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Eileen O´Conor
# Posted: 16 Dec 2005 02:35

Just take a look at the amount of phone masts 100 metres from the Buncefield Oil Depot, Hemel Hempstead, and wonder!.

Please also read about Stray Voltage information provided to Birmingham City Council Scrutiny Committee on phone masts.

Stray Voltage Case 1:
An incident was reported to SCRAM by an electrical contractor some 12 – 18 months ago, he discovered stray voltage in an office block at the
Kingfisher Centre Redditch.
This contractor has been a qualified electrician for over 35 years and was asked to carry out what he describes as very routine work over a weekend.
The work involved moving sockets etc.
He was horrified by the discovery of registering readings at 1000 volts per metre on his equipment and even more astonished when having shut down the
whole of the electricity supply to the building, he found that his metre was still recording 1000 volts.
Concerned by this stray voltage, he ordered the evacuation of all people from buildings and alerted the Electricity Board’s Inspectorate who attended from
George Road, Erdington.
The Inspector was extremely concerned and baffled by what was happening and called upon a senior inspector.
The Contractor was advised that this stray voltage was certainly not caused by anything that he was doing and that in fact it was not electricity,
but likely to be microwaves entering the building from a mobile phone mast close by, and that as his monitor was unable to read microwaves, it was transferring into electricity or in fact voltage.
This gentleman shares our concern that microwaves equivalent to 1000 volts of electricity are present in the room, and that should it be the case electricity at that level was emitting into the building the electricity industry would immediately respond. No-one in this present situation is accountable, or can guarantee that this is not getting into the National Grid.

Stray Voltage Case 2:
Dr John Walker has recorded up to 6 volts per metre in a flat in Boldmere.

A second example occurred at the home of an 81 year old lady in a 7th floor flat in Manchester.
A low frequency hum exists in this lady’s flat. Various officials visited her home over a six month period, heard the hum, but could not attribute it to their
particular remit. Others witnessed the intermittent lighting of an electrician’s screwdriver indicating some type of power surging into the room.
The professionals called into investigate were the Electricity Board, Ofcom Investigating radio waves, Salford University Physics Department and the lady’s own GP.
All agreed that there was a problem, with low frequency noise and some type of energy which was intermittent and causing painful spasms and electric shocks throughout this lady’s body.
Manchester Housing at the advice of Ofcom and the GP are re-housing her, but the cause of the problem still remains unknown.
We believe along with a number of scientists that it could again be microwaves from a nearby mast, manifesting electrical type surges.
Witnesses to the Hum and Screwdriver lighting up include a Councillor, Housing Department, a GP, Salford University Physics Department, the Electricity Board and Ofcom.
A representative from Ofcom advised the lady that she should be re-housed immediately and suggested Manchester City Council referred to the Stewart report of May 2000 and January 2005, he put his concerns in writing.
Details can be obtained from SCRAM.

Please see details below of masts just 100 metres from the oil plant, could stray voltage checked?
Is is safe to site this amount of masts near a huge oil plant?
Click here to view the source article.


# Posted: 16 Dec 2005 16:55

I have reported concerns about the intensive cluster of masts near the oil plant to Ofcom, they have taken my comments on board and forwarded them to the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and asked them to reply to me directly on the specific issues raised about phone masts near the oil plant.

The HSC are responsible for ensuring that risks in the workplace are properly controlled. This includes installations like Buncefield. The HSC has announced that it will be investigating the causes of the incident when it is safe to gain access to the site.

Should we risk putting a cluster of microwave masts near an oil plant? Several being 3G UMTS 21mmMhz – could they ignite escaping vapour? I wonder if the oil plant stores oil in metal tanks, as we all know microwaves intensify around metal.

I hope the HSC listen to our concerns and carry out a full, thorough and honest investigation.

Mrs Eileen O’Connor

Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust


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