their people against the pollution.
So, what it is the HPA does not get is beyond me, although I know they Only Conduct "Studies" from searching for reports on the Internet, and Only read the ones In English! How ignorant is that, even I speak, read and write 3 languages fluently, but have to put my live into the hands of this totally ignorant and incompetent civil servant quango, who have been given the power to decide the quality (or lack of) of my health and life.

But back to the article: Here goes, and I hope you take your time to stroll through the story to find the bit about the study, it is the second Chapter down from top.

How wind industry buried the devastating evidence of turbine noise for 25 years...
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362762/The-dirty-secret-Britains-power-madne ss-Polluting-diesel-generators-built-secret-foreign-companies-kick-theres-wind-turbin es--insane-true-eco-scandals.html

I am sure All of you will recognise the symptoms pointed out, and if you ask me they are the Same Symptoms as we have to live through and cope with on a daily basis.

And again, Both POLLUTIONS do Not smell, Are Invisible, but play havoc with Our Health and Body and Brain systems!

Looking forward to hear your opinion on this.
Best regards.

# Posted: 16 Jul 2013 02:04

Not remotely surprising at all, is it. Sounds very similar to the EMR racket...

Long-term cover up? Check.
Government lies? Check
Deals with shady, un-eco companies for their own profit at public loss? Check.
An idea that doesn't actually work and needs ugly tech to back it up? Check.
Bad for our health? Check.

Similar as in the same, as I call it.


# Posted: 16 Jul 2013 15:04

The issue about the authorities not reading languages other than English published is ridiculous. Years ago, I offered to send the BMA research office a couple of translated copies of German language article showing the health dangers. They declined them - because they were *not originally published in an English language journal*.
They were not even curious to know what was in them.

By the way, there is a planned trial of UAVs in Patterdale - to assist mountain rescue work. UCLan University of Central Lancashire in Preston is involved.


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