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# Posted: 2 Jan 2014 23:07

Sick Tree Symptoms: Split Black Bark and refraction of emf
source Truth


Gepubliceerd op 11 okt 2013
An unique quality of tree bark is its refractive index for microwave energy wavelength which literally bend microwave bands of energy into it reflection within its heartwood. This property is very different than most materials through which microwaves and xrays pass forming images or carrying signals, like metal and even human tissues which, unlike trees, allow for MRI and xray images. In other words, you can't get a good xray or MRI of a tree because the wavelength is refracted and reflected rather than passing through the tree to create the image.
Environmental technology used in hydrology that alters "measures" the soil moisture content or satellite imagining technology used to track storm use a variety of electromagnetic wavelengths to obtain readings. Unfortunately, like cell towers, they bombard the areas with microwaves that refract and reflect within the bark of the trees thus causing rapid heating, dehydration, and shrinking on the interior of the bark. Over time, the internal structure under the bark shrinks just enough to make the bark sag as it has a wider girth than its support structure beneath. Since the connection between the inner wood and the bark comprises the vascular system of the tree, it has the net effect of dehydrating the peripheral branches. What makes this so terrible is the lack of information about this phenomenon. Once it is understood, it is not hard to observe because this occurrence produces consistently observable symptoms relative to the type of electromagnetic energy wavelength with which the trees are in contact. Further, because this problem will impact a cluster of trees only on the outside of the tree cluster and only at the point from where that cluster encounters the emf, it is not obvious that there is a risk of the cluster is being impacted until someone observes the gradual but progressive mortality from the outside of the cluster inward. This is happening en masses on our highways and the shoulders of forests which are creeping wider and wider. In neighborhoods where the trees are farther apart, however, one tree is not protecting a cluster behind it so you will notice entire rows on a street suffering in the trajectory of your local towers.

Time to wake up.

note: Brownsberg

Herein lies the truth trees show thes effects everwhere where's cell towers.
In Holland there are only a view people who came forward with this explanation. Since scientist and the government did nit and constanly blamed it on some sort of biological intruder which was not the case.
Everything is dying.

# Posted: 3 Jan 2014 04:07

I see it everywhere, in direct correlation to where cell-towers or mini-masts have been sited.


# Posted: 3 Jan 2014 04:54

Have also seen trees affected by high voltage powerlines, they being lower the closer to them that they get, further away they become normal sized. There is one excellent example of this not far from where i live, this being a line (as a shelterbelt) of mostly monterrey pines at right angles to a 110 kVAC unbalanced powerline.

# Posted: 4 Jan 2014 07:13

Sorry to be the sceptic.

These trees appear to be maples—not totally sure, but the leaves look thus. No evidence or proof given that this is caused by RF though; could be fungal such as sooty bark disease.

See my other comment here:


# Posted: 4 Jan 2014 07:35

They could also be American sycamore (or American planetree), the native North American one being Platanus occidentalis. The leaves are very similar to the maple, especially Acer pseudoplatanus. Planetrees are commonly used for urban avenues. However, the bark doesn't look like P. occidentalis.

Pedantic i am.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2014 00:35

I do not think you'd understand what the afllictions are on trees and how they show themself. First of all they are not platanus, that is a no brainer.
You have to be discerning to see what tree it is and what bark would be unique to the specie, cleary you do not have any experience regarding.
Furthermore you don't seem capable of descerning when there is something wrong with tree in general. Most of the afflictions seem to distress and kill of trees. Second or third, you try to blame it, on fungus, bacteria or any other bilogical intruder. Most of the biological suspects involved were non pathogenic and even if they were it could not explain why on some tree ther was no pathogenic agent founf. This clearly shows that the mentioned culprits infliction is of a secondary nature.
Yes you are pedantic anm making your self silly, wel good luck with that your are doing a good job.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2014 00:38

I guess troll's flourish every season, no offense.

# Posted: 8 Jan 2014 23:42 - Edited by: Shiwa

No offence taken—but calling someone who questions a 'troll' is the lowest though.

QUOTE YOU: „First of all they are not platanus, that is a no brainer." I didn't say that they were Platanus, i gave two possibilities based on the imperfectly seen leaf shape; and should you have bothered to read my comment properly QUOTE MYSELF: „However, the bark doesn't look like P. occidentalis." QUOTE YOU: „You have to be discerning to see what tree it is and what bark would be unique to the specie, cleary you do not have any experience regarding." Where i live the trees are different, so to expect that one can know the species of a foreign tree by a moving image in a video is absurd—and the videoers didn't bother to give the species either. So please inform me of what species of tree these are then. Thanks.

I don't doubt that artificial EMR can kill trees, i just fail to see that these videos give any satisfactory evidence of this—those who claim that artifical EMR is safe use anything that they can as a weapon, so one shouldn't give them anything to be used as a weapon such as questionable videos and claims of pendants protecting one—to give two examples. I have seen good videos and photos of trees and other plants dying or killed by shmart meters and cellular aerial-arrays, in my opinion these don't give any clear evidence of this.

# Posted: 22 May 2015 15:49

I've attached the research into the physical properties that demonstrate the refractory process unique to the dual density cylindrical shape and their mechanical influence on the trajectory of a microwave- there can be no question mechanically.... but far beyond the critical demand for published studies of consensus in scientific journaling (its not, after all a popular topic), there is just basic reasoning: if microwave exposure is the demonstrated tool of choice when the lumber industry seeks to collapsewood cells in hard woods, like Maple, specifically for the increased porosity of resin, then we can expect the same mechanical process to function in the same manner on lumber not yet harvested, even when the outcomes is unintentional. Because the timber industry has been capitalizing on the ease of de-barking frozen lumber and improving resin absorption by means of this mechanical cell destruction with low dose microwave exposure, directed at a horizontal log of harvested wood, it would require far more research to legitimize the expectation that there is some magical armor due to spatial orientation that would protect the living tree caught in the trajectory of an even higher and continual exposure to that destructive force.
If microwaves blow up the cells when the tree is horizontal, it blows up the cells when the tree is vertical and indeed, one with eyes, can see.

What blows my mind is the fact that the lumber industry is not screaming sappy murder!!

2007 Lars hanssons doctoral thesis, prior to torgvin's studies. He describes the unique refractory process-

2008 http://www.microwavewoodprocessing.com/applications.htm

Microwave treatment of wood (on purpose) for increased resin absorption through mechanically induced porosity. It's a common practice and you may be standing on the product right now.

http://www.thefreelibrary.com/New+products+made+from+microwave-treated+wood.+%28Updat e%29.-a0101889224

# Posted: 22 May 2015 16:07

Just to underscore the weight of this problem...
Ezekiel 14 in the Greek Septuagint (predates the Hebrew rendition by some 1400y) seems to specifically warn us about a "stumbling block" we hold before our faces, one which has resulted in us replacing our heart's reverence to our Creator with the thoughts we imagine with this "stumbling block". It further describes how though some inquire of God, this arrogance prevents us from recognizing the trouble it is causing us... the consequence is the "noisome beasts" that are "set up" across the land and cause it to be desolate, killing both man and beast. Bible prophecy is fulfilled in a variety of simultaneous or recurrent scenarios, I do not pretend to know all God is telling us but I totally see how this cell tower and the technology of geo-engineering and "one-world" connectivity is causing damage to things only God himself knows how to repair and that, my fellow humans, is very very bad.

# Posted: 22 May 2015 21:48


Thanks for linking to the above manuals on microwave applications in wood industry.

We've been following the topic of low-level microwave damage to living trees and you might be interested in these:

Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy (plant biologist, retired, honorary lecturer, Imperial College London):
"Why our urban trees are dying"

and also these:
2011 Symposium on tree damage by electromagnetic radiation (Dutch, but with english subtitles):
There's a presentation by Dr. Goldsworthy at 20 minutes into the video.

"Lyons woman studies how radio waves affect trees"

"Is Wi-Fi killing trees? Dutch study shows leaves dying after exposure"
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1332310/Is-Wi-Fi-killing-trees-Dutch-s tudy-shows-leaves-dying-exposure-Wi-Fi-radiation.html

# Posted: 23 May 2015 00:57

Reading that article on the circadian rhythm of trees highlights the double edged sword of EMR exposure. Not only is damage done, but your body's ability to heal from such damage is compromised as most of the healing that occurs takes place at night. If your circadian rhythm is thrown off, you will not be able to sleep and heal properly. This leads to cumulative damage and, ultimately, serious disorders and diseases--some of which end up being irreversible.

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