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# Posted: 25 Jun 2014 03:56

Anyone else starting to notice a lot of repeated old EMR-related stories in the news lately?

Just from the latest MV page:

Mobiles can reduce male fertility.
What wi-fi looks like.
Mobile operators to pool networks and improve coverage.

None of these actually contain fresh information, yet the mainstream media happily continues to pass them off as news articles. Some seem to appear at regular intervals each year, or several times a year.

The £150m investment by the government on telecom infrastructure was announced at least two years ago, so quite why this new person is being credited with raising the issue in "recent weeks" is bizarre.

Something is definitely stalling within the telecom world; masts that were forced through at application stages several months ago have gone nowhere, these repeated stories suggest a kind of holding operation. We even had the business section of the Daily Mail produly announce an "Internet of Things", as though it were an upcoming phenomenon of the future, when of course it has a fully-formed board of directors, and holds a lavish convention every year for the last 4 or 5 years!


# Posted: 30 Jun 2014 02:09

Yes, you bet we notice, but we still run it, as there seems to be an influx of newcomers to our message.
Many morepeople now are feeling the same as us: The terrifying health consequenses of Wireless Radiation,
It seems to take a long time for them to realize what has actually happened to them, and WHY they are feeling sick, their children (and them self´s for that matter) cannot sleep, same old,same old, BUT, and a very important BUt, as we have had to live with it for so many years, they are realizing somehing is seriously wrong with their environment.
That sure does not mean that they will ditch their Iphones or tablets tomorrow, much to our regret, but they will eventually do, when they get to understand that "Getting Cancer" is Not a destiny, as you can do loads of things Not to get it, But, and again a Big But, you cannot Prohibit your neighbours to sign on to the wireless, and use it Next Door to your home or place of work!
And you can shield your home and place of work no end, you still have to step outside into their Radiation at the end of the day.

So, here is my thought: We all want the perpitrators of Wireless Radiation to bear the cost of keeping the radiation INSIDE THEIR PROPERTIS and shielded against contamination outside.
Scew on it and let me know your thoughts, stranger things have attracted following.
Best regards.

# Posted: 30 Jun 2014 03:54 - Edited by: ericgeneric

Just to clarify, it wasn't an criticism on MV's news pages per se, as you only report what is being reported from all around the globe. And in doing so, it actually highlights just how the media keeps the lid on the EMR timebomb going off as we speak, through the rotation of old propaganda pretending to be fresh news.

Not to mention the daily scaremongering on the TV and in the press about every kind of "danger" to the public's health, and how anything that's going wrong with their minds and bodies is caused by X or Y or Z....but never, ever the thing it actually is most likely to be. Radiation from all this technology.


# Posted: 1 Jul 2014 13:36


Well, it does happen that we post same news twice by accident. Mostly when it shows up repeatedly in the constant email news stream we receive and try to sort through.

Please let us know if you notice interesting trends in the news, like the media-loops you mentioned.

# Posted: 29 Jul 2014 10:48

Hope this isn't another news loop.....electrosensitive person wins important German court case


# Posted: 2 Aug 2014 04:25

From: http://www.emfacts.com/2014/07/alasdair-philips-on-last-post-germany-important-court- victory-for-electro-hyper-sensitivity-victim/

Alasdair Philips on: Germany – Important Court Victory for Electro Hyper Sensitivity Victim

July 30, 2014 in -Mailing List, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity by EMFacts

I have some doubts about aspects of this news.

The judgement is for loss of earning capacity due to occupational exposure to x-rays from working close to a 24 MW (yes, megawatt!) pulsed magnetron in military attack radar units – which would also have exposed him to excess microwave RF energy, but the judgement was (cleverly) just for damage due to ionizing x-ray exposure above the allowed occupational limit in Germany.
He claimed EHS (as we know it) but the judgment was specifically not for that as I understand it and I believe hypersensitivity due to non-ionising RF was not formally investigated by the court.

I can't get to the bottom of what EHS usually stands for in Germany, but it seems to be related to "Occupational Health & Safety" law rather than electrohypersensitivity. There are multiple large companies offering "EHS Consultancy" – and certainly not for EHS as we call EMF/RF sensitivity.

Best wishes

Alasdair Philips


I tend to agree with Alasdair....the term EHS appears to be more common in Germany with regard to Environmental Health & Safety. The original ruling was from April 10th this year, so it's taken time to filter through.


# Posted: 7 Nov 2014 03:26

What a joke, the media (telegraph, ITV) are circulating the £150m to combat "not spots" nonsense again!

How many times is this "story" going to be recycled......when the anti-Water Meter protests in Ireland went totally unreported, the ex-Nokia chief's rapily declining health likewise, and the EU conference in Brussels where a panel of experts are to discuss what to do about rapidly rising EHS across the world (something like 5% of the population, which would be many, many millions and counting).

But no, we get the not-spots scheme again, and more climate-change fearmongering. Plus plans to prosecute pregnant women if they drink (!?)....

Yet dangers of mobiles and mobile/smart tech? Nothing.


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