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www.mast-victims.org forum / General discussion / UK members Anyone up for attempting an injunction. In enough numbers to make the news.
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# Posted: 21 Aug 2013 12:46

I've no doubt we would fail, but if enough of us do it we may get on the BBC news and be able to publicise what we are going through.....here's a link through to another forum, I'm Torment1....you can register and leave me a Private Message or leave a post on this thread.


# Posted: 23 Aug 2013 02:41

Hi Torment
Thank you or the message.
I have registered on your site, but please tell me what this is about, and what you hope to achive.
Our biggest problem was not the "Hum", or vibrations, but the dire health effects from the "3" mast next door, but, and we did record this, the temperature in our house rose after the mast installation, and our Georgian single vindow pane´s vibrated, which we recorded and which was made into a graph. (This is going back to 2003).
We have since found out that the health effects DO NOT go away just by abandoning your home, and finding a new "Clean" place to live and work.
The health effects are There To Stay, and get worse with time.
You say on your website that you have a "log", so have we, recorded day by day, so pls. get in touch.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

# Posted: 24 Aug 2013 21:57

Sadly the BBC would not be interested they have already been criticised for making a programme on the subject (Panorama a few years ago.)
They use communication masts in their transmissions so they are called hypocrites - anyway they don't care. Until influential people become affected and can see that they are, there is little hope of change.
Every day in the papers I read bout one or another journalist having headaches, stress, restless leg, insomnia, depression, and writing about people who are equally stressed etc. but do they ever make the connection that their obsession with their mobiles could be the cause? The situation is desperate.
Our hope is to make as many people and Mps aware of the problem and then something might happen.

The trouble is that once people become ill they are unable to function properly and have neither the will nor energy to fight or take up the cause!
I have always been meaning to do more writing myself but family problems and commitments have prevented me and I don't function properly anyway - always a little bit ill, headachy, tired, depressed even though I avoid any use of wireless gadgets because they are so prolific. I don't use them but everyone around me does!
The pictures are beautiful but you should have taken one of the masts that are near your house that are causing problems.
Good luck

# Posted: 25 Aug 2013 14:49

Thankyou, Agnes...I have sent an email....and Ann for your information. And yes a lot of people do seem to be addicted and obsessed with wireless technology. Mostly looking like rabbits caught in the glare of car headlights or looking as if I have taken their cigarettes away from them at the mearest suggestion that they turn their mobile phones off because they are causing me severe pain.

I am happy to be guided in what needs to be done.

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