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# Posted: 15 Apr 2015 01:15

Hi all. I truly hope you will give some input and your thoughts to this, as this is so important and is truly liable to be overseen as "Farmers usual complaints" etc, but this is Much More Serious!

This overhead looks in the short term as the answer to our prayers.
The Telco industry want to be able to discontinue Rent Payment for where they put up their masts.
In the article it is about the Farmers, but they host the least number of the mobile masts!
Search up a photo of your local hospital roof, many city schools and believe it or not, their roofs are simply awash with mobile masts!
So, take the NHS, if you figure the NHS earns Loads of cash renting out space for Mobile Masts this cash will disappear if the Telco succeed in getting their wish to be classified as a "Utility"!
Don´t hold your breath, Yes, they are private profiteers, but if you look at it so is British Gas, and actually the blooming lot of the utilities.
None of them are concerned about US, its the shareholders that are important as they are the investors.

So, Where lies the difference?
I must admit that at the moment it is Invisible to me, seems to me it is to the Telco as well.

So, why would all the Mast-rental landlords just tell the Telco to sc´ram and take their masts with them?

Experience has shown time and time again that they (TELCO) stop paying rent if the landlord wants it removed, but "THE BLOOMING MASTS STAYS WHERE IT IS"! and it seems there is nothing the landlord can do to get it removed.

So pls. guys we need your input and most of all we need to put a stop for that they can be classified as a "Utility" we can all sure live without them!

So please your input will be very valuable for us to decide how we go from here!


# Posted: 15 Apr 2015 01:35

So, the telecom companies are in a win-win situation? If the landlords/landowners say No to the price cuts, the masts stay...and if they say a reluctant Yes and take whatever pittance they're offered, the masts stay.



# Posted: 15 Apr 2015 05:42 - Edited by: sizzle

This reminds me of the whole wind turbine imbroglio. Residents (for moola $$$) agree to have these supposedly harmless, "green energy" turbines right next to their homes--only to regret it due to the health effects. Flickering, dirty energy/EMFs, acoustic trauma, headaches, nausea, possible cancer cases, etc. It was a win-win situation for the energy companies because, in the end, the many of the residents were forced to move due to the illnesses that they suffered--no more having to pay anyone for having their turbines on the property!

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