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# Posted: 7 Jun 2013 03:33

Hi all.
A few things cought my old eagle eye in the news today, and what I found really strange was the difference in the medias reporting the same story in their newspaper and on their on-line sites, mostly I noticed the Omissions I found on the on-line sites, as to their paper copies.

1). is here:
Local communities will be given the power to block wind farms under new planning rules to be unveiled
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/windpower/10102117/Locals-to-get-veto-power-o ver-wind-farms.html
The Telegraph Omits to state that Ministers plan to adopt a similar approach to Nuclear power stations and Fracking rigs.
In both paper and online articles.

The Daily Mail brings this in its Paper copy, but Omits it in the on-line version.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2336594/Residents-given-power-kill-new-wind-t urbines-Tories-claim-end-controversial-onshore-developments.html

Both these Newspapers report what Ministers intend to do to re-introduce Democracy to the communities who live out-there, but at the same time there is only Glee to welcome the biggest pollution of all and the most serious threat to inhabitants health of all: Namely: Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation from the Wireless Industry.
The biggest worry seems to be if it disturbs our TV signal and Freeview channels.

But No Veto to Communities here, or Democracy for that matter, NO!
This is a Free For All, Wire-less Lobbyist Heaven.

Lets hope the NHS Will Cope when we get that far that they will have to buckle and treat our "Forced Upon" sickness seriously.
Best regards.

# Posted: 23 Jun 2013 09:45

The biggest worry seems to be if it disturbs our TV signal and Freeview channels.
Disinformation: Manufactured opposition.

Every time fracking gets talked about they cite the risk of minor earth quakes as the main worry.

I couldn't give a damn about tremblors, it's the toxic chemicals that can leak into the ground that I'm worried about. Apparently frackers in UK will have to disclose the composition of their fluids. I am not reassured. 6-7% of all wells in US have had 'problems'. Result - permanent contamination of the environment.

# Posted: 24 Jun 2013 01:37

I totally agree with you.

Masts/Windmills/Fracking whatever pollution they are trying to sell us, that We Do Not Want to Buy ends up beeing Forced upon us.

So much for "We´re All In This Together".

If it is a matter of Cash, then Cash wins at all times over environmental pollution

No matter how much we are told our opinions and resistance will be listened to, when it comes to the crunch, if there is cash in it, we get overruled.
Democracy??[u][/u] A place in Outer Mongolia??

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