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# Posted: 25 Apr 2015 14:24


Noob here. I wanted to know if Steel wardrobes help absorb EMF. The wardrobes are essentially made of 18 guage steel and is in effect a closed steel box. If they reflect EMF, then I am assuming it might end up increasing the EMF concentration at home depending on where they are placed. Could anyone shed light on the following as to whether they are good or bad. Are they better than wood say?

The bed is made of wood and not of metal if that helps. Mods - please advise if I should post it in the Technical forum.

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# Posted: 9 May 2015 10:51

This is just my experience. Anything metal in my home attracts EMF and creates a field around it. I have a Rayburn in the kitchen which has a field around it, it has nothing electrical about it, oil fired, gravity fed, no pumps. Appliances are the same, I cant stay in the room with all the copper piping for water and copper water cylinder. I have read that EMF will connect with the first thing it encounters....the wiring in our walls, basically turning our houses in giant toasters. I have read other peoples stories and they are much the same. I personally would not be adding anything else which is metal into my home. This is just my personal view.

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