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# Posted: 25 Jan 2014 22:21

Found this and thought it may be of interest to some people.


# Posted: 26 Jan 2014 14:32

Anonymous, thank you for the link. After reading the information it has just verified what has been happening to me. Before I lost my hearing in left ear a few years back I was suffering from headaches, dizziness including picking up morse code which left me unable to sleep at night. I lived in a 13 story high rise building that fronted the North Sea beach. At one end of the 2 mile long beach was the coast guard station signalling the ships into port at the other end. The auditory tests proved that my hearing was damaged but I was ridiculed about my hearing morse code. I moved a few miles away. Very soon after a large mobile phone mast was erected near my new home alongside the council installing heating systems worked on RF. My nightmare is continuing as now I pick up radio stations and voices chatting ALL DAY EVERYDAY !! My second auditory test reveals an even lower cou
nt to the point that even a digital hearing aid is no use as the nerve endings are damaged. They have no explanation as to the cause. They ignore the fact I am plagued by a low
constant sound of chatter through radio stations. I have a diary at night to which I write
down words that come through clear with the date and time. Strangely it is only my left
ear affected. I have kept a copy of both auditory computer scans from the hospital. I
now live with no TV , microwave or computer. All I have is my mobile phone for internet use or emergencies encased in a protective pouch. Its of little use when these other factors are outside my control and continuing to cause health problems.

# Posted: 17 Mar 2014 23:09

Can anyone help please....What could be making this noise.....I have a new sound on my electrosmog monitor, it sounds as if two stones are being knocked together, almost like clucking. It speeds up in some places, slows in others.....and is absent away from town.

My local town, Penrith in Cumbria now has superfast broadband, could it be the source? From my monitor showing mostly green before it is now showing very high electrosmog readings, right into the red in some places.

Thankyou in advance for any suggestions.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2014 08:55

That is so strange as my area has just been upgraded in the past month to superfast broadband. The huge phone mast seen from window looks like it has been modified at the top. Since then I have not been able to sleep soundly. The ripples or waves that go through my body periodically leaves a burning feeling in the lower part of my stomach. Also the atmosphere in my home can build into a thickness that is so stifling creating a negativeness. As we have no TV (which we don't miss) we like to go out for a walk in the evening mostly for around an hour and half. My son decided to leave on his voice recorder which picks up the tiniest sounds. As we came back and listened to it we keep hearing exactly what you described as a clicking noise.
We have a very quiet street but whenever a car drove past this clicking sound in the kitchen would happen more than at other times. Strangely the atmosphere would change in the recording as the ticking clock would be very lound only to fade down for a few minutes before rising back up.

It is a bit unnerving listening to a recording of your empty home especially at night.
But something is definitely going on in the atmosphere that is having an effect on our bodies and minds.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2014 15:40


If it can record this 'noise', I would be very interested to know the make of your sons voice recorder. Thanks.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2014 17:15

Also the atmosphere in my home can build into a thickness that is so stifling creating a negativeness.

Hi Tilly, this is the closest description I've come across of how the EMR feels inside a house. When it gets too much, we leave. There are patterns to when it peaks and dissipates, but those patterns are regularly altered.


# Posted: 18 Mar 2014 23:39

Hi, well firstly Torment , I think my son's phone is a Samsung Galaxy S11or111. Its the first time he used the voice recorder and it is so attuned it can hear a pin drop. I noticed also but will check when he comes back from work that it shows the sound recordings by wave measurements, like a graph. Will get back to you on that.

EG, As for the atmospheric build up, it changes from time to time. Some days it is hardly noticeable although still uncomfortable then at other times it becomes too overpowering.
I'm sure these phone mast creators know the emissions are powerful enough to cause harm on health and so to the Council Environmental Department. They are blatantly ignoring my requests for a meeting. But I will still gather more evidence and one day have enough to choke them with.

Here is a quote from my City Council Planning Legislation 2014;
"It should be noted that National Legislation states that any public health issues in the context of telecommunications are matters for the Government, the telecommunications regulating authority I.e. Ofcom and the mobile industry - not the planning system.
National guidance concludes that it is not necessary for authorities to treat Radio Frequency Emissions as a material consideration. The Perception of health risk is not a matter that the planning system is expected to address. Individuals with concerns about health issues should contact Ofcom"

What is even more worrying is the next statement;
" The planning policy seek to ensure that future developments on masts, antennae and equipment should be concealed and disguised where possible."

I'm beginning to wonder if the upgrades in home wiring by the council 2 years ago has been in preparation for this new superfast broadband. The amount of cables put in the wall cavities could have lit up Blackpool. I wonder if this is where the clicking comes from also?

# Posted: 20 Mar 2014 18:59

Tilly, thankyou.

ericgeneric, Interesting, what you and tilly say about the atmosphere being thick, I regularly say as much in my log....and that the air is like electrified thick liquid, vibrating and shuddering.

I've had an experience here today, in the 'tranquil' (B joke) English Lake District...it's happened before and naturally I have the dates written down....There was a feeling of something being switched on...like a brutal poisonous toxic plasma stream blasting through my head....the effects were horrific....feeling as if I had taken a strong sleeping pill...I couldn't stand, felt like I was submerged in liquid, could hardly breathe, all strength just vanished, fuzzing feeling in head and strange tingling nervy sensation, vision blurred, things not appearing real and was losing consciousness.

I am wondering if they are trying out 4G in my area....Does the above description sound like the effect of 4G or maybe something else?

# Posted: 20 Mar 2014 23:33


I recognise that description, from about this time last year. Someone in my family suddenly started getting those sensations out of nowhere, for several nights/weeks in a row. Obviously, they were extremely distressed and thought they were here to stay. But they passed (although the general sensitivity to EMR did not), so perhaps it was indeed some kind of "testing" (4G is also my guess, since a business not far away had just installed it, we later found) and either the "testing" phase came and went, or our bodies/systems adapt to it over that period of time.


# Posted: 21 Mar 2014 12:43

Torment & ericgeneric,

First a little back story and then the bit I think you'll find interesting.
Last year I was invited on a talk radio programme for an "on-air" EHS experiment. The radio host had gotten the Science department of Copenhagen University to design and oversee a double-blind and randomized experiment that he could do live on the programme.
Initially I was against the idea but if any microwave-sensitive persons volunteered, I would agree to verify the exposed room (an office with a wi-fi router) and the non-exposed room (a room deep in the basement) and answer questions on the programme. Since they wanted me to measure and verify the rooms, I could not volunteer myself. The studio itself had very little exposure. Three persons volunteered and although they would need minimum five for the experiment to be statistically significant, it went ahead anyway. The host did his best to ensure everyone in the studio and on air that this was simply a "stunt" and if it failed, the volunteers and their claims of sensitivity were not to be disregarded. However if it succeeded, it would be quite a sensation.

Long story short: the experiment was set up so that all subjects were blind-folded and ear-plugged and taken to spend time in both the exposed and non-exposed rooms. The order was randomized and everything was done double-blinded. After their time in both rooms, the subjects had to tell in which order they had been taken to the exposed or non-exposed rooms. All three volunteers got it correct based on how they felt in each room. And then, to make things even more interesting, a host of another radio show, who claimed to be not sensitive, also volunteered to do the same double-blind and randomized experiment as a control. The control also got it right. The difference was that the control volunteer didn't feel discomfort from the exposure, but described the air in the exposed room as being "alive and tingling".
Another interesting info is that the experiment leader, said that she noticed the carotid arteries visibly "standing out" from every test subjects neck, even the control, as they came out of the exposed room (she didn't know which was the exposed room until after the experiment). This suggests to me an effect on circulation from the exposure, possibly red blood cell rouleux formation.

To keep this short, I'll answer any further questions about the experiment protocol on demand.
The radio show was in Danish and is archived here:
Hour 1: http://arkiv.radio24syv.dk/video/7881086/forfra-med-jeppesen-uge-11-2013-1
Hour 2: http://arkiv.radio24syv.dk/video/7881345/forfra-med-jeppesen-uge-11-2013-2

One last thing: even thought this particular radio talk show is one of the most listened to, and commented, shows, no one in the press mentioned that particular show. Not a word. Not a squeak.

# Posted: 21 Mar 2014 16:05

It all comes down to longitudinal waves.

The first time, you are expoosed to an elektrosmog source, the information is stored in your brains.
The next time, you are a little exposed to this elektrosmog source, your brains do remember it and start reacting.

On http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina109.html
I have placed a number of recorded elektrosmog modulations as MP3 files.
These sound files can only contain frequencies from 20Hz up to 20kHz, certainly not higher, so 900MHz or 2150MHz cannot be inside these files.

But when electrosensitives do listen to these audio files, they experience the same complaints as if exposed to real elektrosmog sources.

I once gave a radio interview for a local radio station in another town. The interview was live recorded in a pub, where the technician relayed it to the station by WLAN. At the other end of the pub a DECT was present.
They did sent me the interview by mail, and I wanted my wife, at that moment sturdy electrosensitive, to listen what I had told.
But after a few minuites, she stopped, because she could not stand the sound. Obviously, the modulations of WLAN and DECT have crept in the audio files, and triggered the information stored in her brains.

I also know persons who experience adverse health effects when listening to a corded phone, when the other person has a stereo installation nearby her phone running.

The spectrum of a strange longitudinal waves field is important. For instance if one is standing at dry weather near a mobile phone mast, than one feels not so much. This LW field of the antenna consists in its spectrum only the own frequencies of Si, Cu, some steel, aluminium and plastics. Those are all ingredients which are foreign to the body. Therefore, the human body acts as a blocking filter.

This can change suddenly when it starts raining. At that moment the spectrum of water will be added to the total spectrum. But that is the main ingredient of the human body, and next the Trojan horse *Water* opens the access to the total spectrum with its extreme high LW peak in the human body.

Be also aware that longitudinal waves do travel much farther than whewre transversal waves do stop.
So electrosensitives are no fools when they claim *feeling* something where others do not feel anything or cannot measure signals.

# Posted: 26 May 2019 19:20 - Edited by: Slappy

I have started having this problem earlier this year.
I have always had problems hearing high pitch noises, but a few months ago it all changed when out of the blue I suddenly began hearing morse code.
Fast morse code. It took me about 2 weeks to actually realize that it was code, and then another 2 weeks for me to bring myself back up to speed to copy what I was hearing. -I used to do a lot of morse back in my army days and I could copy around 35wpm. Today I am sure I heard K7Y light up at on my clock was 12:50pm EST. Then a couple of minutes later a sea of morse code began, it was like listening to a room full of people talking, but in morse.

At it's worst I found some relief in the basement of my local hospital.
Otherwise I have had to literally drive out of the city 35km before I found relief.

Have I mentioned I live in Torono right in the line of sight of the CN tower, the world's largest retransmitter?

I had a long think before I told my doctor, knowing I may be putting my liberty at stake if she thought I was crazy, but I put my case out to her as best I could. I believe I may not be the only one able to hear this, but because of my special background in morse, I was not only able to hear and understand what I was hearing, but more importantly I could explain and properly express what I was hearing to a person like a doctor.

To my relief she did not believe I was making up a lie of any sort, but was at her technical limitations to personally take this much further.
I have visited an audiologist, who confirmed I have very good hearing for someone almost 50, and this doctor was also not dismissive of my claim.
My next step is an MRI, and I will gladly let you know how it goes.

If I cannot find a solution I may be forced to leave the city.
It is as if a switch were flipped and I have been cursed with the worst superpower ever.

I can't shut it off. Sometimes it is so strong my skull and throat tingle, and I am at a loss to explain any of this. Simply maddening.

# Posted: 13 Jun 2019 22:37

This had occured to me tinnitus hearing of rf frequency I decided to make a measure and ground myself more often due to the plugs outlet is being plugged into an transmitter which causes more tinnitus symptoms to occur I hope this helps I still am suffering alot ever since im being bombarded by problems of rf.

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