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# Posted: 4 Mar 2014 02:04

In today's news:

Doctors' practices are becoming increasingly hi-tech in an effort to make a streamlined NHS more convenient for the public
Appointments that you can make online, while still in your pyjamas. Repeat prescriptions that can be ordered in the same way. Secure access to your own medical records from your laptop. The option for a consultation over the internet via Skype. And, when you do need to pop into the doctor's surgery in person, proper Wi-fi, so that you can download the latest podcasts about healthy living, browse consultant appointments on NHS Choices, and book them, too, before you go home.

The future of GP services is as much about accessibility for patients as freeing up doctors so they have more time to care, says Beverley Bryant, director of strategic systems and technology at NHS England. "We want the NHS to be easier to do business with, for ordinary citizens," Bryant explains. "We want to improve accessibility and make people's experiences better."

And there we have the huge, fundamental problem with today's "healthcare". It's a business, a "customer experience". It's all about convenience.


It should be about HEALTH. People's WELLBEING. GPs with the time, the scope and the desire to ease people's suffering. Not tick boxes, provide a business service, or make their lives easier by investing less and less into their vocation.

Microwave Technology and Human health do not mix. They never have, and never will be. Unless dramatic DNA alterations take place within the next generation(s), something which I believe is already being attempted.

The NHS should never be run as a business. This silly woman from strategic systems has NO place in deciding how ordinary, ill and vulnerable people should be treated, and condemning us all to an "experience" akin to visiting the bank or supermarket. This is WRONG.


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