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# Posted: 22 May 2015 05:42 - Edited by: sizzle

Thanks for your responses, everyone. I was "detoxing" from all the excess exposure--some of which was within my own control. It did help a bit and I would recommend that everyone try an EMF "holiday" when they're feeling particularly ill--phones, computers, everything.

Tes--don't dismiss the toxicity of lighting until you've tried it. If lighting doesn't bother you as much as other sources of EMFs, then you are a lucky one. I was almost driven from work and driving from my home due to lighting. Some of the pain and sensations are a lot similar to--and in some ways worse--than exposure to the wireless products that we are sensitive to. I suffer rashes from excess exposure to both wireless products and certain "green" lighting. If you have high levels of heavy metals in your blood, this can make you prone to electrosensitivity. You can choose to avoid certain wireless products, but our choice in lighting is becoming increasingly limited. We can limit some of some of our wireless product usage, whereas lighting is a basic need. As far as exposure to cell masts, antennas, dishes, WiFi, and other EMR sources are concerned, I agree that they are a major concern especially since a lot of us don't have a choice in the matter. I wouldn't be posting here if they weren't.

# Posted: 9 Jun 2015 13:23 - Edited by: Jhonatan


I tried screen shield monitor and didnt work.

I think because my skin is hypersensitive for elf, not RF. Seem like it block only rf. My skin and my hair still burning.



# Posted: 9 Jun 2015 13:50


Have you tried earthing the monitor?
If you're in the UK then the earthing should come through the mains plug, but in most other countries you'll have to make a earth connection yourself.

I run a crocodile-clip wire from my computers metal chassis and attach the other end to the metal of a water pipe. This measurably removes most ELF and my montor gets the earth connection via the pc-to-screen cable.

# Posted: 12 Dec 2015 20:20

According to this, the old TVs are better for the environment and consume less energy that flat screens. Why am I not surprised?

While this may be true, it is of no importance when it comes to us, EHS people. You see, old crt televisions produce gamma ray radiation too. This means that while watching an old crt tv, it is like getting x-rays. small amounts of course, but if you watch everyday for many hours. you get the picture. So, CRT televisions produce IONIZING radiation which is A LOT more harmful than non-ionizing radiation. So, especially for us EHS people stay AWAY from old CRT televisions. The best thing you can do right now is buy a small led tv. I say small because leds also produce high levels of emr, which is not ionizing though, so that is good. So, in order to get less emr, the smaller the tv, the better. So 20 to 32 inches tops i would say, in size, depending on how much a led tv affects you. Also make sure that the tv you buy has an 3-prong cable (europe), which means that your tv, when connected to the wall socket, it will be earthed, so its electric (E field) radiation will be reduced to 0. A non earthed electronic device produces A LOT of electric radiation. My one laptop with a 3 prong (earthed) charger/cable, when connected to the wall socket, it shows 0 electric radiation with my gigahertz electric radiation detector. A family member's laptop which has a 2prong (non-earthed) charger/cable, when connected to the wall socket, it shows an average reading of 1200 V/m. Also, at all times, when you buy a led TV, make sure that there is at least a distance of 3 meters between you and the TV.

# Posted: 13 Dec 2015 20:01

Good advice here. I don't get any readings with my detector with an led, but it is always wise to keep a good distance from the TV - any TV.

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