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# Posted: 2 Mar 2015 23:59

hey i want to know where can i buy something that would give me %100 protection against radio waves it should be from a store already made and big enough.

[admin: merged from other thread]:
I want to know what faraday cage would shield me against radio waves %100 and where can I get that faraday cage from?

# Posted: 3 Mar 2015 11:21


Please don't create multiple topics with the same question. I've merged the two topics together in your above post.


# Posted: 4 Mar 2015 15:37


# Posted: 4 Mar 2015 20:35

Here are the links we carry for shielding.
There are quite a number, and from many different countries.
Faraday cages are readily awailable.
Take a look:


# Posted: 4 Mar 2015 21:27

which product will give me %100 protection against radio waves?

# Posted: 5 Mar 2015 01:55

Most of them, you have to research your self, and find out, like the rest of us.

# Posted: 5 Mar 2015 02:04

I don't think I've yet to find anything which claims complete 100% protection against anything. All the paints, sheilding materials etc usually state between 99 and 99.9% effectiveness.


# Posted: 6 Mar 2015 01:50


Look,this website "DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING"!
We carry links to people who do, and link to them as a Service to our users!

And how come I feel I am beginning to smell a Rat?

Most of us, who either run this website Or use it have used the "Local Links" to the products, and quite honestly, 99-99.9% is the "Most Any Manufacturer Of Any Goods" will dare promise as protection,
But WHY don' t you pick a local supplier to where you live and Ask him/her??
These are the people who will have to guarantee their product!
And if in Europe, (or for that matter worldwide) you can write directly to Yshield (Germany) or Swiss Shield (Switzerland) and ask them to give you a 100% guarantee for the protection of their manufactured goods.

If I am quite honest that would make more sense than keeping on repeating the same old, here in this Forum.

So I suggest you use your own time to research directly with the manufactures, Only They can give you the answers and guarantees you are demanding that "We Give you"!

There is no way we can, we are the victims of this "Technology" as you claim to be, and we are the ones who have gone to great expense to try to protect ourselves.

Sorry, but I am afraid We cannot Spoon Feed you here, although we have tried our best.
But Just Like us, you have to make an effort to help your self.
Want assurance, Ask the People in the Know!
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
Owner of Mast-victims.org

# Posted: 15 Mar 2015 17:45

There is nothing that will provide 100% protection from microwaves or emfs. Indeed we have evolved with the presence of emfs and we need them to function. It is when they are present over and above natural levels that they cause ill effects. In the course of using microwaves for communication we are generating huge amounts of emfs.
I found the materials sold for protection only work to a certain extent. If the electrosmog meter is red then I find the material is not helpful. E.g when I am travelling on the motorway.
I made a hood (double thickness) which I wear at night when I am away from home when I cannot control the emissions and it helps to a certain extent.

I tried a number of materials - bobbynet, naturelle and others

# Posted: 18 Mar 2015 00:26

Thank you Ann.
We all experience this, and we invest heavily in different materials to try to keep safe, in our homes, some work, some don' t, but at our costly expense

My advice is to ask a potential supplier for a certificate of evidence that their materials have been tested to provide a "Certain Level of Protection" and it will tell you to what % it protects, which makes you able to search for a better % protection if needed.

There are Very Few suppliers of EMF protection in Europe or the rest of the world for that matter, but the reputable ones will be able to produce a certificate of test results, Like Yshield and Swiss Shield. both can produce this.
But, to be honest we are reduced to Trial and Error in our cases, and can only Hope that stuff works like promised.
Best regards.

# Posted: 18 Mar 2015 21:40

There is also the issue of the low frequency modulations added to the signals. Which the shielding materials may not block, although blocking most of the high frequency signal.

I too have had to use trial and error to find what works best for me in specific situations.

It is particularly challenging to shield oneself in polluted hospital environments!

# Posted: 19 Mar 2015 01:24

Thank you M.
I don't think though that "Deadmanish" will be listening.
Notice he/she has not reacted to the kind advice given by this Forums actual sufferers since the 4th of March.
He/she sounded far to Industry to me, and yes I know I gave him a telling off.
But we have simply had so many of the Industry "Try-Offs" that I am really fed up with them, and have kind of learned to smell them out.
If you have ever smelled a Rats nest, the memory will stay with you for the rest of your life, and Next time you smell it, there is No Doubt.
Same with this.

If he/she had been genuine, he/she would have returned with a comment, but No, response., so far since the 4th of March.
Remember Brian, he was a lot hardier, (wrote in his lunch break, Yeah, the day he moved on to another job, he stopped harassing MV Forum users.
This seems to be something like it.
Someone trying to get Us working, who works for the Industry.
All the best Agnes

# Posted: 24 Mar 2015 19:57

Well we all know about big business looking after themselves to the detriment of the public. You heard the story of the Daily Telegraph and HSBC. (DT did not publish a 'bad' story about HSBC because of fear of losing advertising revenue. And so the media do not publish anything about the detrimental effects of microwave technologies so that they don't lose advertising revenue from mobile phone companies.

Sorry to go off subject a bit here, but the general population go along with the propaganda without question. And when you hear a child of 11 years, a neighbour, has cancer, you get very frustrated about the whole situation we are in at the moment - the conspiracy of keeping quiet about the ill effects of mobile phones.

As for protection you can only do so much. We still have to live in a world that is polluted with microwaves. I think only metal can completely stop them getting to the body, but I found ever since I use a metallic cloth - naturelle? it has helped as a hat when I am in the car and also at night if I am not at home.

At the moment I am arguing about all these with a science researcher who insists that there is not enough scientific evidence for any illness. But I know enough of them (scientists) to also admit that they are very often naïve and almost on the autistic spectrum where they believe whatever the current mantra is. 'Scientists are independent of industry' is the belief!

I find it very interesting that people tend to believe whatever their prejudices are and quote research to back that up. So far this person does not think he is affected but I think differently. I think he loses his temper easily and is also forgetful.
There you are Agnes I am writing this before I embark on my journey

# Posted: 24 Mar 2015 20:07


Hospitals are the worst for microwave pollution. They have their wifis everywhere and their iPads. I must admit I get annoyed when I hear that doctors and nurses are so stressed there is a high rate of absence because of their demanding jobs. There is no doubt that their jobs are demanding, but surely there has not been so much change in the last few years as the increase in absence shows. What has happened the last few years the use of wifis and the ipad has become commonplace in the hospitals.
And that feeling of stress - anxiety, depression that those of us who feel the effects are very familiar with, have also increased.

Young people these days think they are the only ones that experience stress because their jobs etc. are so stressful. We had our stresses in our jobs but not to the extent that it was so debilitating. But the use of all the new gadgets that have become so common in any job these days require the use of emfs that make people feel 'stressed'.

# Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:17

Having studied "Deadmanish" postings on this Forum has convinced me that he/she is just another Industry Plant, appointed to try to harass us.
We have, through the years had so many that I have stopped counting.
And yes, I will give you right that he/she (probably working for the industry)
Observation, there is Only One Question! He/She cannot even bother to chance the choice of words, so it is a learned question, and the lazy person cannot bother even to rearrange the words a bit to make it look like they are one of us, just posts again and again and again.

It gets repeated over and over, not necessarily in the same place, as it is often raised as a New Subject, but has been moved by us, Admin of MV to This debate. (Thank you Henrik webmaster).
So really My compassion for "Deadmanish" can fit into the eye of a needle
Untill, that is, He/She/It comes up with some more serious questions.

Note: The posting is always the same sentence, He/She/It does not join debate, like everyone else does, does not ask about anything else, doesn' t comment on advice given, does seem to be totally absent until he/she/it posts the same question again.

So, to me that smells totally of Industry harassment against this Forum.

Sorry, that is my believe.
If He/She/It was genuine there would have been a reaction.
Until now there has been NONE.
Sorry if I shatter your believes, but after 10 years running this website we have kind of learned to smell out the rats.
Best regards.
P.S. If "Deadmanish" were for real, he would go into a Road-Rage over my words, and tell me off in No Uncertain Terms.
Notice He/She/It has Totally absent Except for their own Posting.

# Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:26

Not only their Scanners/X-Rays but also their wireless gadgets, from computers and pads at the front of sick peoples rooms, but have you ever considered the Amount of Mobile Masts that they rent out space for on their roofs??
If you look at this article and scroll down to the price for an Urban mast installation, that tells us the NHS earns ca. £. 9500,- pr. mast a year.
And look at photos of Any Hospital you can find.
These buildings roofs are totally Covered in masts!
And they expect people "To Get Better"!

If you desire Not To Get Better, go to the local NHS hospital.


# Posted: 29 Mar 2015 15:51

Well Agnes the way things are going many people will be unable to do their jobs due to anxiety and depression - and we already know that disability is increasing exponentially among the population, much of it non-descript symptoms of pain, ME, mental illness, heart disease.

As for industry harassment I have already experienced it first hand when I wrote a self help book. Both the industry and the charity bullied me, and the charity did not want to know after agreeing to sell the book through the charity and keep the profits.

In addition, I was talking to a pharmaceutical employee recently and he thought it was perfectly alright to work with the charity and to provide funds. So the charities say to people don't worry about doing anything about your symptoms just take our drugs.

There you are everyone is a winner part from the poor devil who is suffering. And it is the same with the mobile phone companies - they make their fortune from subscriptions. With £600 per phone per year we are talking about big money. Then people become ill and they need their pills for headaches, anxiety, depression etc. The hospitals are busy with emergencies and heart problems, panic attacks and mental illness and goodness knows what else - ME, MS, Parkinsons, palpitations?? the doctors are making their fortune and with consultants earning upwards of 150000 there is no reason to tell people why they are ill. And I can go on!!!

# Posted: 30 Mar 2015 02:54

Well said Ann.
The UK´s population "Prozac" and similar medication tops the list for Europe if not the rest of the world.
So WHY, I wonder are they so stressed up?
Most jobs are truly sedentary and most folks sit on their behinds all day.
Not much physical exhaustion in that.
Not like when I was young and people worked physically exhaustive jobs from first light to dark. We all slept like logs and were fresh in the morning

But then again, in those days there was No Social Media, Tweets, No Need to check e-mails and texts Wherever you are, anytime, even on a first date, Not seeing the downing light in your dates eyes when you are socially absent, and pestering everyone else in the place with the emitted radiation.
Then, Wondering afterwards WHY HE/SHE NEVER answered your call again.

If you have your book as a Word/ or pdf. I would be glad to publish it here on this website Forum.
And No you would not get any payment from us, as we are not a registered charity, and have No desire to be one, although we are probably more charitable than most of those who call themselves Charities.
We (Mast-victims.org) are a privately run site, have No Income Whatsoever, dont use sponsors or adverts, but we privately pay our own way and so are 100% independent in what we take on, publish and refuse.

Another thing, we Do Not Use Drugs at All.
We try to live and eat Very healthily, and if we get a headache (which is every time we meet a mobile phone near to) we exercise our "Mind Over Matter", to get it to diminish.
So, dont feel shy about going on, we are in total agreement.
is my point about the vet.
If he sees your misery he will simply put you down.
Go to your GP and he will fill out a prescription for whatever he thinks might dull your symptoms, Anything but getting to the core of your problem.
You are a lot safer with the vet.
At least he considers your quality of life, ans acts accordingly.
All the best

# Posted: 1 Apr 2015 17:36

I am in agreement with 'the vet' idea and I have already told my children how to deal with end of life scenario.
My book is old now and it was published through a publisher, but I do have an earlier version that I published myself with all the references that I used. It is about allergies. It was checked by a famous allergies consultant - a black sheep of the medical profession - so it is accurate but I don't have the drawings included.
However, one researcher who read it when I finished it has published his own recently.
Yes this was another one that did not want to know after he read it!

Anyway I would not want any payment and I have given some away to a bookseller a few years ago for free. I had to leave that chapter of my life behind me and move on. I thought hard work was rewarded but I am not one of them. Anyway it is water under the bridge now.

# Posted: 14 May 2017 12:59

"%100 protection against radio waves" aint going to be easy to buy for less than 100K £ as its military grade. 15.5K EU will get you something from Holland. The attenuation need to be high Db or factors of X10.

The French Robin de Tiots recommend using transit van with passenger screens and no windows and metal floors.

I have covered my own lorry box but radio AM is very penetrating as is TETRA and does not go down much. I have been living in lorry boxes for 15 years.

A shipping container is probably the best way to do it cheap. Make a conductive floor and Earth as long as the ground current is not high. IE dont earth between a big town and a power station.

I line walls with baking foil and make my own paint with acrylic paint and graphite. 50/50

# Posted: 14 May 2017 13:30


Very interesting about your homemade shielding paint. How do you source the graphite powder? Just curious.

# Posted: 14 May 2017 22:36

Got it on Ebay for £60 "25KG Graphite Powder Plumbago for Coating Sand Casting Moulds Bronze Aluminium Will make 100lts of conductive paint."

Its very good for joining sheets of ali foils and those difficult places to fill.
I do my floors and it does not smudge grey. Or cover with floor paints.
And a hell of a lot cheaper than paying $3500 for 20lts.

# Posted: 14 May 2017 22:48

Stir well with a drill paddle each time before applying each coat and its very sooty to make so dont do it on a windy day. Just add till it goes crusty and keep it spinning. Test with a surface resistivity meter from ebay.

# Posted: 15 May 2017 11:42

Always earth radio waves with a multi core cable ( or coax) with as many surfaces areas as possible. Radio waves run down the surfaces of cables.

Any cable entries such as power lines and phone lines are the major source of entry of smog into your home or truck box and need to be " FERRITE CORED" out, especially in a Faraday cage as they will be trapped inside and reflected many many times before being earthed or neutralized.

FERRITE CORES are your best friend and you should have dozens in your life if you any sense. Use them and EMIs on all your cables and you can get rid of most of the muck coming into you life. Wifi does not get through thick walls nor penetrate galvanized sheets that I use as window shutters. The French all have shutters ( its the law) and they close them at night. I put mine inside. Tetra though is a bitch and runs 24/7 at full volume and there is no stopping it without a metal box. Military grade. Or a cave. Thats so we cant avoid mind control when they think we need it. Thats what these frequencies were saved for and why they have been lent to the polices in Europe and most of the world. Its like living in a nightmare.

# Posted: 15 May 2017 13:03

Military grade ALI sheets are only like pie plates. This stuff attenuates much better than some rip off paints. They really are having a big fat laugh as graphite is not very conductive and hence attenuating but they are charging you like its made of pure copper. Copper foil sheets would be best but too expensive.

Make sure than any Ali foil sheets are joined together with tape with conductive glue ie from Ebay and test the tape is what it claims as those Chinese sellers area bit sharp.

I wrap my pulsed phase switching power supplies in lots of ali foils. It conducts excess heat away well enough. It cuts out the shite but they still need choking on the wires a lot. Don't forget those chokes.

# Posted: 15 May 2017 13:14

My home made graphite painted truck box does not stop all the radio waves but its very hard to get any signals. Make sure you have 100% coverage with window flaps etc.

10% window holes means like light from outside 10% penetration and like our eyes don't see quantity of light they see colors and our bodies don't see radio waves they see modulated messages that are non-linear, not to get the message for illnesses its necessary to cut it right down. Does any one know about wave length filtering?

I get agony when the radio AM is bad in the evenings and weekends particularly ( I live in a zone blanc) so either go to my cave ( free from the local Mare) or hide in my lorry box Faraday cage. Life is good in my beautiful prison. Cant go out though as roads with signals and towns are too toxic to me. But I am well for the first time since the GSM network when on in the early 1990s.

# Posted: 13 Jun 2019 22:00

My home made graphite painted truck box does not stop all the radio waves but its very hard to get any signals. Make sure you have 100% coverage with window flaps etc.

10% window holes means like light from outside 10% penetration and like our eyes don't see quantity of light they see colors and our bodies don't see radio waves they see modulated messages that are non-linear, not to get the message for illnesses its necessary to cut it right down. Does any one know about wave length filtering?

I get agony when the radio AM is bad in the evenings and weekends particularly ( I live in a zone blanc) so either go to my cave ( free from the local Mare) or hide in my lorry box Faraday cage. Life is good in my beautiful prison. Cant go out though as roads with signals and towns are too toxic to me. But I am well for the first time since the GSM network when on in the early 1990s.

Hi plopplop sorry about my words of english is not very good, but how would one go about protecting themselves from this maddness of being targeted by individuals either by emf, electronics, or waves from rf and microwaves I read upon your shielding paint and think its very useful in terms of protecting oneself can you please give me the links from where these are obtained thanks.

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