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# Posted: 5 Oct 2013 14:21

I have just been speaking with a homeopath...now forgive me if you all know of this anyway! She suggesting degaussing....using a hairdryer but pointing away from you and sweeping it over your body with the back of the hairdryer, front and back and doing it at least twice a week....something to do with positive and negative ions.

Also, she said there is a homepathic remedy called electricity....I will be meeting with her towards the end of the month for a full consultation...I'll report back. I would be very interested to read any comments from people who have already tried this and if it has helped. It's nice to have a feeling of hope for a change :-|

# Posted: 10 Oct 2013 23:12

There is a lot of hope in my earlier presented 30 points plan.

We have tried *electricity* many years ago, but could not find it helpful.

However, a study shows now, that ginseng can be helpful.

# Posted: 10 Oct 2013 23:59

Thankyou Charles...May I ask you, do you know if ginseng ok for people with a heart problem. When I am being subjected to high level of radio frequency, which happens every day, my heartbeat becomes irregular and I have read that you shouldn't take it in these circumstances,

I will look for your 30 points plan.

# Posted: 11 Oct 2013 02:38

I will be asking Henrik (webmaster) to look at your problem.
He is trying out New theories, that when he told me about them seem totally obvious, so please be patient, I will ask him now to look at your problem and give you his take.
Best regards.

# Posted: 22 Oct 2013 13:26

Thankyou Agnes and thankyou Henrik in advance for looking at my problem.

I have been in Berkshire for over a week, sadly my mother was taken ill and subsequently died. It was Thursday when We travelled back to Cumbria, but I was shocked at just how powerful the radio frequency/signal/electromagnetic pollution is in that part of the country. It has always been worse here from Thursday and over the weekend but it was something else in the south and only when we had cleared Birmingham did it reduce somewhat.

I shouldn't have been surprised because of the highly populated area and all that brings, but all the same it was quite incredible and I wholeheartedly sympathise with anyone who is badly affected by these things and living in densely populated areas. I couldn't have coped with it for much longer.

Kind Regards


# Posted: 22 Oct 2013 14:07 - Edited by: ericgeneric

Mary, by all accounts there is a large military/MoD infrastruture in and around the Berkshire/Hampire area...just off the M4, I think. Plus you have the army-centric areas such as Aldershot, Odiham and Arborfield in that neck of the woods as well.

I am sorry to hear about you mother.


# Posted: 16 Nov 2013 16:30

about that "degaussing with hairdryer" explained by "Torment" above:

i've done this now 2 days on a row and think it really helps me, is like i have more physical strength afterwards

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