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# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 12:25

I havn't read it all yet so I don't know if microwaves are mentioned....I believe microwaves used to transmit rf are responsible for the very loud noise, humming, thundering, thumping, thudding, buzzing...and the disabling effects I experience.

I wouldn't usually dare to use a microwave oven...but I did put mine on as an experiment and I could hear and feel a whole new dimension which was different to that which I heard before eminating from a microwave oven. This effect even went straight through a stone wall and I could feel and hear it in the next room.

A report from a scientist...


# Posted: 11 Nov 2013 12:31


Yes, that's Dr. Ulrich Warnke's report from 2008. He presented it at the Radiation Research Trust conference in London on 2008.

It sure does mention microwaves and their effects on insect and animal navgation etc. How microwaves cause oxidative stress and so forth.

Here's some of the press it got:
http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/electronic-smog-is-disrupting-nature- on-a-massive-scale-921711.html

# Posted: 26 Nov 2013 08:47

The danger of Cell Antennas to third party workers, cannot be underestimated, support the petition asking for change http://tinyurl.com/nn6vchk

Thank you!


# Posted: 27 Nov 2013 01:35

Hi Christina.
I have put the link you sent on to mast-victims.org news and hope loads of people will sign.
You can find it here:


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