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# Posted: 21 Sep 2014 07:48

I discovered at the beginning of last year that I'm ES after turning off my own wifi. Since then I've had to do the same with my DECT phone and replace my laptop with a desktop machine as it gave me intollerable head pains.

I'm now unable to sleep properly again and having problems with concentration, thinking clearly and remembering thoughts about what's in hand. I think if I could sleep better I'd feel better.

I've ordered some Celotex to put on the inside of the outside walls of two rooms. This will obviously be reflective to incoming EMR, which is from other houses as well as a mobile base station 700m away at an accute angle to the front of my house, of which my bedroom is (I will be shielding my bedroom).

I would like to make the walls and ceiling absorbant rather than reflective. What should I use?

There is absorbant wallpaper and there is carbon paint (e.g. Y-Shield) which I know of and I an thinking of using the latter, but is it absorbing enough?

Should it all be earthed? I'm thinking that getting my own earth spike is best, rather than using the earth provided by the mains electricity. I will have to be careful and ensure no continuity between the two, such as with electrical fittings and radiators.

The room other than my bedroom will be my study and therefore I hope to use my computer in there.

I've yet to decide what I'm doing to about the windows and the floors, these being first floor rooms ("first floor" as in the UK definition which is the first floor above the "ground floor" - so it's not at ground level, there are rooms below).

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 01:39

Hi Dave.
I gather you live in the UK, if not, pls. put me right.
Not beeing able to sleep is something all us EMR affected suffer from.

There is however a remedy, you can use, and I put here an informative link to it. Just remember one thing, like with all medication, only use for a while (say 1-2 months) and then take a rest, remember this is a natural hormone, and should be produced by ourselfs every day, but the radiation seems to hinder that, so we need some help, sometimes, and I am Not talking about traditional sleepingpills, which seem to be highly addictive, Melatonin is not, but the danger is that you get used to them, and then forget to check if your ability to sleep has been bettered, hence the rest.

http://www.biovea.com/uk/product_detail.aspx?PID=21522&OS=202&deptid=1&cid=22592&scid =22599&cp=1&NAME=MELATONIN-10mg-60-Tablets-EV
Most of us find that a melatonin capsule taken ca. 20 min before sleep will do the trick.
Re the Yshield paint, usually it is enough, but we have found that sometimes you have to use 2 layers of paint to block neighbours radiation from coming into your house.
Re: the windows, there are excellant window shielding materials available.
Most come from either Swiss Shield or Yshield, and one of the UK Yshield distrubutors (In Birmingham) offers ready made curtains:
http://electrosmogshielding.co.uk/prodtype.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=126&numRecordPositi on=1
Their website is: http://electrosmogshielding.co.uk/prodtype.asp?

And there are: Sensory Perspective who make the Acousticom, the Acoustimeter and more, they have Swiss Shield products as well as their own monitoring products.

https://secure.demonweb.co.uk/spcom-dwh/ccp51/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=51F6230256&rnd=1 074699&rrc=N&affl=&cip=

One of the products they promote is the:
- Devolo dLAN 200 AV Starter Kit
2 plug-ins
Link here:
https://secure.demonweb.co.uk/spcom-dwh/ccp51/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=51F6230256&rnd=3 932292&rrc=N&affl=&cip=&act=&aff=&pg=cat&ref=dLAN&catstr=HOME:Shielding

Re: your floors, if you under-paint your ground floor seilings with Yshield nothing should be able to penetrate from the the ground floor up through your floorboards, just remember with All Yshield Paint work, YOU HAVE TO GROUND IT!Grounding kits are very easy to make your self, so if you do not know drop me a line and I can show you how we have done them.

To end with I include links to the Swiss Shield and Yshield websites which sometimes give better info that the distributors.
Both these companies also sell direct.
I hope this helps to start with.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 17:06 - Edited by: Dave

Thanks Agnes. Yes, I'm in the UK.

I got some Asphalia a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure if it's having a positive effect as I still wake up and dream a lot after a few hours' sleep.

I intend to replace my coil-sprung mattress with an all-foam one. I'm presently sleeping on the downstairs floor at the end of the house which is detached.

I'm hoping to get something stuck to the glass, or glass that attenuates microwave frequencies. I would like light to come in whilst blocking the electrosmog.

Sensory Perspective isn't a retailer I'd heard of before. I've heard of Electro Smog Shielding as I bought some Y-Shield Steel Grey material from them, although the order was fulfilled by Y-Shield itself, in Germany.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 17:20


There are window films that block microwave radiation. A friend of Mast-Victims from Israel did testing of different types of film and you can read the results here:

If you go shopping for window film then go for a type with metallic filter and keep in mind that some newer types have chemical filter that don't block microwaves.

# Posted: 22 Sep 2014 17:52

Thanks Henrik.

Do some types of glass attenuate RFs?

I've heard Pilkington K Glass does.

# Posted: 23 Sep 2014 12:51


Yes, you're right about Pilkington K glass. I've done measurements on Pilkington windows and found that they are phenomenal at blocking telecommunications signal microwaves. Those windows are recognisable by their slightly greyish tint which must be the coating they speak of in your above link. Pilkington glass is the only type I know of with the ability to block microwaves.

# Posted: 24 Sep 2014 20:04

thank you Henrik.

We have PolkingtonK windows too.
It works well.

A point to remember is that the plstic window fromes that are fitted these days habe often got slatted alumium in them that can let some microwaves through. as it happens our windo frames are plasti covered mild steel. We get somepick up from the window frames and also from the window handles, especially in th upstairs bedrooms facing the phone masts.for that reason ,I added a layer of swiss shield netting.

in retrospect, i wish that we had solid aluminium frames, or else wooden ones treated to block the radiation,

# Posted: 28 Sep 2014 17:33 - Edited by: Dave

Henrik: What sort of readings did you get and how scientific was the test?

What about up to 8GHz?

You might be interested in this plot I was sent when I enquiried with Pilkington about K Glass:


Maybe you can convert the horizontal axis from wavelength to frequency.

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