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# Posted: 1 Oct 2013 03:04

Hello I have been following the discussions on here for a few months, but in recently moving from a more rural area where I was working. I am now in Kansas City where my home recently got Google Fiber Wire installed it's fast but I am feeling very sensitive. I am generally sensitive with energies.

So my questions is I am thinking about throwing down some serious money for the Sillver Tulle Canopy from yshield and the floor mat that goes with it. That canopy is at 50Attenuation instead of the average 35Attenuation that the other canopies list at on their website.

My question is... is this overkill? Am I wasting money to get that Silver Tulle Canopy?

Also I am in a small studio and I thought instead of painting walls to get a small Schuman Frequency device from CutCat http://www.cutcat.com/item/Total_Shield/570i

I have a mini version of this that I travel on planes with... I think it helps.

Anyway... Do you think a Canopy and Shield would be helpful or overkill. I want to sleep well and detox radiation while I sleep so it isn't just constantly building in me.

Any thoughts are appreciated. and would love to hear from Volker on this.

Also I don't want to have to ground this canopy is that necessary?
and please recommend a good meter?

Thank You for this brave and progressive community...


P.S. Had been living in two major major cities NYC and London at one point and when I left to the country side I got much more well! Now I am in the medium sized city of Kansas City... and starting to get more inflamed. So I know there is something to all of this electro sensitivity.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2013 03:49

Hi Tasharuu.
Thak you for the nice comments about our website, they are very appreciated.
I am not to knowledgeble on the workings of shielding, but One thing I know and that is, if you are feeling sensitive now you will be worse when the strenght of the system gets turned up, I have no idea why, but that always happens.
So, I would not worry about Overkill, you might not need the strong protection at this moment, but you might Very soon, when the strength gets turned up, and by then you might have invested in a lesser attenuation and be sorry to have invested in something that shows up to be less than enough, because no matter if it is 35 or 50 they all are serious cost.

I am sorry to tell you that Volker has stopped working for Yshield, and Christina who now looks after business at Yshield does not seem to be interested in giving advice on this website. I promise you we all miss Volker and his invaluable advice.
What I will do is to ask Henrik, creator and webmaster of this site (who is very knowledgeble on this subject) to read your questions and give you advice based on his knowledge.
Best regards.

# Posted: 3 Oct 2013 09:40


Firstly, you need to reduce your exposure to wireless from the google fiber box.

The Google fiber runs an optic cable to your home, BUT the network box that comes with google fiber contains wireless Wi-Fi that is on by default. Such a box transmits all the time, even when you're not connected to the internet.

Even though you have connected your computer with a cable, the Wi-Fi stays on by default.

You need to manually turn off the Wi-Fi.

Here's how: go to this support page:
and click on the "To disable a device as an access point" link there.
The link expands and shows a guide to shutting off the Wi-Fi. Follow all the steps.

Hope this helps.


# Posted: 4 Oct 2013 10:55

A canopy is not good.
One gets coupling of electrical fields.
The air inside gets *choking* after a while.
Many persons who were using a canopy were positive the first weeks, but then dismantled them.
The point is, that your body is too close to the shielding material.

In my opinion, the betters ones are those by Aaronia.de, but they are very expensive.

I also am against painting the walls. Because they have to be grounded, and many groudn lines do contaqin *dirty frequencies*, which are getting into the room. If one wants to shield, it is better to hang a curtain on a rail.
Yshield has nice shielding curtain fabrics.

All manufacturors of shielding materials deny this, but I have 15 years experience and observed, and measured, that these materials do absorb the radiation after a while and start transmitting it. So it is good, that one can reach the shieldings after a (long) while. I am not alone with this view.
Silvio Hellemann, the writer of the interesting book *Handbuch fuer Elektrosensible* wrote me the same thing, and a German physician, who spent € 50.000 on shielding, wrote the same experiance to me, and moved to another place.

# Posted: 4 Oct 2013 18:10


"many ground lines do contain *dirty frequencies"

do you mean if you use the electrical wiring ground lead or if you use a real grounding rod directly into the earth?

# Posted: 9 Oct 2013 19:51

I mean both!
There can be frequencies from 5kHz up to 20-30MHz present.

For the ground lines in the electrical wiring I had bought a special filter for testing, which did cost me € 150,-, but did not do what I expected.

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