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# Posted: 15 Apr 2015 01:45

Geoengineering uses HAARP. My understanding is that HAARP is basically a big microwave heater which blasts frequencies at the sky and some of them bounce back down. It is majorly destructive to the ozone layer which results in a massive increase in UVB entering our atmosphere. This increase in UVB destroys the plankton in the ocean, breaking the food chain of the ocean and leading to the destruction of ocean life (which we are seeing all too clearly now).
There is also a bit in this video on how frequencies affect human beings. HAARP may be a factor contributing to electrosensitivity for some people.


From the website Geoengineering Watch

The article is titled ''HAARP, An invisible Killer"".

Thanks for your consideration.

# Posted: 15 Apr 2015 02:17

Good post. Thanks for sharing!


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