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# Posted: 10 Jan 2015 01:44

Dear all.
Barbara wrote to me and asked me to post this for her, and she asks all of you to please keep your comments coming.

Barbara wrote:
So, i have the readings.
Downstairs, groundfloor, the readings are 0,07-0'10-0'20 VM and 5-10 microW/m2 towards the opposite side of the mast, that is in front of the house; and facing the mast 0,07-010 VM and 5-10 microW/m2. Upstairs where the bedrooms are, one facing the mast: 0,20-0,30 VM and another, next to it towards the back (so a bit farder of the mast), where we have been sleeping, the measurements are: facing the mast 0,20-0,30 VM and mostly 10, but also some points with 5 microW/m2; towards the back is 0,07-0,10VM and 5 microW/m2.
I am a bit confused with the units, if, as Henrik says in one of his posts, "in 2012, based on new scientific data, the BioInitiative updated the maximum recommendations for chronic exposure to 3 microWatt/m2 or 0.000003 Watt/m2", my flat is 2 to 7 units more than that, through all its interior. The only place with green lights where the stairs! Difficult to sleep there... Went today for an hour and a half and left with ears blocked and feeling like my head was boiling. I am now in my old flat where the readings where in "the green light" area, and some mild spots... But also even here i can feel a buzz, since both neighbours have wifi and i didnt ask them to turn them off at night, because we where moving out anyway.
The story of Christine Kind is horrible, and the pictures speak for themselves. And all that was with an exposure of "only 1-2µW/m˛", wich means that in my house is 5 to 10 times more?! And her house was shielded but with no major effect, it seems. My son has had a couple of nights when he started shouting at night and said he had pain in the ear. He hasnt got temperature, i think he doenst have ear infection nor a flu/ cold, could be the week we where exposed to the phone mast?
My partner still thinks we can shield the house and live there, i just doubt that that is a solution. As far as i read here, it seems it is really not, mostly when one has been exposed for a while to microwaves.
Your thoughts are most welcome!

With kind regards,

# Posted: 10 Jan 2015 16:04

The ears- phone masts' emissions , wif etc. can certainly cause ear problems. e.g. tinnitus , pains in the ears.
I suggest you anyway get your son's ear checked by doctor.

I get ear pains too with HF EMR. Many times, i have been to see GP check my ears and doctor said, eardrum looks OK, no infection.

How low does the exposure have to be to not affect you?

I am very EHS.

Could I tolerate 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 V/M ? NO!!!

The Kind family reacted "only 1-2µW/m˛"?? If very EHS you might react to that, as did the Kind family.
Bear in mind with exposure, many people become more sensitive over time

# Posted: 10 Jan 2015 16:10

a useful calculator for converting microW/m2. to V/m; and
V/m to microW/m2

# Posted: 10 Jan 2015 16:28


'German doctors unite on health'

note the 'nerve and soft tissue pains'.

# Posted: 14 Jan 2015 00:16

Thanks all. Still trying to digest my situation. We came to my mothers, abroad, and found a mast has been also placed in the proximities. I just can´t believe the amount of contamination we are being exposed to.

# Posted: 24 Feb 2015 08:59

Dear Me, you metioned shielding clothing, can u recommend some? Thanks.

# Posted: 25 Feb 2015 01:13

Dear Barbara.
I will be glad to send you a link.

But please cool it a bit, you have put up shielding curtains, and bought sleeping Canopies for your beds, Try them out and first then decide if you also need protective clothing.

Protective clothing link: http://emfclothing.com/en/
The guy who runs it is Geoff Simmons, I know him well, he is a very nice man, and his contact details are on this link.

Hope this helps, but please remember Barbara, all this cost a fortune, so please first find out if you new house is Already Covered by your installed shielding.
I sure don't want you to lose your new house because of cost of products.

All the best.

# Posted: 31 May 2015 07:37

Hi all. A long time after. Two coats of yshield on facing-the-mast walls, shielding curtains, hand made metal mesh bits. It does not work. I need to get out. An ex phone mast installer said "you are at 100m of phone mast, you've got a problem. Move". And we are 20! mts far. Haven't found yet the guy who rents the roof where the mast sits. I am feeling the total denial from friends, nice people, family. I have been called all sorts when commenting. ("Do you know the meaning of hypocondriac" said lovely aunty. "Sorry we cannot wire internet, we live here"...).My (naturally small) faith on humans is fading. I will get out but people is in deep ...

# Posted: 31 May 2015 11:30


Do you have readings of the radiation levels in the house before and after your shielding efforts?

# Posted: 1 Jun 2015 01:32

Dear Barbara, I am so sorry to hear of your plight.
And you have your baby to try to shield as well.

Did you ever contact Dr. Erica Mallory-Blythe, I sent you her e-mail address, which is: erica dot malleryblythe {-at-} gmail dot com
(replace "dot" with . and "{-at-}" with @)

Erica is a qualified Medical Doctor and the only one in Britain I know who can diagnose EHS/ES or as I call it Microwave Radiation sickness/or

I am going to send her what you wrote in Forum today, and ask her if she can please help you.
Erica is a trustee of ES-UK and Radiation Research and my son Henrik has met her, she is truly dedicated to this pollution case.

Barbara, I have lost your e-mail address, so please send it to me again on agnes {-at-} mast-victims.org

And, Please give Henrik the readings he asks about if you have means to take readings.

Dont give up please, we are trying to help you and will do alll we can to do so.
Best regards.

# Posted: 19 Jun 2015 11:58

Dear Agnes and Henrik,
Thank you very much for your kind support.
I havent donde more readings, now I my own body is the meter ;) I think I would rather save the money to rent a meter to get something that shields more while we are there.
I feel the radiation and I am still in the house. But I am moving abroad in a couple of months. This mast has affected me in so many ways, family, health, life, its unbeliavable. I frankly see no point of doing any more shielding, we just should move out. My partner doesnt feel anything (how can that be) and so the process slows down considerably. Now I would like if you could give me advise on clothes, the link Agnes sent me a long time ago (thanks!!) does not have full covering clothes such a hoody and long troussers. I would buy the fabric and have someone to make them for us, I am researching slowly, since we dont have internet connection, and I am only using a mobile phone!! (argh!). I did contact the doctor you told me (thanks again :) and she addessed me to the Breakspear Medical centre. I have still to contact and book an appointment with them. I am sleeping badly, bought some of the natural stuff recommended in this forum. I do baths with salts for me and my son. I am daily very tired and find everything very difficult to deal with, also this issue has triggered that the already bad relations with my parents have worsened and have had extreme bad consecuences (!), so I am under a lot of stress and a lot of radiation at the moment. I just stay as much as I can out and about with my kid. Thanks to you all and courage to all of us.

# Posted: 19 Jun 2015 22:12


For full covering shielding clothes, see here:

For radiation induced stress, I find the following supplements help me:

BioVea Antioxidant Complex (protects against oxidative stress from radiation):
http://www.biovea.com/uk/product_detail.aspx?PID=5780&OS=202&deptid=1&cid=22682&scid= 23404&cp=1

Melatonin (sleep hormone, super-antioxidant with anti-cancer properties):
(I find the 3mg, ones to be effective)

This is, of course, a personal suggestion based on personal experience and should not be viewed as substitute for medical advice. Ask your doctor if in doubt.

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